Reviews for The Minister's Secret
LadyJedi97 chapter 95 . 11h
I’ve been on this site for literally YEARS and very, very rarely post reviews. This is one of the best stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for your dedication in finishing it. I felt that you realistically portrayed character development, situations, mental states, and relationships through out your creation. Thank you.
WitchWing107 chapter 51 . 18h
Ugh I’m so disgusted by the spell Voldemort used on Hermione at dinner. That is so invasive and violating. And I’m almost scared to see what spell he cast on her in the library... He is so manipulative!
WitchWing107 chapter 50 . 18h
Eek their first kiss! Yay! Hmmm the conversation between Roddy and Kingsley will be interesting! Also rolling my eyes at Regnault’s suggestion that Hermione should become Voldemort’s mistress.
Jces999 chapter 95 . 7/18
I have absolutely loved this story but could I ask if you would consider moving Chapter 95 (Caradoc’s suicide via Antonin Dolohov) - perhaps to the Additional Scenes? It just felt wrong to end your story on such a tragic note. I agree it had to be written, to tie up lose ends & Caradoc’s character didn’t deserve to just dissappear, but it doesn’t feel right to be the final chapter of the main story . Thank you for your excellent writing .
WitchWing107 chapter 49 . 7/17
Haha seems like Rabastan doesn’t believe Kingsley for a second.
WitchWing107 chapter 48 . 7/17
The wedding reception was really entertaining! So much drama. It was actually sweet when Regnault admitted he was worried about Hermione. And omg Umbridge (I’m guessing)! Is she holding a grudge? We’ve only seen her that one time and it was yeaaars before the Longbottom attack, she can’t still be mad about that, can she?
Guest chapter 95 . 7/16
I just finished reading this straight through. I know I am going to read it again it was so very good. I love Kingsley and Hermione together and there are so few stories that pair them together. If you’re thinking of an additional scene I would love one where Voldemort finds out she disappeared and why he was so angry over it.
VexedVixen808 chapter 67 . 7/16
well damn. you did it again. moved to tears
Jces999 chapter 93 . 7/14
Just read Chapter 93 with the attack?/deaths? of Tommy & Hermione - what are you trying to do to me ?
WitchWing107 chapter 47 . 7/13
Haha I love the way Hermione manipulates Narcissa into essentially breaking up Lettie and Antonin! Aww Hermione and Kingsley’s first kiss was interrupted :( it’ll have to happen sometime! I feel like things with Antonin may not be resolved yet. They never seemed to get closure.
WitchWing107 chapter 46 . 7/13
Hmm it’s interesting that Antonin’s dad would try to keep him away from Voldemort. I imagine Hermione will feel so guilty if she truly is the reason they become acquainted. And Rabastan is so cheeky!
WitchWing107 chapter 45 . 7/13
Ooh I’m happy Ab and Pomona are still having fun together! Greyback gives me the creeps. I hate him with a passion
WitchWing107 chapter 44 . 7/13
I’m praying Roddy does remember the name Neville! Maybe he wasn’t as involved in the Longbottom attack as everyone assumes. I have my fingers crossed!
WitchWing107 chapter 43 . 7/13
Awww he sang their song! That would be so emotional. Also love how Aberforth calls Igor “the other Russian” hahaha
JM0RIARTY chapter 95 . 7/13
hey there

I really really like this story. Your character are adorable (well not Voldemort, he is creepy af and not Greyback) flawful fluffballs at the beginning. I really like your Hermione, she isn't a superpowerful one and I think that's what makes her so likeable. She has many flaws and one of them is certainly the secret keeping. But then what else can she do? I understand that she doesn't want her boys to know about the werewolf, because as she said the first thing they do is going after Greyback and she doesn't want them to look at her with pity or them thinking she is broken.
You showed that not all people belong together even if there is love. Sometimes people aren't just good together, no matter they love each other.
And thank you for writting what happened to Caradoc, even if it made me cry.
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