Reviews for The Minister's Secret
pwrmom2 chapter 108 . 2/3
This is my third read through of this story. I love it more each time. It’s one of my favorite HP fanfics. It’s so read and raw and I love the pairing as well.
wispy.writing chapter 109 . 1/25
a beautifully written story. the epilogue was everything i hoped for. thank you for this great work. im gna go sob in a corner now
therealKOTLC chapter 87 . 1/20
omg i knew it
tainted-tash chapter 109 . 1/16
It's 8.40am and I'm crying like a baby on the bus to work with full on panda eyes. For shame! Beautiful epilogue though, really.
tainted-tash chapter 108 . 1/15
Such a sweet and perfect ending
tainted-tash chapter 107 . 1/15
Jesus Christ
tainted-tash chapter 106 . 1/15
Oh hells bloody bells! You really know how to sock it to someone don't you?
tainted-tash chapter 105 . 1/15
Oh. My. Fucking. God! I did not see that coming! He was working with them? Shit Hermione will kill him unless Kingsley or Ab get to him first
tainted-tash chapter 104 . 1/14
Oh my god I'm bloody sobbing here! I'm gutted about Katie but Kingsley gets his big brother back!
tainted-tash chapter 103 . 1/14
tainted-tash chapter 102 . 1/14
You slimy son of a whore!
tainted-tash chapter 101 . 1/14
Ah fuck...of course something horrible was coming
tainted-tash chapter 100 . 1/14
I do hope Greyback feels the same kick she delivered to Antonin before she goes
tainted-tash chapter 99 . 1/14
Actually I think she was very clever to play that card. If nothing else it buys her time and he can't guarantee she hasn't told anyone else, if he kills her someone else could have been told to spill the beans
tainted-tash chapter 98 . 1/14
Oh lordy lord things can't possibly get much worse
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