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Unknown chapter 33 . 7/15
Thinking back on my updated list of cool skins, can't truly decide between the Abominable or Yeti Hunter for Mei & TRacer or Graffiti for Tracer. Be free to pick whatever you like, even changed my mind on wanting Winston to have the Explorer skin due to the camouflage feel from it. Lastly forgot to mention something from my last comment, want to provide the characters with their golden weapons from the game? That's all for now.
Unknown chapter 33 . 7/15
Hope you update this soon J. I even improved on the list of skins I'd like for the characters in this story.

Ana: Shrike
Bastion: Avalanche
Brigitte: Engineer
Dva: Police Officer
Doomfist: Formal
Genji: Nomad
Hanzo: Okami
Junkrat: Buccaneer
Lucio: Breakaway
McCree: Royal
Mei: Yeti Hunter
Mercy: Valkyrie
Moria: Minister
Orisa: Forest Spirit
Pharah: Mechaqueen
Reaper: Nevermore
Reinhardt: Balderich
Roadhog: Sharkbait
Soldier 76: Venom
Sombra: Augmented
Symmetra: Oasis
Torbjorn: Cybjörn
Tracer: Graffiti
Widowmaker: Huntress
Wrecking Ball: Junker
Winston: Safari
Zarya: Siberian Front
Zanyatta: Djinnyatta

Really curious on seeing the pairing for Ben here, plus I also saw your latest work on Deviantart called Never Lose Your Way - Restitched. Please eventually bring back the Kill La Kill crossover with Ben as soon as possible. I love all of your fics involving KLK, Overwatch & RWBY! Till some other time!
TvFan2244 chapter 33 . 7/16
Can't wait for more.
Arrow1021 chapter 33 . 5/19
This story is so amazing! I just reread the entire story again. you guys are doing a awsome job with incorporating Ben into the Overwatch universe and your oc's are fantastic. keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next update. btw were you guys ever going to do a segment about Tracers flashpoint or was that just just little teaser?
Guest chapter 33 . 5/11
I hope ir contunues
Guest chapter 33 . 5/5
ThatChronicKid chapter 33 . 4/30
Welcome back, been a while since we seen you ladies. Great start for Overwatch Vs Talon.
rmarcano321 chapter 33 . 4/29
Talon is going DOWN!

I've noticed that Roadhog has the least interactions out of everyone in the game, only having pre-game dialogue with Junkrat that mostly consists of irritation with his partner or outright telling him to shut up. Given that his backstory implies that he'd rather that people just leave him alone, it makes sense that he doesn't interact with anyone except Junkrat, and even then it's simply out of necessity since they're partners in crime.
rmarcano321 chapter 32 . 4/29
Mysteries are lying everywhere! You just need to look.

Widowmaker players tend to get a bad rep for being useless. Often sticking to one spot, barely getting any kills, missing most of their shots due to a lack of patience, and generally not contributing to the team. However, for the many Widowmaker players who don't contribute, there are some that are frighteningly dangerous with her. Often scoring headshots that kill their enemies instantly, then they move to another spot and get the drop before the enemy gets the chance to counterattack, doing it again. These types of players are able to essentially assassinate enemies before they get the chance to even react, and they do so by being patient and lining up their shots accordingly. These players often force entire teams to adjust their strategy just to counter her. Does all of this sound familiar? Because it sounds a lot like Widowmaker in-canon. A sniper so feared, she is said to be able to be in two places at once, one that is patient and gets the job done. Not for nothing is she Talon's top assassin. She wouldn't stick to one place because she is known for being an extremely mobile sniper, not one that sticks to a single spot and a fails to land a hit. In other words, the skilled Widowmaker players are playing her realistically, which is quite frankly, very frightening.
rmarcano321 chapter 31 . 4/29
Nobodies day can be perfect (unless maybe they're rich or live in isolation).

Why do I think Tracer has less HP than other Offense heroes (Balance reasons aside)? Two reasons: 1) Pharah has the Raptora suit, McCree seems to be wearing some form of body armor on his torso, Genji is a Cyber Ninja and as such probably more resistant than a normal human, Reaper is a wraith and Soldier: 76 is a Super Soldier (not to mention he is probably wearing body armor under that jacket). By comparison, Tracer doesn't seems to be wearing anything else than her clothes and her chronal accelerator. 2) You probably don't actually damage her, you damage her chronal accelerator which, when her HP reaches zero, breaks and sends her spiraling across space-time again. An alternate explanation is that while all of the other Offense heroes have on-foot combat experience, Tracer is a pilot with no canon experience in firefights or hand-to-hand combat, and as a result isn't likely experienced with taking injuries and recovering from them.
rmarcano321 chapter 30 . 4/29
Hollywood and stardom isn't for everyone.

