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Sup chapter 16 . 2/24
It's hilarious to see that every DBS fan in the reviews are like "Saitama can't beat beerus because I did the math and it said that he can move 4000 times speed of light blah blah blah". Just enjoy the fucking story nerds.
Saberian Dream chapter 1 . 2/6
So much wrong with this, where do I even begin?

Well, for one thing, let's debunk this argument that Saitama is a limitless Toon Force gag character, shall we? NO. No matter what angle you approach it from, this is completely false. Saitama is never said to have limitless power beyond hyperbolic statements ranging from "I can feel this guy's power goes on forever" and "Saitama broke his limiter." All that means is that he doesn't plateau, which is common for what you get in shonen anime. It doesn't mean he has omnipotence or reality-warping powers. It means that going off pure speculation since remember, we have never seen Saitama fight seriously, he peaks at infinite 3-D power unless there are feats to prove otherwise. And Dragon Ball Z wasn't upgraded to universal with possible infinite 3-D power until there were numerous clear-cut statements from reliable characters (from Whis, who never lies and knows Beerus the best, the Kais with their cosmic awareness, and even the Narrator) as well as actually displaying those feats on screen and months of having them picked apart by expert nerd debaters. And I ask you, why should One Punch Man get special treatment this way simply because of hype and mindless enthusiasm? It shouldn't.

Now let's address this idea that Saitama is a gag character, or a Toon Force level user. Again, he is NOT. I would say that Saitama is actually a parody character, meant as a deconstruction of the superhero/shonen anime protagonist trope. Doesn't make him equivalent to some of the REAL gag characters out there like Bugs Bunny, Popeye, and Arale. When it comes to Saitama, then there are always two ways to approach him; seriously, or not so seriously. You can only gauge how powerful he is at this point by judging his serious feats and his gag feats. When it comes to his serious feats, all he's ever done is beat a planet buster in a normal anime fight. They didn't defy physics or break reality with that battle. Real Toon Force users will do something wacky like, say, paint a tunnel on a wall and someone will actually run through it. Or like when Bugs Bunny took over his own story. And thus, in the case of the latter, Saitama has absolutely zero gag feats that would suggest he has any kind of Toon Force abilities or resistance to them (though there are certainly gags where he gets hurt by a cat and has trouble taking out a mosquito, so there goes the argument right there that Saitama can't lose, because he can get hurt or have difficulty with something if it's funny). Look at Popeye who can break the film roll of his own show and turn into a rocket ship to fly to other worlds. Arale, who I must remind you was far inferior to Beerus and managed to keep up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, has legitimate Toon Force gag feats, like flicking a pebble and shattering a mountain, cracking the sun and splitting the Earth (which magically gets repaired seconds later) twice, playing pinball with the planets, farting to the moon, etc, etc.

No matter which way you cut it, Saitama is not a Toon Force gag character, and when you stack up his more serious battle feats, then they are pretty meager compared to the rest of fiction. Oh, and nowhere did ONE ever claim that "Saitama can punch with half the force of a big bang!" That's pure spiteful internet rumor to make up for the fact that DBS got a legitimate universal feat that jealous One Punch Man fanboys think rightfully belongs to their caped baldy. But until Saitama shows that he CAN do that, and thus then you can make an actual reasonable argument for a Saitama with infinite 3-D power, it's just speculation, nothing more.

That takes care of Saitama's side of this debate. How does Dragon Ball Super stack up compared to One Punch Man?

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Dragon Ball Super blows One Punch Man away in terms of feats, powers and abilities, and absolutely selling you beyond a shadow of a doubt on just how BROKEN these characters are. Ah, let's see... Beerus and Champa have casual planet-busting physical power, like when Beerus tapped and shattered a planet, Champa's kick missed and accidentally blew up another, and Beerus destroys this one world with a tiny ki ball. And then their sheer physical strength peaks at infinite 3-D power, with enough raw physical force to be able to send shockwaves ripping through the universal macrocosm of Universe 7 shredding asteroids, planets, and stars alike. Actual destruction feats shown on screen. We see cosmic beings/godly entities like Beerus, Champa, Whis, and Vados chilling out in space like it's nothing, crossing the entire universe and between universes which means massively faster-than-light travel speed and reaction times. And then there was this one time where Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken outsped Hit's frozen Time-Skip so that one could make a reasonable case that Goku was performing Flash-tier feats (which can be measured down to individual planck units). And the gods still surpass Goku when he did that! So yeah, massively faster-than-light or possibly instant combat speed for all the god tiers.

