Reviews for Harry Potter and the Elemental Nations
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 5 . 7/27/2018
Nice omakes
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 3 . 7/27/2018
Interesting having them meet
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 2 . 7/27/2018
Nice break for harry to play tourist
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 1 . 7/27/2018
Good start
hermonine chapter 10 . 7/25/2018
nice story
Siera-Knightwalker chapter 10 . 7/24/2018
Okay. Itachi is an S class criminal. Surely he could do much more than throwing metaphorical rocks at Harry's wards? And Kakashi...what the hell was up with that? Kakashi almost failing a B rank? At least give him some credit! He wont fail B ranks! He can't even protect a stationary non panicky civilian? What is he, a B rank ninja? Tch.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/22/2018
Wow. Do continue past chapter ten I'm impressed.
chicaalterego chapter 10 . 6/24/2018
This was funny. Whenever I deem to fix my HPxNaturo fic I will be sure to point my readers this way
blood angel jay chapter 10 . 6/21/2018
poor kakashi I love this story please update when you can
Foxy-Floof chapter 10 . 6/17/2018

*Takes a breath*

Foxy-Floof chapter 9 . 6/17/2018
AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHA *Bursts into flames from laughing so hard*
Foxy-Floof chapter 8 . 6/17/2018
Huh. If that HAD happened to Hiruzen... I can only imagine it would... have been supremely amusing. Also a little ironic.
Foxy-Floof chapter 7 . 6/17/2018
Ahhh, Hatake. You dun' goofed. And Harry is here to make sure you pay your comeuppance for all the lateness and general jackass-ery.
Foxy-Floof chapter 5 . 6/17/2018
Ahhhhahahahahhahahahaa... Jiraiya is SO FUN TO MESS WITH

*dies laughing*
Foxy-Floof chapter 4 . 6/17/2018
So cute! Also, Itachi is so hard-headed. Seriously, it's true you know. The quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for the most.
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