Reviews for Reclaiming the House of Black
lawshark chapter 30 . 9/25
Really interesting and unique story but it needs a better ending given how good the preceding chapters are. It feels very rushed to the ending and then a lot of loose ends are left hanging. Hope you get a chance to come back and give this one another chapter or epilogue.
hanna chapter 30 . 9/21
entertaining story with no great flaws and a nice ending. An epilogue would've been nice, some ten years into the future perhaps but still, good story
hanna chapter 26 . 9/21
Harry is really canon here, and I hate it. Luckily I read this with sirius as the mc in my mind so it doesn't bother me but gods, I forgot how much I disliked harry's character
hanna chapter 23 . 9/20
this story refers to voldemort as the darkers lord in centuries but I think that is wrong. I think grindewald was way better at being a dark lord than voldy.
hanna chapter 13 . 9/20
I wich he didn't go back to hogwarts but knowing ff's - he'll probably will.
asd chapter 1 . 9/20
Harry's grandma was a black. Dorea potter née black. So harry does have black blood
demonboy121986 chapter 30 . 9/12
Another excellent story. Don't forget to read n review people, even if you just read 1 chapter an leave a review, reviews count because we can search with em.
demonboy121986 chapter 18 . 9/12
Giddy Harry wanting to meet Snape, whelp chaos should happen but you need to read to find out how and why. xP read n review.
demonboy121986 chapter 3 . 9/12
awesome chapters but now I Must pause and check out the new chapter about a certain. snake who needs glass. read n review everyone.
demonboy121986 chapter 1 . 9/12
before I read, gana do something I normally do, correct a review. Lost and found, RoR, come and go room... and sorry guest bu5 in the RoR, if you need lost things it IS the room design to present them which make your argument actually invalid, they are one in the same. if you NEED a room of lost things the Room of Requirement will make sure what you require is meet.
kevin chapter 25 . 9/8
Actualy the horcrox was in te Lost and Found Room not the The Room Of Requirement. The Lost and Found Room is just Lost and Found stuff. The Room of Requirement lets you turn the room into anything you want it to be. They share the same place hence a lot of people get them confused.
Imperial Officer chapter 2 . 8/29
Mollys an old fat whore who meeds to be shot like the cunt she is. God inhate her.
Guest chapter 30 . 8/22
Really like your stories! Hope your hand is fully healed… Thanks for writing!
Corwyn chapter 30 . 8/14
An excellent story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
crocket chapter 30 . 8/15
nice, been funny if tonks morphed into grindwold or dumbles sister said they disa pointed in him and then he feints they leave
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