Reviews for Parseltongue is Really Very Ordinary
Toraach chapter 1 . 3/11/2016
That's a very hard to Harry. He has to work like in the two schools. Although I suppose that finally he will accept his magical identity and stop thinking about magical ghetto. Also that someone will kick Dudley fat bottom.

Petunia has a effrontery to be angry because Lily didn't left her any money. She should be happy that Lily didn't settle her a date with Remus during the full moon.

I wonder how you will write Dobby. I don't like this wretched creature. I don't see any reasons that Dobby became Harry's friend, and Harry likes that creature. Dobby is a total oposite from a loyal house elf Kreacher, whos devotion for his beloved misstres was stronger than death. But leave philosophical questions about loyalty, and going back to facts. Dobby tried to kill Harry, to cause his expulsion, to close him entrance to the train. Really is that like a start of friendship should look? In Harry's place I would hate the creature which tried to kill, maim, whatever me. I rather see Dobby as a psychological instable house elf, and his treatment by the Malfoys not because they are sadist, but rather as a result of his tendency to self-harm and punishment for his fails. Kreacher was in Walpurga's house, who is supposed to be an evil, dark, sadist witch, and her hobby was crucio at Sirius (typical fandom cliche), and he still was fiercely loyal to her.

I also think about one idea, which might be an extremaly funny. That one day grandpa Parkinson would show at Privet Drive. And his confrontation with his niece Petunia :D
Mindan Bret'c'hell chapter 1 . 3/9/2016
Really enjoying this and the two previous stories in this series, and I'm looking forward to another chapter soon.
PaC chapter 1 . 2/25/2016
I was surprised how barren the number of google hits, searching for various versions of your "100% memory usage", weird.
General terms, get crap for cell phone memory usage problems.
Add "AND" land quotes and "computer" and other terms, and very crappy results, like a few posts on boards and few to no answers.

You've maybe done a lot of trouble shooting, but just in case, I would hope you check if you have the problem with most of your applications closed, particularly your web browser. Your OS also might have some BARE bones bootup mode, to NOT start all the crap that starts automatically when the OS starts.
If your usage is hard drive, not main chip memory for the motherboard, I haven't in MANY years needed to, but years ago, hard drive makers had utilities you could download to inspect and test the hard drive, just make sure it is one that doesn't overwrite or format, only tests and only uses empty areas.

I have had your sort of problem on old machines, running Firefox on hardware that with upgrades now in ver Forty PLUS, is far far like probably thirty versions above where my hardware requirements began to be not enough,for one PC. BUT NOT upgrading was INSANELY slow. Upgrade and despite insufficient hardware, it runs, NOT upgrading to do that, was like wait minutes for being able to click a mouse, or scroll a page a bit, then wait more minutes. Before that, I've had super slow, 100% cpu more than RAM use, where clearing the cache and deleting cookies, could fix problems of super slow computers.. Ancient hardware, and open twenty to forty tabs, and I know I'll probably end up with Firefox "snailing", it's often likely looping bad code, often google chrome code on webpages that brings browser to a crawl.

In the OLD days, it was almost always CRAP software, before crummier and crummier hardware for cheaper and cheaper machines made hardware problems more common. But software glitches can cause the sort of problem you are having. Could be hardware, but if you haven't, see if this 100% use happens with just booting the OS or if it is an application, like a browser that causes it.

