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Shadgirl2 chapter 32 . 10/28/2019
Yugi I've got some news for you that will change your life! You too Kaiba, Joey. The things you went through DON'T have to haunt you forever! There's power in deliverance ministry that when done right heals everything in a very short time! I've been healed of fears, past hurts, chronic illnesses caused by trauma and more and non of the memories that caused them bother me anymore! It feels really good and my mind's a peace! You three should try it too. Yugi, Yami can drive this junk out of you if you let him. It's evil in origin and isn't really coming from you. Yami has powers over evil so let him fix it.

Yes Kaiba's hard to talk into things he's not interested in. But he helps people from time to time. Especially if he gets something out of it, or it affects him too. In the Dartz ark we see him taking care of Tia, Trystan and the soulless Joey multiple times. He even took care of Rex, and Alister by having them taken to a hospital. In Yugioh Gx he took care of his students by trusting a young boy named Chazz (Manjoume. Japanese is less crack fiction.) to teach his dumb brothers a lesson. Kaiba cares deeply about people. He just doesn't act like it sometimes.

Yugi needs to talk to someone about this stuff weather he likes it or not. Bottling it up as Iv said before only makes it worse and gives the evil more power. No one can stop it unless they know what it more open we are about these things the easier it is to get help and heal. So if he really wants it all to end, he needs to toughen up and FACE it head on. If he doesnt who knows WHAT could happen.

Shadow getting arrested was a good thing to see. But you might want to work on your news reports. They don't usually sound that direct. Its ok though. I struggle with finding the right words sometimes too. Just takes more study of how they do it on television. Shadow's invention might have been a GOOD thing though if his colleagues had accepted it. Sometimes a good way to heal a mess is to "Forgive and FORGET'. Because if you keep dwelling on it the evil will torment you with it for the rest of your life. It takes a conscious effort to shut them up but it's worth the fight once you've learned how to win it. Stay in the moment, don't look at the past, reject anything that makes you THINK of the past the second it strikes and healing comes easy from their. Forgetting is tough, but it CAN be done and healing starts when you put it all behind you. Memory loss could help with that. At least I feel it would be easier to do. The brain reacts to memories suppressed or not. But it can't do that if their not their.

Well other then needing to brush up on some of the more complex and unknown details of psychology and some minor OOCness I'd say you did a pretty good job with this one. Just keep working on character study and I feel you could be a great writer someday. Keep working hard and I know you'll do fine. :)
Guest chapter 29 . 10/26/2019
Great! You read the manga! Glad to hear it. Now maby you can review it and remind yourself of some of these charterers manga skills. Like Trystan's shooting talents, or Mokuba's Capumon obsession. Stuff like that adds more charter to these guys and makes them more useful too. Yugi needs my preacher at this point. Only a deliverance minister can fix a mess THAT bad. I can see demons tormenting him inside and out. Demons don't respond to medical care, but they hate and FEAR the name "Jesus". Trained Christian ministers can cast them out easy as pie because of that. :)

Yami's control over darkness counts too. His powers are a great source of exsorsisum and drive this stuff off from time to time too. See the first movie, casting the darkness from Kaiba's heart in episode one, and forcing Noah out of his body for proof of that. Yami has more power over this stuff then he realizes. He just needs to USE it.

Kaiba's got the right idea bugging people at night in a situation like this. When your chaiseing someone down you need to stay on the move too or you'll lose their trail. Good job making him wise. He IS the wise in reality after all. :)
Guest chapter 24 . 10/24/2019
"If the shoe fits where it." ... lol! Good one! That's one of the best insults Iv ever heard! lol!

But uh, I know many fans don't know this, but Yugi's mom's alive. She shows up a few times in the books, and a couple in the show. The red head beside Solomon when Yugi came to get him from the hospitable? Yeah, that's her. She's seen again in the Japanese version of episode 50. While Yami's teasing Yugi about Anzu, his Mom overhears it and asks him if he's ok. She asks Solumun too after Yugi and Anzu take off for school. I cant speak for his dad though. He's never mentioned anywhere so...

Bakura getting the puzzle... THAT'S weird. Espeshily sense he didn't steal it. lol!

