Reviews for The Minister's Secret
f.hazel90210 chapter 109 . 11/17
what a nice way to finish it up
f.hazel90210 chapter 25 . 11/17
tbh at this moment i really dislike hermione in the past its like she doesnt even try helping or changing or bettering the doomed people cuz she doesnt care cuz they will die anyway the same way dumbledore never tried cuz oh wait theyre doomed to be evil anyway sksksksk and i get she is a teenager and horny but she really aint treating antonin fair i get he is aggressive and shouldnt talk to her like that but instead of throwing her problems in his face like she did she coupdve talked to him like a grown up just like she told him to treat her instead of blowing up with anger but does she not even consider that maybe his feeling were hurt by her seksting igor the momemt he calls in a bad moment obviously with the i tention to cheat since her boyfriend wont go there yet like uff and then how she also in my opinion doesnt even give herself the chance to feel amything for antonin cuz she truly believes shell get minister grown up better person soon kingsley like ufff this girl making me mad but accurate teenager character i just feel bad for antonin

so well written tho and i feel lile i read this somewhere before anyway truly enjoying it heheheh and lol i wish she really got knocked up by antonin even tho it seems really unlikely but whatever
ektomaluja1 chapter 87 . 9/15
OMG Silas is alive?!
W. L. O'Fallon chapter 109 . 9/2
Between White and Black chapter 109 . 8/22
What a beautiful end. It was really lovely
Lauralee Faubus chapter 81 . 8/8
I am one of those that have been raped more then once and I understand not telling anyone for all the reasons you stated i love your story it makes me feel like im not alone
Guest chapter 109 . 7/14
I laughed, I cried, I cringed, and I sighed. Thank you for sharing this story. The journey that I embarked on while reading this was amazing. I believe that the sign of a great story is that you become invested in the lives of the characters and to some extent feel what they do. I’m completely wrung out in the best possible way and I will be rereading this again in the future. Thanks!
andrewTHATSME chapter 109 . 7/8
I wish I could like this story with 1000 accounts. Truly thank you.
cathn chapter 26 . 6/24
Oooooh! I'm a sucker for Antmione! I so wish that is what this is... They would be so good together! Obviously I know that that isn't what this is but a girl can wish, can't she?
I'm A Sucker For Love Stories chapter 109 . 5/17
Well, that was EPIC! It's taken me about three weeks to read your magnificent story, and you've had me on tenterhooks the entire time! I'm sad it's over but happy that I can now have a look for everything else you've written 3
Martooni chapter 87 . 4/16
Leticia20Paixo chapter 9 . 3/24
A vovó shafic ainda tá aí? :O hshshhshshshshhshshhs Briga com o Kings mesmo rsrsrsrsr Espero que os outros shaklebolts tbm S2
Leticia20Paixo chapter 6 . 3/24
Porque kings não contou a aberforth sobre Hermione, quando a conheceu na casa da Ordem da Fênix? O.o Por favor, Hermione, mude o passado. Não é justo gostar dos Lestrange e eles se tornarem mais. A menos que o façam porque ela sumiu, aí é sacanagem -.-'
Leticia20Paixo chapter 4 . 3/24
Curiosa para saber o motivo da hermione ter ido, a primeira vez, pro passado. Porque aí tá mostrando que o king já tinha feito isso antes. E espero que ela resolva ajudar o Harry nesse tempo, e não se envolver com os futuros comensais da morte. Ou tentar trazê-los para longe do tio Voldy. O.o E tô achando que o dolohov atacou ela no ministério sabendo quem ela era. U.u Gostando bastante da estória xD
seulementunlecteur chapter 108 . 3/18
It has been years since a story reached into my heart and took hold like TMS. Thank you seems to be an oversimplification, but I give you so many deep thanks for creating and sharing your work! Though we’ll likely never cross paths in the physical world, I am inspired and reassured that people so compassionate, creative, eloquent, and resilient as you exist in this messy and magnificent world. Thank you 3
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