Really if Microsoft made the software code for your car, it would probably several times a year, go out of gear, the engine rev to the redline, and a message come up, saying 100% of your horsepower and torque were in use, only the stupid code had put your transmission into neutral, so the tires don't turn, the car doesn't go anywhere. No problem with the hardware, just monopolyslop software.
I haven't built any computers in a lot of years, but last time, ages ago, the hardware was getting less reliable, some problems with hardware only a year or two old, after building a few PCs for a few people, that was defective, I/O chips on motherboards, hard drive with rare but likely write errors every few dozen hours. In the more distant past, building several computers, as long as you weren't a factory building hundreds, hardware problems were RARE, it was almost always, the CRAP software, drivers, and Aps and OS's, everything like BETA crap put out for sale too soon software, NEVER had hardware problem in those days. I've all sorts of OLD OLD antique hardware, STILL WORKING.
Ha, I've got a 1960 NORGE dryer and a 1972 all original Pontiac, and parked outside, feet of snow on it past few years, cause my garage and house are full of dead friends' and families' stuff. Need to have 50 estate and garage sales, and that car has had like 800 bucks spent on it in the past 15 years, including tires. Hasn't even had plugs or tune up in probably 6 years. Runs fine, and a 12 year old battery, LOL.
PaC chapter 1 . 2/25/2016
Oh, that was a clever pull the rug out, flip the switch with Dudley there. He's suddenly finding some insight, some empathy, the reader thinks, then, jerk pull the rug, NOPE, all those years of praise and downtrodden Harry being inferior, inflating Dudley's ego. As Dudley threatens Harry better NOT outperform him in muggle types of classes. The "old Dudley", surfaces, well, shit does float... and Dudley's spoil brat build up shitty character floats right back to the surface..

General comment: For me, it is hard for a fic closely keeping to canon, to keep my interest. Minor twists and turns need to be very clever, well done, and the writing excellent, to make up for all those canon events to mirror the JKR books, for a closely canon rerun sort of fanfic. I generally find fics that are briefly canon, only as a launchpad to go tangential or the canon train off the rails, a completely new path, is usually more appealing than rewrites of canon, with tiny changes, or swapping roles for canon characters, reshuffle the canon trio, different name combos but same plot.

Now you have a few major non-canon gags in the mix. Though a child doormat Harry, he's cunning enough to manipulate, and it is due more to that, than the Dursley's being "nicer" or less insane or less vile, than their canon counterparts. So your child Harry is a bit of a doormat, but so was canon Harry. He's naive, and sadly crushed in some ways, but not in others, like his fake poor scholastic performance, though adding teachers slurping up the Dursley lies, accusing him of cheating, ecetera, was quite tragic. It is bad enough for that to happen to a random regular student, anyone having had that happen, imagining it happening to an already unfairly mislabeled discriminated against kid like Harry, makes it a lot worse.. As good as the writing is, my suggested concern the author keep in mind, if lots of readers MIGHT have similar POV as mine, would be to worry if readers like me, would find it boring with things not changing too much, and each story following another JKR year at Hogwarts. I would suggest perhaps, considering jumps, time skips, for parts that are highly canon, than repeating it where the fic would have but minor differences. In short, if the "kids" don't change much from one story of yours to the next, and the canon is much the same, then long term, that starts to feed boredom with the story. It depends, are readers having enough interest and enjoyment, enough tweaks and twists of not being too much a full repeat of canon? That would be my advice, to keep that in mind, and a possible counter for that sort of problem, being to use time skips. It's something you could ask readers about in reviews, but so many are so lazy, such a small percentage review, don't know if asking would get you a nice response...perhaps a poll for those registered, to vote if they are getting bored, if a time skip might have been better here and there or not.

Sure, a Harry with a backbone, a Harry not taking abused, is a nice goal, but most often not very realistic in those sorts of fanfic, with how that happens.
You have a Harry, that all and all, is actually more studious than Hermione if one ignores he doesn't "waste" time studying less important subjects. We know he could have gotten much better on his exams, PLUS that he's doing all that muggle schoolwork and studying that Hermione is not. So I can imagine, with the talent, if the author has enough of a plan and manages enough ideas, how as this doormat sad exploited abused Harry, being intelligent despite the fiasco of helping Quirrel steal the stone and all, that longer term, your cunning and less young and naive Harry, might begin to handle the shit thrown his way, better than canon Harry handled it. So I can imagine that a year by year rehash, COULD be interesting, captivating. It's a pretty sad, tragic Harry so far, an older and "wiser?", more mature [or maybe rebellious teen years might help ], so we have Harry departing from being so shat upon..