Joey, Kaiba, calm down. You've thought Yugi was dead before and you were wrong then. Don't believe everything you hear. Some villeins are great at lying.

Hears a tip to fix name change plot holes too. Go back into the chapter and revise it with the correct name. Midna and I revise stuff all the time and it allays fixes the problem. Now if we only had more time to wright and WAY less dog training to do... lol! Good thing that's temporary. We can update our stuff when were done with that. But trust me. It's WAY easier to revise a messed up chapter, then to have to explain to every reader why it's messed up years latter. You get way less criticism that way.
Shadgirl2 chapter 19 . 10/21/2019
Better. I'm glad to see Joey doing all he can to get Yugi to listen. But Joey's missing some serious skills. In the Death T arc at Death T 2, it was shown that Joey can pick locks. So he should have looked for something to do that with. Also: Joey used to be in one of the toughest gangs in Domino. So a thug like Kano shouldn't be impossible for him to fight. Demetrius (Ushio's first American name in the DDM video game.) was a first I'm sure based on every single fight Joey gets into in the show and books. "I took one to the face. But I CLOBBERED the other four guys!" (Joey in book 1.) He and Trystan took down Yako Tenma's goons to protect Mokuba in Yugioh R. He's fought his former gang leader and won. Took out a fan of Bruce Lee while holding a knife in his teeth. Point is Joey's really strong, so Kano shouldn't have beaten him so easily. You know, you should really read the Manga. It would really help your writing a lot. Their are details hidden their that you don't see in the show.

Yugi JUST proved my previous points too. He SACRIFICED himself to SAVE a FRIEND. AND he's full of guilt for endangering someone because of HIS problems! THAT'S Yugi's TRUE nature he got from his DNA. It's in his blood not his memories. And the sooner he figures that out the better off he'll be.

And by the way, who is Harris? I thought Roland was the guy who normily stayed with Kaiba? He's extremely loyal to him and cares about them both at least. That's why the song "Your Not Me" says "How come my only FRIENDS are the ones I PAY." Roland's his FRIEND who WORKS for him! lol! Just kidding! :D

Anyway I'm kinda wondering why Mokuba DIDN'T care that Joey was in trouble. Sure Kaiba was too, but Mokuba cares enough for these guys to have sent out a search party at least. There's that OOCness again. You should really study these guys better. You've got some down, but need work with the others.

Don't worry though, Mokuba's hard to read sometimes. I even have trouble reading him and I study these guys day and night for months before I try using them. But the GOOD news is you've MASTERED Yami Yugi, the hardest one in the show! If you can do that, you can do anything! Keep on pressing towards the goal and you'll be a master writer in NO TIME! Good luck! Im rooting for ya! :D
Guest chapter 18 . 10/13/2019
Their, you see? Force NEVER works on hurting kids with trust issues. Love, patients and trust are the only answers. And I should know Kaiba. I've got two tough cases like Jomei in my circle of friends. And like Jomei, they BOTH get offended and defensive when you try to force stuff on them. ONE I wasn't even fully aware had this issue until recently. But once I changed my approach, SHE started calming down and changed her attitude. Jomei needs all the love he can get and force doesn't count.

Good job Joey. He went after YUGI,( because like I keep saying people CAN change but it doesn't change who they really are.) when he did that stupid stunt! Joey your doing just fine as a friend. But the lot of you should take a page from YAMI'S book and stop forcing things on Yugi. And hears a few tips for YOU Seto Kaiba. When someone threatens to run away again if their young hears the mature and responsible thing to do.

1. Take them to the police station and force them inside. This IS a cause for force in a situation like this.

2. Tell the officers everything that's going on and turn them over to their care for now. Yes, Yugi might hate you for this but sometimes in an extreme situation like that it's the only way to keep them safe and deter such dangerous behavior. He'll thank you later once he realizes you were RIGHT.

3. Apologize to Yugi but tell him it's for their own good. Don't leave him guessing or you'll make things worse. Let him know just how foolish and dangerous his deshion was and be firm but caring when you do. And don't forget to explain to him how much it worries and upsets you to think of him in danger or dieing hurt and alone somewhere. He'll look back on this latter and know you really DO care.

