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Hercules8 chapter 2 . 9/10
This is a cool story! I can't wait to see the fights! :D
Xample chapter 1 . 8/5
Disregard my previous post. As a response to your line of thought, yes Goku was forced to use the god Ki ritual, but purely out of desperation and necessity. Seriously, were these supposed 'gods' Guts fought able to incapacitate him with their fingernail? (Really Idk, Berserk looks like a cool anime) Given the opportunity and circumstances *cough* planetary destruction *cough* I garuntee Guts would've used the god ki ritual, if he were capable of using it. And Goku never losing because he's 'too strong'? Lol, have you even watched DBS? Frieza was clearly overmatching Goku, and he would've won were it not for his stamina deficiency and overzealousness. I seem to recall Goku Black taking a MASSIVE shit on Son Goku, even when he was in rage mode. Also, Gohan didn't go roid mode when Piccolo died because he knew he was gonna come back anyway. If I were you, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the plot points in DBS. Addressing your calculations:
I actually agree with them for the most part. However, you stated that Saitama was never hurt, when it CLEARLY states he "took damage" in the manga, in his fight with Boros. Although, the secret guide gave insight on Boros' power (it said he could actually obliterate a star, go figure) provided by One himself, it also stated, "Even Saitama gets clobbered!Regarding his fight with Boros) Key word being 'Clobbered'. So not invulnerable. You also dismiss some key DBZ feats in favor of those *cough*outliers*cough* lifting feats. Goku was able to punch through King Kai's planet A spherical body containing 10 times the mass of Earth condensed into the space taking up less than a mile making this, in essence, a dwarf star level feat. Also, no Universe shaking feat with Beerus? In you're story it is stated that Goku pouring the entirety of his strength into a kamehameha is, "Super nova" level, when in BOG Goku was shown fucking up GALAXIES with his PUNCHES, Goku has been stated multiple times to have surpassed that since then, and to have even assimilated the SSG power into his BASE form (normal punchVegeta 5? lmfao!) so I can't picture Saitama getting past SSJ 2 (I fucking choked during the fight with Whis, "Stronger than Beerus" smh). And another thing, that black hole feat doesn't make any sense, first off, there was NO singularity in that scene, secondly, if it was a true black hole the Earth would have been FUCKED up (filler so it doesn't count anyway). Goryungunshoop has major hyperbole skills the way I see it. Addressing your writing:
Honestly, it was pretty good. In spite of my rather flamey review, I actually enjoyed the story itself. Hopefully my little rant helps in future projects lol.
Xample chapter 1 . 8/4
Damn, look at all the butthurt DBZ tards lol. We may not know the full extent of ol' OPM's power, but that's the beauty of Fanfiction!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/15
We Do not Hate Saitama.. We Hate Onepunchtards that Wank Saitama and never bother to show him being Humbled in fanfic Stories.

You fanatics waste time worshiping him and never take advantadge of having him train with Goku with Dbz Villians being a theart.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/12
Bleh or whatever u call or self u are aware goku taps from a finite ki pool and with every hit he take depending on the amount of force exerted by his opponents his ki supply will inevitably drop as much as he gets hit. And also personally I believe dragon ball is just rather stupid how many fucking times has died he's died more yes than any other anime character aside from the fuclers from db seriously they just use his deaths to hive some ridiculous power up , its happened every time he's 's more of a menace than a protector how many time has the fucking earth been destroyed under his watch. We all know later in the future goku will gain another stupidly powerful form how many forms not counting super saiyan 4 will one man have seriously.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/25
Sweet I love guts to one of my favorites I wonder if you could come up with a crossover involving berserk " HINT HINT"
Guest chapter 13 . 6/25
Hahahahahahahahahaha that was the funniest joke in this crossover
Guest chapter 10 . 6/25
Nice dbz abridged reference
Guest chapter 4 . 6/25
I feel like a 3 serious move would have killed goku "especially if he wasn't even standard super saiyan"
Me chapter 9 . 5/21

Saitama Pretty Much Everyone Including Great Priest.
Bleh chapter 7 . 4/12
Is this...a joke? Goku in DBS now, is stronger than ever. In his base form, he's already as strong as SSJG. x50, x2, x4, x4000, x 50 what do you think it'll mean? SSJG is already universal level. Even if you lowballing him, he atleast be galaxy level!

