Reviews for Whispers in the Dark
Dark Stormchaser chapter 1 . 2/17/2016
Oh, such an ominous ending! I'm getting a little more worried but I really feel for these two. Was this one inspired by Whispers in the Dark by Skillet? If you haven’t heard it, you might want to try or if you don’t like Christian Alternative Rock, just look up the lyrics. Either way, you really didn’t disappoint with this one!

Oh, Sanji, I knew there was a sweet side of you that I loved so much. I love how you highlight not only his compassion but how determined Sanji is to see it through by taking it one moment at a time. I am hoping that it doesn’t bite him though. I love that you showed Sanji’s thoughts on Ace’s death and how useless he felt towards both brothers.

Typical Ace. First he sees him as a pretty face until Sanji cooks and fights. And as usual, he is making the best of depressing situation. I was wondering if we would get an idea of what Ace experienced and now we do! I am pleased, grateful, and sad at the same time. Even though he's lost everything (but Sanji), he is still willing to offer Sanji the chance to go to Zoro.

While it’s good that he remembers what happened, I almost wish it wasn’t as vivid as it is. But it’s something he’s got to deal with unfortunately. It was heartbreaking to see how Ace was coping with his afterlife before Sanji noticed him. How much he regretted leaving Luffy and hurting Sanji really pulled at the heart strings in particular.

That being said, I can picture Ace having that mentality about stealing away Sanji had he found Sanji before Luffy. Considering how he was recruited by Whitebeard and how he was integrated into his crew, it makes sense that he would admit to how he would have gotten Sanji to join his crew: kidnap and seduction. It really shows a different side to him that not many are brave enough to consider and dip into without making him OOC.

I just hope he doesn’t become a wraith on top of it. If you don’t know what that is, I can give a brief overview of a wraith: a ghost who gets warped by hatred and/or anger enough to possess people, accidently killing their hosts eventually. I am probably (definitely) looking too much into it but in Through Our Eyes, Luffy noticed how alike Sanji’s touch and aura were to Ace’s. And now, your ending is slightly foreboding but still eye catching.

Love this series and I hope to see you in the next part!