Reviews for Cicadas in 1984
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 9 . 11/28/2016
I would've reviewed this sooner, but I lost track of the original alert that told me this updated. Welp, at least it's always good to see you back in action!

Okay, the final bit with Rika and the others confirmed that the Cicadas in 1984 scenario takes place as an Umineko-esque gameboard. Or is in the same spirit. It quite possibly has something to do with Bernkastel-Frederica or otherwise-and may or may not have a sequel hook in the works. Intriguing, and it makes me wonder on the significance (or insignificance!) of the events' happenings.

I've still yet to use the cipher to attempt to codebreak all of the encrypted material, but that's a project I'll have to hit up at a later time. Anyway, that last bit was a real trip, and the dabbling you do into philosophy, like what is there in the first half of the chapter, gives the story a cerebral, thoughtful edge. I like how your work almost always tries to challenge the readers. Because of that gratitude, I'll definitely stick around for more work you put out in the future, whenever you feel like doing it.

Keep on trucking!
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 8 . 7/2/2016
It's a treatise on the eventual demise of dystopia - except that it's a actually a scheme involving literal mind control, more than a dash of eugenics, and lies upon lies. Even after all that, questions remain, and the connections to the rest of the Cicadas series are brought to the fore: the mysterious Avesta, Iwahime's murky realm in which all the fragments reside, Nebiros' presence - thought I'd seen the last of that guy - and motherFUCKING Battler.

This was a heck of a ride, something that calls to mind a more in-your-face version of Higurashi's fourth arc. I have no idea where Cicadas is going to head next, but I look forward to more mindscrew and violence and philosophy in the near future.
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 5 . 5/2/2016
Well, it certainly wouldn't be a Higurashi story if there wasn't a bunch of really twisted happenings going on in Hinamizawa.

Wondering who Keiichi's baby-mama is, but the parallel between that and the narrative approaching the topic of Natsumi's - what a warped beeyotch, BTWs, kudos - sure-to-happen pregnancy as a result of him being "coerced to degeneracy" if there isn't some connection between the events, beyond the harshness of the world and the dystopia of Hinamizawa society. K1 being with at least three girls strikes me as something immensely clue-worthy, I'll take a mental note of that.

Society, especially the one depicted here in this fic, is certainly, crushing, isn't it?
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 4 . 3/21/2016
This. This is reminding me an awful lot of Cryptonomicon, with the coding aspect here. Speaking of codes, it sure reared its ugly head quite so suddenly, indicating madness and a possibility of altered consciousness, something far more sublime, enigmatic, and potentially horrifying that mere insanity, perhaps. Either way, weird things are happening and I'm 100% down for that.

Also that's totally a Bloodborne weapon. I approve. Tremendously.
Taiboss chapter 4 . 3/20/2016
"What a horrible dream." Yeah, didn't we already have that?

"All my friends are dead" Isn't that the title from this dinosaur book?

The little arm walking reminds me of Iron Giant.

"Kei-chan" ohh, this is not good. Like. Really not good.

"We're all out of Kasai" This is disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

"The floor was covered in hamburgers" Oh, insanity.

"Miyo's" Oh, right, she kind of exists too, right?

"sister's father's brother's friend's former roommate" Spaceballs?

OH COME ON. YOU CAN'T JUST CODE THE REST OF THE CHAPTER! YOU HEARTLESS- How am I supposed to decode that? OPT would mean you have to give us a key, so..oh. Right. Now I see. Ceasar. Eight. Sorry. Decoded it already.

"M-Mion-san, I don't think it's quite that easy." The timetable and the whole Mion/Shion switch/not switch is giving me headaches.

And beheading dude is not going to just get away with this? Good.

Wow this chapter was disgusting. But it finally sets the tone to come. I have absolutely no clue why anything is happening. This is just great.
Isae chapter 4 . 3/19/2016
Oh, that's just cruel. :P
Taiboss chapter 3 . 3/19/2016
Wow, I wanted to read this like, immidiately, and then so many things came between. Now, new chapter, new luck. As usual, my reactions:

I always hated dreams. They can be anything, from irrelevant to plotdriving, from insane to clear. I have absolutely no clue WTF is going on in this one. You little Kafka, you.

According to Google, these Eight Virtues are from the Ultima series. Hmm, never played it.

"of a computer game his friend gave him" Ah, so you acknowledge it. It surprised me that the first three had already come out in 1981-83.

Oh, ew, OTP is "impossible to decrypt or break", unless I know the key. So that means you have to give me a key, only then I can unlock your great chapter titles.

"sweet thing", Rika, what are you calling people? She's a person, not?

"taking the leap into hentai" Err, okay...

"Mii-chan", is Rena to Natsumi what Keiichi is to Satoshi? A suspicously similar replacement?

Oh, is Hat-kun Driver-with-little-sister-kun? Or some sort of nameless bodyguard?