4. Call his liggle guardian and let Solomon know what happened and everything the runaway said and did. If Yugi gave any clues away about why he did it, after step three be sure to TELL his grandfather and no one else about them so he can help. Some secrets are TOO DESTRUCTIVE to keep hidden Seto. Especially from a responsible and trustworthy adult who can help, like Mr. Muto. As a guardian, he has legal rights to make the runaway see a doctor. Yugi's still a kid Kaiba. Solomon has every right to decide to get him treated weather he likes it or not. Confidentiality is only a thing as long as the issues in the past or no ones in danger of hurting themselves or others. And even a Psychologist will report anything too destructive to the proper authorities and their all about privacy. Remember that Seto. It could save your friend's life.

5. Stay at the station until the family arrives to show Yugi your support. Do this even if he no longer wants it. That's unconditional love and it changes people.

That, Kaiba is the professional way to handle that. But you could also have tried taking Yugi home, calling his Grandpa when he wasn't looking, telling him everything Yugi said or did and again, let the legal guardian handle it from their. Their are just some issues kids should NEVER try to handle on their own and someone acting like Yugi? That's definitely one of them because you need the guardian's help to make Yugi GET the help he needs.

A kids brain isn't developed enough to make those kinds of decisions on their own most of the time. That's why guardians have all the legal rights in the first place. Even the Mercy Homes called the police if a kid ran away. It's just what you do. The streets are dangerous and a good friend would be doing everything they can to keep a friend safe.

So Kaiba I blame YOU for what happened to the both of you. If you'd done the SMART thing and taken my advice, you and he might not have gotten abducted so easily! Be more careful next time! You've got enough problems already! Don't go causing MORE for yourself! You deserve better than this!

"Real friends tell you your acting crazy when your acting crazy." Poppy from Trolls The Beat Goes On.

But other then firmly correcting (Not punishing, but DEFINITELY warning against) the destructive action of running away, I STILL think unconditional love is the correct way to go. It consists of understanding, forgiveness, patience, trust, hope, protection, gentle guidance, kindness the whole nine yards. The bible even says that the right kind of love "Never Fails" and is "Like heaping hot coals on your enemies heads" causing a lot of them to repent. Iv seen it countless times. There's a TON of hidden power in unconditional love that's based on actions and not emotions.

It once helped a former rapist turn into a very good, loving, honourable man when his former victim forgave him and helped him grow. And the SCARIEST part is that man would have DIED if the woman had not forgiven him. For the full story feel free to message me, but you get the idea.

It helped Yami when he betrayed Yugi and Yugi forgave him before he apologize. It helped Joey when Ushio beat him up and Yugi sacrifices himself to protect him. It even helped Trystan when Mrs. Chono was about to expel him for writing a love letter to Ribbon. And Yugi said the day before "I don't really like him that much."

Yugi have proven time and time again the power of unconditional love. He made all his friends that way and healed MANY broken hearts. Someone needs to get Yami involved already. HE was doing a GREAT job returning the favor. Even though Yugi never knew it.

Anyway I hope my reviews are teaching you something about psychology and what you should and shouldn't do in a situation like this. It will make your writing look more professional in the future. If you would like some tips on any ideas you come up with in the future that also involve trauma feel free to message me. I'll help anyone any time they ask. God Bless you and good luck.

Oh. And before I forget, hears one last tip for Kaiba, since he refuses to ask me anything and I'm sick of him doing stuff that could get him killed. Seto, in the future YOU should go first. That would force Yugi to HAVE to say it or he'd be breaking your deal and have an unfair advantage on you. Almost everyone will feel guilted into spilling their guts when someone else spills theirs. And if Yugi thinks he can relate to you (Which he can a little bit) he's more likely to open up to you. Keep that in mind next time and maybe he wouldn't run off. Seriously how'd you become a CEO if you don't even know basic social skills? You should really brush up on them before you run Kaiba Corp into the ground. You need them to make good deals with others.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/13/2019
...Ok. That's the second story Iv read from you were boys raped boys... Are you ok? Can I message you as 'Shadgirl2' to talk with you a bet? I'm a Christian who wants to help all hurting people heal and I know a lot of ways to help.

