Reviews for Past, Present, and Future
Azentra chapter 1 . 12/3/2016
The feels... oh god, the feels...

This was an... amazing read. Just... wow. I don't even have the proper words. You said in your bio you aim for realism an damn, you nailed that realism all right.

The emotions... the innocence and yet the realization of the harsh reality Gohan faced/faced in the future, that is just amazing.

I am actually wishing this happened in the real series, or at least just some proper form of talking/bonding between future Trunks and Gohan. The emotions and memories were there for Trunks already, they could have done so much with that! But alas, it's up to people like you to write about it sadly.

Also I think it's amazing how you realize and accept that even though he's your favorite character, Gohan is not a fighter and doesn't want to be. I've noticed it in your videos before, but this was somehow more impactful to me...

All I can say is: why the hell did I put your stories at the bottom of my list of stuff I still wanted to read when I first found out you wrote fanfics!? You just shot right up to the top! Thank you for this, I'll be reading the rest of your stories now.

gabelou1991 chapter 1 . 6/29/2016
J'aime bien ton point de vue mais je me demande toujours si Gohan voulait vraiment ĂȘtre un savant parce que a 4 ans on ne sait pas vraiment ce que l'on veut faire on change d'avis en cours de route.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/22/2016
i'm not sure how or why - but despite all the uncertainty and doom, you manage to convey hope and courage without using those words, and the story made me feel better. Thanks for sharing!
Even though the ending seemed a bit empty to me, this is one of the most beautiful contemplative stories I have ever read on this terrible site. It truly gives the characters depth and doesn't make everything so black and white because simply, life isn't that way. I van not tell you in full words how much I sincerely adore this story. The fact that you actually expressed their characters so fine interests me. For example, you bring out how Gohan is simply a child who never wanted to fight but was forced to in order to protect. You bring out the fact that just like any other normal child, he is afraid of death (an end) and loathes it even if he could be brought back. Finally, you bring out how even though he hates to fight, the love he has for his friends pushes him on. Truly remarkable story indeed that deserves more likes and follows. The only problems I had with it was the empty ending (personal taste don't heed me) and the pacing a bit. However, in truth, you have inspired me.
smithback chapter 1 . 2/23/2016
interesting and sad