Players have complained that Roadhog doesn't play like a proper Tank, due to the fact that he can't deploy shields, and is a poor pick when it comes to protecting his teammates. His gameplay involves flanking, singling out individual targets with his Chain Hook, and using Take a Breather to heal himself. However, compared to the other Tanks, this fits him perfectly. The other Tanks have backstories about being heroes and protecting others. was summoned by the South Korean government to protect her homeland from the Colossal Omnic, Winston was an Overwatch agent who put himself on the line to keep the world safe, Reinhardt dedicates his life to justice while guarding civilians with his shield, Zarya left her career as a weightlifter to be a front line soldier for Russia, and Orisa is a robot that was literally built to protect the innocent. As for Roadhog? He only cares about himself, going on a worldwide crime spree just to make more money, and thinks little of everyone else, including his partner-in-crime Junkrat. His nature is literally in his name, as he would kill anyone who tried to share the road with him. Doesn't sound like someone who would be good at protecting others, does he? Also, Roadhog plays the traditional tanking role in another way. He's a massive threat, especially to supports and squishier heroes, and when spotted he often becomes a priority target because he can so quickly kill an essential team member. When a team sees a Roadhog, often multiple members will peel off to focus on him to the exclusion of other heroes. In other words, Roadhog does the PvP equivalent of pulling aggro off his teammates.
rmarcano321 chapter 29 . 4/29
I heard Spain is beautiful.

It has been stated that Reaper's cells rapidly decay and regenerate, when you think about it he is literally crawling in his own skin and his wounds will never heal.
rmarcano321 chapter 28 . 4/29
Lying is about saying something that isn't true.

A few people have been complaining about how over-the-top and drawn-out the Sombra ARG is, right? However, keep in mind it is exceedingly common for Hackers who are too skilled, and who get too cocky, to start acting overdramatic. On that note, the Infiltration short shows Sombra is good at manipulating people - even her "boop" catchphrase is revealed to be subtle intimidation of her target. "Social engineering" is considered a very important part of hacking, because exploiting people is usually much more easy than cracking computer security software.
rmarcano321 chapter 27 . 4/29
I'm okay with the turnout of the vote.

In "Hollywood", while you're escorting the payload, the occupant makes various comments; one is a complaint about how much money his barber charges. But Hal-Fred Glitchbot is an omnic, and presumably doesn't grow hair; why would he need a barber in the first place? (Icing on the cake: "Hal-Fred Glitchbot" is a play on the name "Alfred Hitchcock" — who didn't have much hair himself, as it happens).
rmarcano321 chapter 26 . 4/29
I would go with 3. for the first question and 2. for the second one.

Ever wonder why all of the playable characters are referred to as "heroes", even the ones that clearly established themselves as villains? One of the main themes of Overwatch is that anyone can become a hero - they just needed the motivation to make it happen. The same thing applies to becoming a villain. This theme crosses over into Tear Jerker territory when you remember how horrible the backstories of some of the characters are - all of these characters are fundamentally good people, but time, circumstances, and the ability to persevere shaped their actions and behavior. Reaper used to be good until resentment and jealousy issues set in, and Widowmaker was a sweet woman who was transformed through kidnapping, brainwashing, and physical and mental conditioning. Hell, even Junkrat and Roadhog used to be completely decent until Australia turned into a wasteland, and their only chance of leaving their life of crime behind is ruined by a heavily corrupt legal system full of assholes who enjoy screwing over honest people. The more heroic characters suffered just as much and are as flawed as the villains, but what kept them firmly on the side of good is their belief in changing the world for the better. Alternate interpretation: While some people are undeniably heroic, the rest of them are included because they are heroes To THEMSELVES. Reaper is getting his revenge and shaping the world as he thinks it should be, Widowmaker is serving her master, Sombra is playing Talon as pawns while she's uncovering a global conspiracy, Junkrat and Roadhog basically decided the world doesn't give a flying damn about them so they're just ripping riches out of its grasp that they know they would just be denied otherwise, and even the death-seeking Hanzo believes that through his own death he'll be able to redeem himself, which is why he takes as many chances to provoke Genji to kill him as he can, even if it means invading his home in Nepal and murdering a bunch of Omnics in London to foster hatred between them.
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