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Dino aids chapter 21 . 6/9
I hope one hit ninja ends up as something like this. Thank you for this wonderful read, I had so much fun with it.
Dino aids chapter 18 . 6/9
Dino aids chapter 17 . 6/9
R.I.P KUNAI- Man's best friend.
Dino aids chapter 7 . 6/8
Dino aids chapter 2 . 6/8
this is beautiful. How is this rated K tho!?
Dino aids chapter 1 . 6/8
TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed chapter 5 . 5/22
So that's when Neiji comes out.
TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed chapter 1 . 5/22
Formidable Talk no Jutsu.
Wowza48 chapter 21 . 5/7
Pffffttttt cop out or not it's hilarious.
Wowza48 chapter 1 . 5/7
Hm... good points, but I can think of arguments/theories that miiiiight hold water... but a few of them WAS mostly luck, even if the parts brought up above might not of been THE part that contained the luck. Before I get into that, though, I REALLY like this premise. Best Naruto time travel idea for Naruto I've found, yet, though whether the story is as good as the idea, well, I'll fine out as I read it, given it's complete and all.
How I think Naruto did all of that:
Wave arc: Kyuubi's power, at the time, was most connected to the emotion rage. Naruto, thinking Sasuke was dead, got very angry. Ergo, drawing more of the Kyuubi's power. I mean, if you REALLY want to talk about luck, how about Zabuza and Kakashi stopping their fight to watch Haku beat Naruto and Sasuke up, and during the talk about "dreams".
Snow movie: Probably the Kyuubi's chakra again. Besides, I'm pretty sure he'd have to of run at least as fast to of gotten from Tazuna's house to the fight on the bridge in time to "save" Sasuke, and hit Haku in the mask with a Shuriken.
Itatchi and Kisame: Itachi was a spy in the first place, and as he was the one to hypnotize the girl sent to distract Jiraya... do you really think he wouldn't of included something to tip Jiraya off? Itachi would of ended up stalling regardless of Sasuke showing up, speaking of... Sasuke was there because he overheard that Itachi was in the area due to Itachi fighting Kakashi, and SASUKE was looking for Kakashi at the time he overheard.
3 year hiatus: Who knows if it even was Pein's idea, since Tobi was really pulling the strings- well, okay, ZETSU was pulling the strings, but Pein thought Tobi was so there. They probably wanted to gather resources, or gather the biju in order (though in the end they didn't- they already had some biju by the time they kidnapped gaara) or something like that.
Beating Neji: That one was basically luck, yeah. If Neji didn't underestimate Naruto, if Naruto didn't access the Kyuubi's chakra to unlock his coils, if Neji didn't run out of chakra by the time Naruto pulled the "dig underground to punch Neji in the face" plan, Neji would of won.
Convincing Nagato: That's actually the easiest to explain. Everything behind Pein's existence was "To create peace", an ideal he gained from Jiraya. Naruto, who had defeated all of Pein's extra bodies (THAT part was luck though- Hinata showing up and NOT dying, before or after the stomach wound, included.) did the whole "peace" shpeal that Jiraya did when Nagato was younger, that Nagato, Konan and Yakihito used to believe in. That he still wanted to believe in. And because Naruto was strong enough to beat HIM, a self proclaimed god... well, yeah, he kinda DID believe Naruto could do it.
Aotrs Commander chapter 21 . 3/14
Nicely done and nicely concluded.

Can't say as I felt any sympathy for the gods, since they literally made all the work themselvess by being dicks in the first place. Heck, give Tenten a bit with The Kunai, and I'm sure she'll work out how to voice her displesasure to them *in person*.

(And thanks for her part in this. Tenten became a favourite with me early on, and three episodes from the end of Rock Lee's Ninja Pals where I am currently, that's never more evident. She rocks!)

Ending with Neji was also a nice touch (for the aforementioned reasons). Especially since (thanks to the aforementioned anime) I was hearing his voice throughout the story very clearly.
NobodyInParticlr chapter 9 . 3/12
DX "Unfortunately, Kakashi would be unable to keep his promise." He's going to forget Zabuza because of Naruto and Sasuke's fight?! That's terrible! Poor Zabuza. XP
NobodyInParticlr chapter 8 . 3/12
Lol. Sasuke got dragged to the past because Naruto broke past Sasuke? XD Also, loved Kakashi's thought about how the better the genin were, the better cannon fodder they could become. XP And Naruto not even trying to dodge the senbon and commenting, "You think he'll ever hit a vital by accident?"
NobodyInParticlr chapter 7 . 3/12
Oh my gosh, the everything with meeting Zabuza and Kakashi just being like, "Oh, my bad." about not warning Naruto to duck was just... I was laughing so hard. This chap is amazing. And then the kunai showing up and Naruto's just "Oh, so that's where that kunai went!" XD Laughing so hard.
Selias chapter 7 . 3/11
I just looked up some pictures of Zabuza, and I'm not sure where you're getting parachute pants from.
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