Beerus can cancel out all forms of energy, no matter how powerful. Beerus can survive in space, underwater, in the planet's core. He can smell food from across the universe, he can sense murderous intention. Did you see him spam dozens, hundreds of casual tiny planet-burster balls when he fought Super Saiyan God Goku? Beerus can just erase you from existence if he wants to by saying a word, or just pointing at you, and this is effective on star-level gods, meta-aware ghosts, and legitimate gag characters. Beerus can bypass intangibility like it's nothing. Freezing time won't work on Champa and it sure as hell won't work on Beerus. Whis is able to use his staff to great effect as a magical plot device capable of doing anything he wants. He can pull you into a pocket dimension if he wants to, store objects within it, reverse time, accelerate aging, create any type of physical construct he wants (like the Green Lanterns), and he is comparable to Vados, his sister, whose telekinetic powers are so immense that she can effortlessly haul SIX Neptune-sized objects across space at massively faster-than-light speeds! Think of those staffs as their versions of Hammerspace which exists and functions simply as the plot demands. Oh, and then there's Fused Zamasu's final form which was merging with and becoming one with the universe, which was spreading across timelines and had the potential to eventually overwhelm all of space and time, and you know what happened? The big one. Yes, here it comes.

Goku called in Zen'o-sama the Omni-King and he just waved his hand, and presto! Wiped out Future Trunks' entire timeline. GONE. All 12 universes of the future. Hell, there used to be 18 universes in the past and Omni-King wiped them out just because his mood was spoiled. And we see him casually erase universes which include their afterlife dimensions in the Tournament of Power.

There you go. Dragon Ball Super just blows One Punch Man out of the water with provable, tangible evidence on just how fucking broken these characters are that they are trying to sell to us as being massively overpowered. Like Saitama fanboys say, he is NOT meant to be taken seriously. But if that truly were the case, then they certainly wouldn't be trying to shove this idea down our throats that "Saitama can solo fiction" when 99% of them haven't explored the vast garden of fiction outside their own little niche interests (like the Cthulhu mythos or ever having picked up a comic book in their life). So if that's how you want it, then fine. Saitama will never be taken that seriously until he starts busting in some serious hax resistance and starts fighting enemies stronger than moles and crickets and planet-busting aliens. But I don't see that happening any time soon.
theInsaneArtist chapter 10 . 1/28
This was perfect! So much fun!
SweetScarletXx chapter 17 . 1/20
I know this is like 1-2 years ago but this was an AMAZING story. My only problem is that I feel like it's too short. Why does everything I like ALWAYS cut short. But anyways, great story.
Chillyswagdog chapter 11 . 12/26/2017
I like how you do the math for it all. You now have another Favorite and a Follow.
Jackie Chan chapter 9 . 10/1/2017
Alright there is many problem with this crossover...First off stop sucking Saitama's dick, like the fight between Saitama and Whis.
Whis is according to calculations 4042 times faster than the speed of light and you are telling me Saitama could land even a hit?
This would mean that Whis is as fast as a Gas Nebula if it was 2 light years it's size and did I forget to mention that Whis could travel the Galaxies with such ease? Don't think so.

Secondly Goku vs Saitama...Goku should've at least turned Super Sayian three at max to fight Saitama, Saitama may of been able to destroy planets but Goku is able even in his base form to destroy galaxies.

This can be seen in the Battle of Gods when Goku and Beerus fought Goku's near God form, "Super Sayian God" he could not control his KI that well so the UNIVERSE it self was breaking apart...
Note that was in Super Sayian God so in Super Sayian God Super Sayian ...Yeah we already know what would happen to Saitama.

I really do just want to clear up some errors from the Crossover and some misunderstanding of the power level of the characters (Even though the power levels in DBS are fucked) I still did prove my point however.

The good thing the Crossover did, the story is fine maybe the beginning should've not been that quick..The fights were great I did not like Saitama's moves they were too repetitive, not much story otherwise...

