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Hwoarang Girl chapter 3 . 1/20/2003
Ahhh no! Elladan!

Those evil wargs!And I'm guessing that this is only the _beginning_ of all the fights and disaster in store for us readers...

I hope Elladan is alright! Poor thing!

I love the way you've presented this chapter - specifically the contrast between the scene when Aragorn went to apologise to Elladan, and the warg attack... a great mix of humour and tragedy... and as I have already mentioned this a couple of times, I might as well add it once more: I really hope Elladan does have the chance to get Aragorn back...

CONTINUE SOON! *glomps you* please?

Peace out and take care,

~Hwoarang Girl~
Vana Burke chapter 3 . 1/20/2003
Oh no! Fue comido! Please continue, you left me at a horrible cliffhanger. Don't let him die!
reginabean chapter 3 . 1/19/2003
AAAAAAHHHHHH! *runs quickly, not realizing there is a cliff coming up...ieeeeeee..., quickly grabs onto the edge of the cliff and is holding on for dear life...* will she live? or will waiting for the next installment be to much for our heroine, reginabean, causing her to plummit to her death in the canyon miles below? stay tuned to find out! (looking forward for the next chapter...hhehehhe :) :)...)
MegumiFuu chapter 3 . 1/19/2003
You're welcome for the review and here's another.

Ack! Evil cliffhanger! Poor Elladan, I hope he's not injured too badly. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Sorry if I sounded nit-picky about the verb tense thing, I didn't mean to. Just thought that I would let you know.

Keep up the good work.
Christy chapter 3 . 1/19/2003
interesting. I hope to see more of this stranger watching the boys. He seems very purity minded.
Trin Kallos chapter 3 . 1/19/2003

Elladan: No, you see, it is still attached...or at least I hope it is...YOU BETTER NOT DO ANYTHING TO MY HEAD, NILI!

Zam: *has a mental imaged of Elladan's head falling off* Oh, no!

Glónduil's evil, isn't he! And he's gonna turn on Legolas, isn't he! OH, THE INHUMANITY! Or inelfity in this case..._

I'm so hyper and paranoid right now...maybe it's the switch I made from Coke to Diet Coke...either that or it's the fact I came so close to capturing Legolas. *glares towards the direction that the elf prince ran, somehow managing to escape her orcs*

Alas! I wish I could talk more, but I have a science experiment due the 30th and I haven't even picked it out yet! I'm so mad! Before I go looking for ideas, though, we are going to slaughter the science teachers at my school!


Eomer: Don't steal my lines!

Zam: EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! *rides north with her orcs*
Jenny chapter 3 . 1/19/2003
wow, this story is so good! It reminds me of when I started reading Cassia's mellon Chronicles, this really has a lot of potential! I hope you don't kepp us waiting for too long for th next chapter!
Mia chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
Continue writing!
ThE iNsAnE oNe chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
fred: *whines and hides behind tio*

tio: stop being a wuss...your ten times the size of a normal warg, remember?

fred: *considers* *bears teeth in a doggy grin*

tio: *pats on the head* good puppy.

yes, food gets my dog rather nutty. not dog food but what ever the family is eating. he sits and he stares at you while you are eating...its rather disturbing...

um, where did legolas go again? *looks confused* sorry, im having a brainfart... *relooks at story* oh wait nevermind! ehehe, sorry about that... i thought for a second that he was with Aragorn and Elladan and Elrohir... yeah, its definately late. my brain has left me for good.


Elladan: x_x

Estel: *mutters something about soiling another tunic*

Elrohir: *runs hand down his face* how is it when ever we go somewhere, we always get into some sort of trouble? *nudges Elladan with his foot* are you dead?

Elladan: x_x

Estel: *pokes Elladan* Hey, Ono, your hair's turning green again.

Elladan: *shoots up and grabs estel by the neck* WHAT?

Elrohir: _ Good, he's just fine.

Yeah, everythings good here! _ Good work Nili, get more up soon...

Your Fan,

tHe InSaNe OnE

ps- thanks again for reviewing my fic... the next one should be up soon... hopefully...
Lina Skye chapter 3 . 1/18/2003


*passes out*

Eomer: *splashes me with water*

Lina: *wakes up to glare at the author in a creepily calm way...kinda like a cereal killer...spoooky* Nili, Nili many times have I said this? DO NOT HARM MY ESTEL!

*falls down sobbing, clutching Eomer* ! MY BABY RANGER HAS BEEN WOUNDED...THE MEAN DOGGY BIT HIM!

*rolls up a newspaper and whaps the warg with it "Bad dog!"*

*I then go back to sobbing, clutching Eomer in an iron hug*

Eomer: *patting my back, trying to be soothing, his voice rather choked as I squeeze him* M'lady...please? Your Estel will be fine...but I won't be if you don't let go...please?

