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belladonablush chapter 63 . 11/16
For the first time in this crazy, wonderful have just broken my heart!
blushings chapter 1 . 11/11
Wow! This story is a BEAST haha, took me over a week of staying up too late to get through! No complaints, though. Who doesn't love a long, plotty story? I've never read a fic like this one. Aside from the main pairing, which is pretty rare, your characterizations were unique. Your Hermione is almost brutally real. Unlikeable at times, prone to poor decisions, and ultimately very relatable. I'm not sure I agreed with the way you portrayed her at certain points, but that didn't diminish my enjoyment of this and isn't a critique! Some of my favorite bits include her Uncle Regnault, Kingsley being an absolute dunce as a teenager, and Igor's soft side. Also, I have to say that the ending was perfect. No loose ends and a very sweet, very ROMANTIC final scene definitely warmed my heart. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your writing :)
belladonablush chapter 29 . 11/10
I am not usually a every chapter kind of reviewer...but I have to let you know the shower scene was just about one of the funniest things I have read! I literally had tears steaming down my face I was laughing so hard! Thank you for that & this story!
Hermoine Grace Malfoy chapter 28 . 11/10
Magical Malady chapter 1 . 11/9
Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this. It's the first HG/KS I've read, too.

You humanised the characters that in canon got so little development, and made me truly care about their outcome. I think the problematic topics like rape and abuse were addressed in a way that makes sense- they were addressed as disgusting and awful, and the consequences lingered for years, like they do in reality. They weren't glamorized or glossed over like many fics will do. While the characterization of Hermione kind of bothered me at first, since it seemed like she abandoned much of what makes her 'her' in canon slowly started to make more and more sense, and the story itself defended the whole 'Hermione is actually an OC' thing that happens- she spent more time in the past, in the events of your story, than she spent in the pages of canon. So it makes sense, really.

Oh, and I loved the little hints you had sprinkled throughout, I can only imagine how stressful it would have been as a reader following as you wrote, wondering what a line meant!
mskelli41488 chapter 43 . 11/6
I just want to tell you I can't stop reading your story. It angers me because you are getting so much hate on what is truly a beautiful story that I have not been able to put down please only look at the positive reviews and ignore the others because you are an amazing writer and your story has come to life
Chaco chapter 94 . 11/5
You are a wonderful writer and it is nice to have an author so dedicated to a story. Thank you for sharing your creations with us. 3
kkeenergirl chapter 94 . 11/5
I always wait till a fan fiction is finished before I start it. ...because 1. Most stories never get finished or 2. It's many years from start to finish for a long airy tip be fine. While looking for other stories, I would come across this one and wonder about it. It intrigued me. It wasn't a dramione or a Ron and Hermione or a Harry and Hermione, and approximately 95 percent of stories have t hose options as c ouple. But it also had Kingsley and until this story I never could picture how it would work or how they would work as a couple.

I loved this story and it's easily in my top 3. Because of the time travel, you were able to bring all of these characters and give them life and depth. I loved Thomas Shacklebolt. I loved her revolving relationship with Regnault LeStrange. I loved the depth of Rodolphus and Rab astan, especially Rodolphus redemption.

If there is one complaint or thing for you to check, please go back through your dates...I think you mixed your dates from one chapter of the past to the beginning of the bext.

Also, while you did a great job with the present tense at the end of each chapter, your love of cliffhangers drove me craxy.

Thanks for the great read.
Grigiogirl chapter 94 . 11/3
ugh this was so emotional! loved it though!
Slythoryn chapter 94 . 10/31
I finished it about a week ago when I had a cold and couldn't move from bed. I read about a half of the story a while ago, but then I didn't have time to finish it. On one side I was happy that I could finally finish reading your story. And it was worth every second of reading. It was such an elaborated story you stumble over very rarely. Even though I was sometimes frustrated with your characters they felt real. Sometimes too real.
Honestly don't you two read chapter 94 . 10/29
I LOVED IT! you are a brilliant writer! It was a long ride with many emotions but I was determined to get through it.
Impressive composition of your story. The past vs. Present was very well timed to give the ideal response.
Hermione is very flawed. She makes many stupid decisions, she has been put through a lot, she no doubt has PTSD.