Additionally, Yugi looks like one of the kids in a book I read years ago. It was about a religious group who took in abused, neglected, or abandoned kids and helped them heal. ONE kid in particular spent his first few months sitting in a fetal position on the home's couch. He refused to talk to anyone or let anyone in, sort of like Yugi's doing right now. But thankfully since this home was Christian based, the people knew how to help him and he came out of his shell.

I don't remember the story he told them, but after that, they got him all the help he needed and he grew up and lived a better life then he'd had before. I think the group was the 'Mercy Homes for boys and girls', and the book was called 'Years of Mercy.' But I can't remember for sure. Either way, Yugi really needs that level of care because no one here knows what their doing at all.

Kaiba dose too. He had a 'Tiger Mom' for a step father and all studies done on parenting these days say that's abuse in itself. Gozaburo did way more then just that though and again, kids like Kaiba show up at the Mercy Homes and get healed so...

In case you can't tell, I'm a huge supporter of anyone who helps hurting people. My social skills just suck sometimes, so occasionally my words come out as sounding harsh, or rude when I meant to sound kind and supportive. Im working with a therapist to fix it though.

Yami seems to be the closest to doing this right from what I've seen so far. He's being very patient gentle and supportive. He's choosing to compromise and help Yugi out when he needs it, and isn't asking for anything in return. This is a classic example of what happened to some of these Mercy Home kids I read about and it's the whole reason they were able to heal.

Grandpa telling Yugi to help him set a table seems like a good idea, but without knowing what Yugi's been through it could make things worse. Same with everyone trying to force themselves on him by making him talk when he isn't ready. The kid on the couch was talked to a bet, but he was never expected to speak unless he wanted too.

Bakura's right that stuff could push him away. But he and Ryou are wrong to think they cant fix this. Memories are only one part that makes someone who they are. And the rest can be repaired with time, proper care, and patience. It sometimes takes years to fix Mercy Homes kids to prove it.

Yugi cant turn into someone else because everything else that makes you who you are has nothing to do with memories at all. If memories alone determined your personality then, Yami would have changed into a different person too. But we saw in the show that, any changes he went through were only temporary. And like Yugi, were caused by thinking your someone else, not knowing who you really are, and trauma. And though Yami's was caused by being in the dark too long, trauma is still trauma and causes the same problems. Fear, anger, helplessness, humiliation, even confusion are common problems trauma can cause. As well as hallucinations and nightmares. And in extremely severe causes, it caused totle insanity. Yami turned violent and psychotic because of what he went through so he had a worse because of it then Yugi has.

Yami also showed signs of a severe trauma case during season 4. When he played the Seal and fell to darkness betraying his friend and hurting many others. This time instead of going completely insane, he went through a second personality change caused by the fear of turning evil, because of the darkness inside that he couldn't control. And the guilt and shame of letting down and betraying a friend. So if Yami could heal from trauma not once but TWICE, Yugi can heal from it too.

To prove that memories aren't all that affects personality, the Pharaoh in all those memory flashes acted exactly like Yami once he started to heal. In other words, Yami never lost himself due to his memory loss. He lost it due to trauma but Yugi and the others fixed it with support, trust, acceptance, and love BOTH times he needed help. That's what Yugi needs too. Love never fails and is the greatest healing remedy in the world. If shown correctly that is. Thumbs up to Yami for doing it right. Too bad he's the only one though.

In other words, Yugi's overlooking a very valuable ally hear by thinking only Kaiba can understand. Kaiba can understand the abuse part true, but Yami can understand the memory loss and all the struggles that come with it ontop of having a case of severe trauma making things worse. He can relate to Yugi twice as well as Kaiba can with that in mind. Too bad Yugi's too blind to see it. I'm pretty sure Yami's told him about the memory lose at least.

