Reviews for Order and Chaos
picnic990 chapter 1 . 11/18
Dude you need to use punctuation marks ... this extremely good story is becoming Shi*** to read because you re not using them properly.
CapriSunnyD chapter 2 . 11/9
"also while Wanda/Harry is the end game of the story they will date other people and-"

Let's find another story to read.
Occult Devotee chapter 28 . 11/8
Teacher, I have three questions. Does Doctor Strange have all his cannon powers? If so do all his enemies including Set and others from his Rogue's Gallery? Also a prayer, Blessed Vishanti, May you aid the wandering demigod in his path to glory and help the poor child in the lions den that is childish jealousy and teenage idiocy and hormones from his human peers and learn the ways of the stoic and master the art of the snarker. As it is written in the book of the Vishanti, never go down without being a smart aleck and a badass Mystic. So it is written, so shall it be. Now I must beg you and the Vishanti, Blessed Vishanti, Lord Agamotto and Lady Oshtur, Master Hoggoth, please grace this story with your presence.
Uzushiogakure chapter 10 . 11/3
The Genosha idea is the best thing for Mutants the most useful thing because a nation for Mutants created by Mutants will offer protection a place they can be safe, granted the world leaders will no doubt try to ruin it because a country of Mutants is not going to make the humans happy especially people like Fury they will see it as a threat which is why they would need advance technology and powerful Mutants to keep their themselves safe so pretty much become like Dr. Doom make the world leaders understand that if they mess with Genosha they will pay.
Uzushiogakure chapter 13 . 11/3
Seriously if Jean had full access to her powers the Juggernaut would have been nothing I swear the professor only cause more harm than good to Jean by placing this damn blocks in her mind out of his ignorant fear him and Eric are so similar and yet the professor is so naive when it come to the behavior of humans.
Uzushiogakure chapter 2 . 11/3
I really Hate SHIELD as far as I'm concerned their is very little to no difference between them and Hydra except one is on the side of the current rulers of the world and the other wants to be the new rulers of the world I wish the writers of the comics would have simply have Magneto or someone else completely wipe out SHIELD. And as for Fury don't even get me started on that one eyed piece human filth after what he did to the wacky on the moon it's a shame his soul wasn't cast into some hell dimension to be tortured for all eternity or better yet simply eviscerated and cast into oblivion. Ah well sorry about the rant.
Penny is wise chapter 28 . 11/2
Awesome story so far.
Thunder Drahon chapter 28 . 10/27
I am calling it now! Frat Party with the Norse Gods and the Einherijar!
ElementalMaster16 chapter 28 . 10/26
awesome chapter!

Charles Ceaser chapter 28 . 10/25
Awesome chapter. Please update soon.
The Shadows Mistress chapter 28 . 10/25
Did I miss the second task, wasn't it before the Yule Ball? Still, love the story and looking forward to more.
Eewec chapter 1 . 10/24
'A picture of lemonade'? A 'Pitcher' or 'Carafe' is what normally holds a drink. A 'Picture' is what you place in a frame and hang on the wall, or attach to the fridge with a magnet when drawn by your young child.
krzys2000 chapter 28 . 10/24
longer chapters pleas
TimothyB chapter 28 . 10/24
Love the chapter. I'm happy you updated. Love the story and I can't get enough of it. Keep up the amazing work!
shugokage chapter 28 . 10/24
Awesome job on this interesting chapter!
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