"aniki" A bodyguard it is.

"Ryou Sekiguchi" Oh it is...em, is Ryou Driver-with-little-sister-and-death-flag-kun? I forgot. Or maybe it wasn't established.

"Ryugu-kun" Something tells me this is intentional...wait..."she"? What happened? Is Re(i)na playing along?

Okay, this is getting creepy. Why are they referring to Natusmi as "Ryugu-san"? Is there a glitch in the fragment? Did the witch mess up?

Also, poor, poor Daiki. Victim of something he had no control over. His mother has every right to be mad at him.
Isae chapter 3 . 3/15/2016
Well, I can't say I was expecting a chapter centered around Daiki Tomita. I'm guessing all the code stuff has to do with the numbers at the beginning of the story, and possibly also the chapter names.

Anyway, I don't really have anything intelligent to say, but I'm still greatly enjoying it.

"I suggested you since I was kind of an asshole last night." '...And because I ****ed Satoko.'
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 2 . 2/28/2016
A thousand apologies for not responding to this sooner, chalk it up to uni bending me over a table and taking me dry. But on the bright side, that means two updates to read and respond to accordingly! Things worked out better than expected.

First and foremost, oh jeez, the chapter titles are, like, encrypted or something. Welp, that's darned-tootingly enigmatic. Can't say I'm not intrigued, though I've no idea how one would begin to break the code this early in, if it's even possible.

Anyways, the atmosphere is swell, especially in the first chapter. The big wall somewhat reminds me of a convo we had long ago, also on the topic of material related to noisy insects. Intentional or not, I rather liked that.

Moving along, my initial guess is that the men gathered at the graveyard are the ones, or at least a number of them are, responsible for the influx of Christian sects within Hinamizawa. Keiichi's(?) nightmare, I'm betting, is an interpretation of an event in his life, viewed through distorted-reality lenses a la the Umineko-method of truth muddling. It might be a reason for Rena's absence in this Fragment, leading to Natsumi's presence as a factor in the village proper, she taking a role beyond relegation to a sidestory arc in the manga. Convinced that everything is foreshadowing, from Mion recently dying her hair red, to Natsumi's being described as orange even though it's generally artistically rendered as green...ish, I can't say for sure what significance anything has, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled and mind open. And hey, good on you ending the chapter with a bang. :P

Now then, a dystopia with Orwellian shintoism? Interests piqued. And don't think I didn't notice that supernatural tag-now I expect and anticipate this story's gonna get WEIRD. Thanks for instilling hype, it's always nice to see you writing again.
Taiboss chapter 2 . 2/26/2016
Well, that was fast. If I am finished with a chapter, chapter 2 is usually at 0 words. ;_;

an average morning for an average person, living and average, unremarkable life

I keked slightly.

So Natsumi is taking the place of Rena? Makes sense, if think about it. But how can I get Kaori Mizuhashi's voice into my head when reading her lines... I watched only like two shows with her.

hell of a resemblence

Who exactly does Keiichi similar to? Satoshi? No, right, that would be too obvious.

Ryou is the driver, right? He seems like a cool guy. ;_; And being a cool guy is a death flag.

The thing about Rika not eating vegetables is so going to turn out as being plot-relevant.

No. Reina is not dead. Not falling for this. Not happening.

Ugh. Never thought these 'firemen' would turn out to be some Fahrenheit 451 kind of crew. But once again, makes its own kind of twisted sense.

Ah, this time it's Satoko. How unexpected. And by unexpected I actually mean unexpected.

Your new encryption is better than the last one. Caesar shifts don't seem to have any effects. :/ Will have to think of another common encryption method. It has to be a solveable, after all.
Isae chapter 2 . 2/25/2016
Hmm... I'm now very curious about a great many things, especially whatever's going on with Natsumi and Rena.
Taiboss chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
Wow, after so long, it's epic mind fuck time again.

Oh, it's an actual bible qoute. Was wondering how managed to make it sound that old.

"decorated with statues of archangels and crucifixes, its gravestones ." Is that intentional, or did you accidentally swap the two parts?

I am glad you're starting a new Higurashi series. I would have been statisfied as a one-shot, but apparently this will go longer.

Now to the speculation. Ugh. I am always bad at this. The biggest question is, of course, how much from canon can we expect to appear. The setting itself has already been changed, so I do not have much faith in my guesses. Guessing which character everyone is, I am just going with the impression that the woman in the car was Rika's mother, and the man at the end is Keiichi. The girl he killed in the dream would be Rena, guessing from the parallels, but I doubt that it's that easy. The driver guy is OC, but cool. I hope he doesn't get killed off, having a little sister is a death flag.

At the moment, we just know too little. It's the prolouge to something grand, I guess. More clues will surely come with time. And behind everything is probably some witch again.
Isae chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
Oh man, I'm so excited about this! Very intriguing start-can't wait to see where you go from here.