Character study is very important when you wright fanfictions. You need to be able to get inside their heads and read them like a book. And I'VE studied YAMI extremely well. He's Yugi's only hope in this thing, so I hope he gets a chance to help him out correctly.
Guest chapter 16 . 10/8/2019
Urg, this kid. These guys need a SERIOUS lesson in THERAPY and SPIRITUAL COUNSELING. First of all "Jomei, YES you CAN be you again. But NOT, WITHOUT, HELP. Personalities are constantly changing due to the people you interact with, how your raised and life's experiences. DNA plays a KEY role in that too. So if your situation changes SO, WILL, YOUR, PERSONALITY. Growing up and maturing prove this. But! Sometimes SCARES need healed BEFORE these changes can occur. Trained professionals can help with this. Christian ones chief among them. Take it from me. I got delivered from trauma myself and Christian methods were the only ones that worked! But thanks to them, I no longer have nightmares, fear of being home alone, and some physical scars were healed too! I went from a fearful pessimist to a more confident optimist! So NO Bakura your DEAD WRONG too! 'Yugi' IS still in their you just have to use the right methods to bring him back. Memories or NO memories, Trauma caused issues CAN be fixed with the right care and TIME. Took me 5 years of help to heal, but it was worth it. Yugi, get a therapist! You need one ASAP if your really THAT messed up. Yami's right. Your NOT WELL.

These kids need help. Because anyone who mistakes TRAUMA induced issues for PERSONALITY needs a lesson in psychology. That's about as true as saying a dogs unwanted fear or toy addiction is personality. Dog trainers like me do therapy to fix those ISSUES often. Issues and personality might LOOK the same at first, but with a better understanding you can spot the differences in a heartbeat.
Kittona chapter 32 . 11/17/2018
I really enjoyed this, thanks for the read!
Seiun - Galaxy Dragon chapter 4 . 5/13/2017
oh, let's see a story about Mokuba being kidnapped now XDXD
SkeNinja chapter 32 . 7/15/2013
I'd like to start the review by saying that this story was amazing. Stories that have this dark and suspensful background are always the best to read. I love to read situations where the character might die and where the odds are against them.

I found it odd that Kaiba was interacting with Yugi and Joey a lot since he's so busy running his company and such but I could see why he would sympathize. He is, after all, a human being. It's quite different than seeing him as a complete as*.

I found it strange that Téa and Tristan didn't get involved as much. Their bond is strong but it's nice to see bromance for once. Even if it's with Kaiba, who isn't really a stickler for friends. But it was interesting to see him portrayed as such.

I noticed that you type Moto and not Muto. I think I can see why you'd do that since the name sounds more like it. I don't think the developers weren't really aiming for such, though.

In the English dub, Joey has a strong Brooklyn accent. Suits him, too because I can't see him with another voice. So wouldn't it make sense that he'd be from America? And for Domino City to be held in America? At least, in the English dub.

Hah, I know that all I'm doing is complaining but thirty-two chapters is quite long. I hope my criticisms didn't offend you.

Your story isn't all bad, of course. Your writing is spontaneous, and I enjoyed that you put a lot of thought into each character. The chapter where it was like a songfic really touched my heart. I couldn't stop myself from crying at all the heart breaking scenes. And there were plenty.

Yugi's depression and Yami's protectiveness was a nice addition since Yugi's so determined to prove himself and Yami's always looking out for him. It gave their relationship a rift and for that, I was glad to see it. True friendship is tested when there is tension.

Speaking of, I am more than happy to see that this wasn't a yaoi. I absolutely don't ship that since I always saw Yugi and Yami's relationship as brothers or father and son. If you had ruined this story by making it a puzzleshipping, I wouldn't have continued reading.

Well, I think I said quite enough. I look forward to reading your other Yugioh stories. Judging by this story, I'd say that they'll be unforgettable and enjoyable.

Have a nice day! :)
Ecarus chapter 32 . 2/2/2013
This was a wonderful story; well-written and interesting. Thank you very much for writing it!
20 minutes chapter 32 . 1/21/2013
This was a beautiful story with an amazing plot. You have written it extremely well and I even found myself tearing up in parts! You have created a work of art. Great job and keep writing.
GoldenGriffiness chapter 19 . 1/4/2013
This is a good story, but I think it should be rated M just because of some of the things in it, even if it isn't explicit.
KageNoNeko chapter 32 . 12/2/2012
I loved this story. I find it to be very believable for Yugi to still have trouble with what he had been through.
K2 chapter 32 . 11/6/2012
This was the most amazing story ever! I loved it!
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