(Now I know that Saitama is a gag character, he is meant to one punch everyone but at the same time if BEERUS could defeat Arale who was a gag character in one of the episodes. Then what tells me that Whis or Goku or even BEERUS could not defeat him...See where is flops now? Otherwise good effort has been put into this story I like it!)
Hercules8 chapter 2 . 9/10/2017
This is a cool story! I can't wait to see the fights! :D
Xample chapter 1 . 8/5/2017
Disregard my previous post. As a response to your line of thought, yes Goku was forced to use the god Ki ritual, but purely out of desperation and necessity. Seriously, were these supposed 'gods' Guts fought able to incapacitate him with their fingernail? (Really Idk, Berserk looks like a cool anime) Given the opportunity and circumstances *cough* planetary destruction *cough* I garuntee Guts would've used the god ki ritual, if he were capable of using it. And Goku never losing because he's 'too strong'? Lol, have you even watched DBS? Frieza was clearly overmatching Goku, and he would've won were it not for his stamina deficiency and overzealousness. I seem to recall Goku Black taking a MASSIVE shit on Son Goku, even when he was in rage mode. Also, Gohan didn't go roid mode when Piccolo died because he knew he was gonna come back anyway. If I were you, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the plot points in DBS. Addressing your calculations:
I actually agree with them for the most part. However, you stated that Saitama was never hurt, when it CLEARLY states he "took damage" in the manga, in his fight with Boros. Although, the secret guide gave insight on Boros' power (it said he could actually obliterate a star, go figure) provided by One himself, it also stated, "Even Saitama gets clobbered!Regarding his fight with Boros) Key word being 'Clobbered'. So not invulnerable. You also dismiss some key DBZ feats in favor of those *cough*outliers*cough* lifting feats. Goku was able to punch through King Kai's planet A spherical body containing 10 times the mass of Earth condensed into the space taking up less than a mile making this, in essence, a dwarf star level feat. Also, no Universe shaking feat with Beerus? In you're story it is stated that Goku pouring the entirety of his strength into a kamehameha is, "Super nova" level, when in BOG Goku was shown fucking up GALAXIES with his PUNCHES, Goku has been stated multiple times to have surpassed that since then, and to have even assimilated the SSG power into his BASE form (normal punchVegeta 5? lmfao!) so I can't picture Saitama getting past SSJ 2 (I fucking choked during the fight with Whis, "Stronger than Beerus" smh). And another thing, that black hole feat doesn't make any sense, first off, there was NO singularity in that scene, secondly, if it was a true black hole the Earth would have been FUCKED up (filler so it doesn't count anyway). Goryungunshoop has major hyperbole skills the way I see it. Addressing your writing:
Honestly, it was pretty good. In spite of my rather flamey review, I actually enjoyed the story itself. Hopefully my little rant helps in future projects lol.
Xample chapter 1 . 8/4/2017
Damn, look at all the butthurt DBZ tards lol. We may not know the full extent of ol' OPM's power, but that's the beauty of Fanfiction!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/15/2017
We Do not Hate Saitama.. We Hate Onepunchtards that Wank Saitama and never bother to show him being Humbled in fanfic Stories.

You fanatics waste time worshiping him and never take advantadge of having him train with Goku with Dbz Villians being a theart.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/12/2017
Bleh or whatever u call or self u are aware goku taps from a finite ki pool and with every hit he take depending on the amount of force exerted by his opponents his ki supply will inevitably drop as much as he gets hit. And also personally I believe dragon ball is just rather stupid how many fucking times has died he's died more yes than any other anime character aside from the fuclers from db seriously they just use his deaths to hive some ridiculous power up , its happened every time he's 's more of a menace than a protector how many time has the fucking earth been destroyed under his watch. We all know later in the future goku will gain another stupidly powerful form how many forms not counting super saiyan 4 will one man have seriously.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/25/2017
Sweet I love guts to one of my favorites I wonder if you could come up with a crossover involving berserk " HINT HINT"
Guest chapter 13 . 6/25/2017
Hahahahahahahahahaha that was the funniest joke in this crossover
Guest chapter 10 . 6/25/2017
Nice dbz abridged reference
Guest chapter 4 . 6/25/2017
I feel like a 3 serious move would have killed goku "especially if he wasn't even standard super saiyan"
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