Lina: Oh...*sniffle* I'm sorry, dear...I wouldn't want to hurt my favorite babies like some people *glares purposely over at Nili*

Well, I can't say much, really...I'm the one who is constantly on with the Estel angst and torture...but...AAAAAAAAAAH!

DONT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! Elladan could be dead, Elrohir's panicking...and ESTEL'S WOUNDED? DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS!


Eomer: *drags me kicking and screaming up onto his horse* *he then looks over at Nili and whispers* She gets like this not fear! I shall take her to a place where she can calm down!ROHIRRIM we ride south!

Lina: *trying frantically to get off the horse* Nili! I'm not done with you yet! I have more ranting! Eomer let me off!1

Carrie-n-Emmithar chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
*eg* Carrie-n-Emmithar here again...really Carrie, though. Sorry, Emmithar! Heh heh. Too lazy to log out and log in under just plain old Carrie.

But...who would want to delete your lovely, wonderful, exciting, fascinating, fantastic, story? LOL.

*low cackling sound heard in the background*

Elladan: I TOLD you all that I'd get back at you for that hair dying incident! Bwahahahahaha!

Carrie: *glares* How...dare you! *smacks Elladan*

Elladan: What was I supposed to do? Sit around and watch you all make fun of my green hair? And look at this now! Nili thinks it's funny to have a whole bunch of wargs pile up on me in an attempt to kill me! I may be immortal, but I CAN die you know Nili!

Carrie: Watch your mouth, or I may have to wash it out with soap. How dare you speak that way about Nili's story! The nerve of you to go and get rid of it like that, just because of a bunch of sour grapes! Hasn't Elrond taught you better manners?

Elrond: No one can criticize me, the mighty Elf Lord of Imladris, especially in reference to the topic of how I raise my children.

Carrie: Oh yeah? Well, on this message board, there IS no Lord of Imladris. There is only me, Carrie, Lord of The Mighty Review! You have no power here! So begone, and take your "Lord Elrond" mightyness away from my message board. Or you will wish that you had never been born.

Elrond: *sputters*

Carrie: *smacks Elrond* Go! Scat! *Elrond leaves, looking ashamed, and seeing this done revieweress turns to Elladan* Now as to how I'm going to deal with you...

Elladan: *cowers slightly*

Carrie: *pulls out the all-powerful bar of soap* Prepare to face my wrath! That's it, cower in fear before this bar of soap, which is about to attack your mouth!

Elladan: !

*takes off in a hurry, leaving a cloud of dust behind him*

Carrie: *cackles* Little does he know that I'm an expert runner...YOU CANNOT HIDE! *takes off after Elladan, waving the bar of soap; Elladan's screams can be heard in the distance, and revieweress stops briefly to say one last comment to the great write Nili*

Excellent work! I'm going to hold you up on your three or four days promise...because I want more! ! LOL.

Brilliant stuff!

Amber chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
i love you story and can't wait to find out what happens next.
AngelMouse5 chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
Excelletn cliff hanger my friend! Really well done!

Still trying to figure out who the hell the elf is going to be getting revenge against though, you've left that very ambiguous and that adds to the tension nicely.
alexa chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
this story is great! You are such a great writer, i caught myself laughing out loud at leat a dozen times! Keep up the good work and update this soon!
Alilacia chapter 3 . 1/18/2003
Okay, I will admit that sometimes seeing them get hurt is not necessarily a bad thing.

Cassia and Siobhan have shown me that much.

Just so long as they get patched up afterwards. And, as you said in this chapter, it will more than likely be Elrond that has to patch them up.

And here I thought it was going to be Estel. I guess Elladan is just as good at getting hurt as his little brother is. _*

::narrows eyes:: I had nearly forgotten that Estel was actually injured. I guess he'll be going back to be healed as well. Unless something else befalls them on their way. ::sweatdrops::

I can't wait for Legolas to show up!

Outside of the elves (and man) of Rivendell, he's got to be one of my other favourite characters.

I don't know what I particularly think of Thranduil, but after seeing him injured really badly in Cassia and Siobhan's story 'Betrayal' I think I'm starting to warm up to him. It's good that I am in a way, 'coz after reading 'The Hobbit' all I thought about Thranduil was that he was a pompous king who cared more for gold and riches than anything else. But there has to be more to the elven-king than that, right?

I can't exactly remember what my compliments where, but 'An Eye For An Eye' really is such a brilliantly written story, I just can't help but really.

As soon as the story is finished do you mind if I save it onto my hard-drive? I'll put your name on there of course. I always put the stories that I really like on there, makes it easier to read them when I don't have to be at a computer. Printing rocks!

Looking forward to the next part, and I'm really looking forward to when Legolas is going to run into the Rivendell group. Or at least, I'm assuming that he is going to.

::grins and waves::


Sailor G
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