My personality, injustice enough could give me a stroke.
So long term, gets painful to read a fic that continued long term on that path. But you have been very realistic, it's realistic, not crack or parody, to ACTUALLY have Harry and his naive 11 year old [Hermione 12 by Xmass probably, first year] friends assisting Quirrell. And other than usually lame dark Harry in league with Voldemort, if not in bed ...eeewww, with him, it's something I've not come across, Harry helping Quirrell. The young manipulator got manipulated. Shame you brought in the swear on my magic shit though in the end of the last fic, that's a dumber than a box of rocks fanfic cliche, way overused cliche, IMO. Considering Harry didn't cast that AK when he was 15 months old, that "death" shouldn't count against Harry gaining a life debt at the end of the last fic before this one. Even if in canon, Peter's life debt sure in hell didn't help Harry out all that much. Peter was the main trigger in Voldy getting help, then getting a new body, AND intending to kill Harry in the graveyard, so much for Dumble's take on Harry sparing Peter's life then the scum escaping. Harry was tricked enough, having Voldy trick him into swearing an anti-life debt removal gag, was rubbing salt in the wound of Harry being tricked badly there, plus, the swear on my magic shit is lame. Some dark spell, the unbreakable vow, is realistic, believable, makes sense, rationally, but the "I swear on my magic blah blah ... lumos, is lame". Really, I'll prove it, I swear it is lame or may God strike me dead... no lightening, no thunder, therefore, see it is lame. I just proved it by not dying. lol. Proved with the same sort of LAME "oath", sear to God or may he strike me dead, lol, click, turned on a flashlight, a muggle lumos, proves it.
Azreal02 chapter 1 . 2/24/2016
Thank you again for writing! I do hope your computer problems clear up soon.

It's so surreal to see him back at the Dursleys. This Harry could've been a Slytherin. He has the head for it. I wonder if Neville will ever put Harry's advice into perspective and realize that there's something really, really wrong about an eleven-year-old with the savvy to know exactly what to say to people without their best interest in mind.
FA-AL chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
I really enjoy your story concept, great first chapter.
Mona Ogg chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
I'm really enjoying this series! I like the changes you're exploring. Looking forward to the next chapters!
AnnF chapter 1 . 2/20/2016
beserkerbeast chapter 1 . 2/19/2016
love to see more
mergirl007 chapter 1 . 2/18/2016
I've been reading so many other fics that I don't remember if Harry is close to Percy Weasley in this one (oops!) but Percy and Harry's long-view perspectives on their schoolwork seem similar. They both have Specific Career Goals, unlike Harry's other friends (except Hermione, if she has picked a certain Ministry position to aim for). It's nice that Harry is aiming for a pediatrician- perhaps he could ask Madam Pomfrey some questions about magical Healers versus muggle doctors the next time he runs into her. Considering Harry wants to work with kids, Poppy Pomfrey is a great resource! After all, that's what she does (although I'm not sure if she's a certified school Healer or a nurse/mediwitch).

Anyway, I hope Harry's suspicious nature pays off more when he encounters the Diary than it did against Voldemort. And Vernon's temper sounds awful!

Happy editing!
Lairenna chapter 1 . 2/18/2016
I just read through the first two and I quite like this series so far! I hope you update soon!
My blue rose chapter 1 . 2/17/2016
I'm really liking this series and all the research you have put into it. Your Harry is very likable and it is easy to see why he thinks and does what he does.
Deathday Party Planner chapter 1 . 2/16/2016
And we're out of the gate, thank you for sharing! Terrific beginning!
HP the third chapter 1 . 2/16/2016
I like the start of this one! As it's neat seeing Harry planning.
Jennybeth98 chapter 1 . 2/16/2016
Great chapter, can't wait for your next one. Only a thing or two that kinda bugs me about your writing which is, no one in the uk would use the word 'cent' in the phrasing you have the characters use it and also Scotland and England have different qualifications for the "muggle" world, England has GCSEs and A levels yes but Scotland at this time would most likely have Intermediates and O levels.
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