So i'll explain the differences;

Striking Power:

Goku almost destroy the universe when clashing with Beerus and that wasn't the full powered SSJG! As of now, Goku, in his baseform is far stronger than SSJG. With the multiplyers, it'll put him multiversal level.

Saitama's best striking power is deflecting planet surface buster, but since i'm kind enough, i make him multi planet. Once i read from someone, who loves OPM, said that the author stated that Saitama's most strongest punch is half portion of the Big Bang, which means he can bust half of our universe. But i was like "Where the fuck did you got that!?" He said he found from someone online. So this, to me is just fan statement. But this still puts him lower BOG saga because, Daizenshuu stated that DB universe is as large as macrocosm, which is far larger than our universe.


Goku can survive universal punches from Beerus, what? Do i have to say simething more? But once he lets his guard down, he is much more vulnerable. But Vegeta died from a planet explosion! The answer is no, Goku could survive universal punches. Vegeta never lets his guard down, so this means he either died from suffocating in space, or he is just unconscious at that time. So we don't really know what happen.

Saitama survive a kick from Boros that sends him to the moon. This made him moon level durabillity, but he survive something more than that so this puts him planet level. Since i'm kind so i put him multi planet level again.


Goku in DBZ Saiyan saga can already move faster than light. Why? Because this;

If you watch DBZ again, Picollo can be seen to shot a normal ki blast to moon in seconds and it blew up the moon to smitherens. This made the blast is as or faster than light. But Raditz, Goku's older brother deflect the same attack from picollo, but more massively close range than the moon. Goku, as in now, is infinitely stronger than Raditz . So do i have to explain more? No right?

Saitama can also move at the speed of light. Like in the manga, he dodge Light speed punches, this makes him faster than light. I'll make him 100x times faster than light. I'm already kind so be grateful.

See the difference? Again with the multiplyers, he's far more stronger than Saitama, so thats it. GG!
Guest chapter 17 . 3/28
Sad How onepunchtards sucking Saitna Dick and Ignore Facts.

Saitma only have Planetary feats.

He is not God level in dbz standard.. Heck is not even Solar System level.

Goku i, base form universal level and no one punchtard. Denying that Truth can change that.

Heck Namek saga Frieza would one shot saitama.
fuzzy122672 chapter 2 . 2/13
... You do realize Ki is life energy, right?
TheEpicAce chapter 1 . 12/11/2016
I do believe you need to repost again. This comments section is scorching hot
shit chapter 1 . 10/1/2016
look who is talking. hahaha. funny so funny. from where you get the power of beruus punch exchange hit with res saiya goku is capable destroying universe? from where? your wild imagination?
hahaha you even forget the rule of science what will happen if 2 force/power crash together. there will be a shockwave. a big shockwave that maybe capable destroying earth in result if really those attack is that powerfull. but where that shock wave? that impact? earth have no effect at all that time? atmost only shaking. not more.
if really those exchange attack is that powerfull the impact on earth should be more than that. not just shake shaky.
it should be destroyed. the earth.
look to alittle shockwave result example on supernova. all planet around is destroyed. and it only supernova level.
and then why is earth not destroyed when the distance with the source of shockwave its still in atmosfer? why?
and he still doing nothing. why you ask? it cause he think universe not in danger at all. why you cant get something that simple?
and im agree with noone. its unspoken and unwriten rule that manga is more detail and acurate than anime. its common sense. and for you who dont get that, really are b-a-k-a.
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