Reviews for Naruto the Scythe Master Remastered
Natsubi chapter 45 . 9/11
couldnt help but think of a lyric to a song during this chapter

Afro Man - Colt 45

listen to the song and you would understand xD
Guest chapter 41 . 9/10
It would be blake jr. Jr. Jr.
As her father has blake jr.
Winter'sBeauty17 chapter 117 . 9/9
What is this a fanfic or a documentary? First, we know chicks with dicks don't have to be sex symbols per se. As for the pairings we know that shit boi. Gay, Bi, who gives a fuck? Third there is plenty wrong with a feminine Naruto in general. And with feminine dudes. No just no. Stop it. We don't need you to tell us this. The internet and SJWs force feed us enough of this bullshit
luluvibritania chapter 1 . 9/8
Why were Naruto and Ruby not born with Silver-Eye's like they where suppose to be?
uchihaNaruto247 chapter 38 . 9/3
Love ur story man keep ip up. Ur the first author ive seen who update their story is a great amount of time
Jose19 chapter 117 . 8/29
I am surprised that you are including a Gay element to the pairings in this story of yours because I remember when I first read your profile that you are not too keen in doing Yaoi Fanfaction.

The rape scene doesn't bother me in any story but some readers don't like but everyone has their taste and dislikes and people should know that this is a real live event it happens even in the world of Naruto or anywhere else.

The one series that is darker than Akame in my view and it is specific on rape is Freezing something happens there that is simply disgusting that I won't mention.
Hunter-Hyung chapter 117 . 8/29
First thing, it doesn't matter wth is written cuz your storirs mever get finished. Secondly, people complain about this shit cuz people come to read fanfiction for shit they enjoy, and here you are trying to be some self righteous author that includes everything. It's just not something people wanna see.
Guest chapter 117 . 8/29
My opinions on the matter:

Hermaphrodite Blake: Find this really weird tbh, i mean how would a penis and Vagina work in conjunction with one another.

Pairings: Understand the Gay/Lesbian route however Naruto should be with a woman in this, maybe side characters can be gay/lesbian.

Feminine: Tbf I liked how you portrayed Naruto, he wasn't really feminine, he was just scared to fight and preferred to stay out of fighting.

Dick Sizes: Just preferable that Naruto has a normal dick size, around 6 inches is good enough, I mean anything above 8 is pushing it as the depth of a Vagina is around 7 inches apparently.

The Rape Scene: This was my favourite part of the story. It was something which caught me completely off guard and shocked me. It was also the turning point in the story, I mean how often do you see a female rape a male. I think it would be cool if you make it instead of Neo, maybe it can be Salem or Cinder, then they become pregnant with a strong child.
spicyistdeer456 chapter 1 . 8/29
i dont care what you put in the story what i care about is you never finish a story
zen-aku the spirit of the wolf chapter 117 . 8/28
ortizale317 chapter 1 . 8/28
Isn't this your third remake already?
Axius W. Xanzux chapter 117 . 8/28
Great to hear from you again on this story Rebu- no, NeonZ-Uhhh, FTDS yeah, FTDS. Great to hear from you in regards to the scythe master series. And I'm not partially paralyzed but may I request that you continue the Sun God.
Much love and appreciation,
TRUCE1 chapter 117 . 8/28

Personally, I love your stories. You shouldn't have to be constantly rewriting your stories just because of some petty, small minded idiots going all "Boo Hoo!" whenever they see something that upsets them.

These are YOUR stories! They are created by you! Not by some stupid flamers! If you want a futa, you write a futa. If want a rape scene(s), damn well write a rape scene(s). After all, men DO get raped as well.

They cannot stand to see a overly clich├ęd "manly" Naruto with a 12" dick screwing everything in a skirt, so to speak. They cannot even begin to fathom looking at things from another angle.

These stories give a sense of realism to the characters and show that even though they are super powered , they face thing in the real world as well. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing someone have to deal with everyday life like kids and having to deal with having a house mortgage or two. And that's on the lighter side of things. There's also the dark side of life like Rape and murder and so forth.

Well, that's my 2 worth. Hope that's worth something.
simple405 chapter 117 . 8/28
That is an amazing experience. Thanks for what you've done and I look forwards to the rewrite.
kage88 chapter 117 . 8/28
Hope that this time Pyrrha will live
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