Reviews for The Minister's Secret
BlackOrchid78 chapter 12 . 1/20
Wait didn't see that one coming! That would be so cool if that was actually true lol
Ashley Booth chapter 109 . 1/19
100% crying right now. that was beautiful
LadySnape89 chapter 109 . 1/18
First if all I’d like to say thank you for this chapter. It wraps up everything so very well. Second of all, I want to tell you I think you are ridiculously talented with the written word. You pulled emotions out of me I forgot I had. I’ve read this story several times before but this new addition really put the cherry on top of an already fantastic adventure. Thank you thank you thank you for continuing to bring the best stories to fanfiction. You are 100% my favorite writer, hands down. Please never stop. The world would suck without your work in it.
Irish Thorn chapter 109 . 1/17
This was unexpected. Thank you for the closure. I can't stop crying now.
kchadwix chapter 109 . 1/16
Not me sobbing at the end of this beautiful, amazing story after spending a couple weeks of my life devoted to reading it. Thank you so much for this story, it's been a truly and incredibly wonderful world to fall in to.
Amber Bellum chapter 109 . 1/15
Your story was fantastic and beautifully written. You made me love all your characters (except for the ones I really had to hate) and even Antonin who turned out to be really really bad.
You made me laugh, cry, hold my breath, get frustrated and angry but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I just wish I could read it again as if it was the first time.
It is so amazing how every choice we make, wether big or small can change the course of our life.
That last chapter! *chef’s kiss*
Amber Bellum chapter 93 . 1/15
oooh, thats the reason why her father couldn’t help in Australia!
Amber Bellum chapter 88 . 1/14
You are making me hopeful about Tommy, but I have a feeling my heart might still be broken.
Amber Bellum chapter 87 . 1/14
Yes! Tell me Silas is alive!
Amber Bellum chapter 86 . 1/14
My hearts breaks for Rabby, knowing his fate.
Amber Bellum chapter 83 . 1/14
1. It’s so true! Neither Antonin or Igor said it to her.
2. I always thought that Greyback had died at the war!
3. After reading this chapter I don’t understand how people thought that she was pregnant when she disappeared.
4. This chapter was so hard to read. I struggled with infertility for many years before I finally had my miracles, but it’s a topic close to my heart.
Amber Bellum chapter 82 . 1/14
1. Oh no….
Amber Bellum chapter 81 . 1/14
Like Hermione I had the hope that Andromeda and Roddy would end up together but this is way better. Roddy does deserve someone who will love him unconditionally.
Amber Bellum chapter 79 . 1/14
1. It’s so true! Neither Antonin or Igor said it to her.
2. I always thought that Greyback had died at the war but I guess his fate is unknown. So scary!
Amber Bellum chapter 77 . 1/14
Yes! Justice for Roddy!
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