It is very brave of you to write such flawed characters and stick to it. I know you have gotten a lot of hate/criticism for your choices. I myself have not agreed with you about everything, but decided to finish the story before giving my input. I am glad I waited.

One of my main problems was the lack of education for Hermione, I understand your reasoning, yes she needs relaxation but not to study anything in all those years seems unrealistic. I cannot imagine her love of learning, research and wanting to make a difference will be dropped just like that.

I miss the tough fighting Hermione. Even when she came with the intention of imitating of kicking butt, she would end up being intimidated or being stubborn. She was there in the beginning and she killed Greyback in the end, but otherwise she adapted to the powerful and had much more bark than bite, I missed biting Hermione.

Also you did not breach the subject of Harry’s birth.

Anyway, you are a very talked writer and you made a long, well written, through story which I enjoyed. Being able to push and provoke your readers while stills leaving them wanting more by finishing the story, that is a talent.
I loved her relationship with Kingsley, I wanted my own Kingsley and Igor, not Dolohov, you can keep him :-) nice and thought provoking characters, always fun to look behind the characters and discover their motivation for their choices.
Thank you for your brilliant story, I may not have agreed with everything, but I did not have to, you kept me to the very end. :-)
redheadfaerie chapter 94 . 10/29
i found this story on someone's favorites a week ago, and have spent literally all of my free time reading it (and will now have to move onto the additional scenes). this is a fantastic and amazing story. you are a superb writer, and i absolutely loved the plot and your characterizations. i especially loved ab and the way you brought him in. the only thing that ever bothered me was the fact you had to make all those author notes against asshole flamers. it sounded like a bunch of kids with exactly no life experience, considering the exact nature of some of them. i have never understood when people think they have a right to tell an author that they wrote something wrong, just because it is not wheat they would have written. if you dont like it, dont read it. or even better, go write something your damned self. meanwhile, i enjoyed every bit of your story. i have very much understood the motivations of your hermione for many things, and those around her. and as you have had to say, of course she will make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. i was most especially npleased about all the people who were morally outraged at you for having hermione act like a person and not report her rape from someone who could literally kill most anyone she told about it. that was HIGHLY believable, but that may be because i am one of those in your statistic that also did not report a rape, though mine was nonviolent, and it took me along time to not feel blame over it, as someone i would have never slept (and trusted and lived in my home) with plied me with alcohol to have sex with me literally while i was passing out. so, long story short, this was an absolutely amazing story with believable characters following believable motivations to anyone who has actually had a life, and are not just young and naive.
GrapefruitFace chapter 94 . 10/25
What an overly sentimental rape apologist’s fantasy! Complete and utter rubbish. I kept reading hoping it would get better, but nope. Thanks to you, I’ve wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back. Can’t understand why this story keeps being recommended over and over again. I suppose the only good thing about it is it’s mind-numbingly long. What the fuck is wrong with you that you think that it’s okay to write shit like this? Yeah, I think it’s obvious why your husband left you. Clearly you have severe emotional problems.
victoriajewel chapter 94 . 10/24
SQUEEE! That ending was perfection! Greyback is dead, Antonin is locked up, and Tommy and Hermione are alive! I couldn't ask for a more beautiful ending to such an epic story! Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece, I will definitely be reading more of your stories once I finish basking in the glory of this one.
victoriajewel chapter 93 . 10/23
WHAT THE FUCK?! NOOOOO! I'm a whirlwind of emotions right now!

The beginning of this chapter was heart warming and lovely and then BAM! things went to shit.

FUCK ANTONIN! After the last chapter I had a feeling that Antonin was setting up Kingsley/Hermione and actually aiding Greyback, but I honestly had no idea before that point. You really snuck that one on me!

I'm so scared for the next chapter!

On another note, I actually felt really bad for Harry and Ron in this chapter. Hermione is a totally changed person now, and it had to have hurt to see her favoring all those other people over them. I can't see their friendship ever being what it was, which is sad!
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