Reviews for Loopholes
perfectshade chapter 33 . 4/18
Huh. This is a suprising continuation. Cute reaction and it does make sense considering how very platonically inclined Louise has seemed throughout the preceeding chapters. No matter the depth and sheer breadth of her feelings they always seemed to express themselves in the most basic, yet all the more impactful for it ways.

Breaking habits like that would be a bit out of character. Though not impossibly though considering her current circumstances are once again pushing the boundaries of all she considered ordinary before.

As is this does head off a potentially really uncomfortable situation in a pleasant way. Not just pleasant between the two characters but also reading about it as I find detailing an awkward moment can make for an annoying reading experience whereas here the more distanced portrayal through Louise‘s thoughts recapitulating the moment makes for a better flowing opening to the chapter.

Does help that the explanation makes sense. Except if it doesn‘t and this is just Siesta taking mercy on her poor noble by saying so. It is a little strange how Louise described her position for someone that already went through an extensive bath. But then again depending on the exact situation it is also not abnormal.

Too difficult to figure out the veracity of the statement. There would be potential in Tabitha having noticed something and this getting revealed once she returns. But even if it wouldn‘t get buried in the strong welcome she‘d undoubtedly receive their bond is still far too unexplored for anything reliable like that to be reasonable. Too fleeting for accurate communication, however subconcious, of this kind.

And Tabitha never mentions anything in that regard anyway. Though given her distractions she could also be forgiven for that oversight. Would practically get drowned out by her own company afterall.

She specifically mentions issues with focus and experiencing some frustrations. Things similar to the last time bleed over caused significant friction. But perhaps even moreso her current circumstances are explanation enough for those feelings!

Ah, it is really too difficult to suss out. Knowing things Siesta herself will not say anything either way too… Just let me focus on Kirche instead. Who has no such silly things like what Louise would call restraint or decorum in pursuit of her passion!

But for her to go for (Kabedon?) outright cornering Tabitha like that. That just isn‘t done between the petite pair… So that is what she meant by going on the offensive in earlier chapters. Certainly one way to catch up.

I enjoy how Kirche very much does keep true to her physical angle. Especially in light of Louise being so very much the opposite when it comes to that type of affection.
Yet not actually superficial. Just using it as a vehicle to express her affections. Not lessening the word by the act but emphasizing the impact.

Kirche does have quite a bit to offer on the mental front. I am glad she also has deceided to start showing that side in order to get through to some regularly dense people in her life. Without sacrificing one of the core bits of her personality that does make her more touchy feely.

Now back to Louise it is quite interesting to see what happens when she does change how she thinks of her magic while adhering to her standards for nobles. That failure just means not trying to improve and succeed anymore. However laterally that success may work.

As a distraction it may still serve, but one with also very clear payoffs both for her piece of mind as well as actual skill. I think I prefer that she has chosen the route of improving and exploring what she definitely has as opposed to what could maybe be.

The uncertainty in this case being other void spells. Instead working at improving her aim for the course. Which makes a lot of sense considering an explosion, however cataclysmic as per Tabitha‘s own observation, did serve her extremely well on Albion in the end. And could have come in very handy well beforehand considering what her explosions do and what the target was at a time. Something she still very much visualizes for a significant fraction of her practice targets.

Plus the particular mention of breadth of her explosive skill has picked my interest. Does seem like she is looking into not just hitting what she intends to but also varying the exact explosive effect utilized. There is a lot of variety to be had there and thus opportunities to use in different situations.

For sure as it is now she doesn‘t necessarily needs that as most her problems are enemy combatant shaped nails that need hammering down with explosions. Ignoring Kirche for a moment and how she at least is not a problem per se.

But being able to vary effects from just stunning opponents, over creating fire crackers as diversions or breaking down doors to just razing an entire building? If an explosion doesn‘t solve the issue maybe she just hasn‘t picked the right kind yet.

Siesta getting „trouble“ like that just feels plain weird. Usually Louise(and familiar) get to save her from these kind of things. Not get suspected by the staff however valid such concerns are if you look at things from the outside and how it does represent some extra work for Siesta. Certainly puts more stress on her poor heart. Sweet but a lot none the less!

And Siesta just goes into lalaland in front of her boss. Had me laughing!
Just before Louise all but deceided to protect that smile. I mean to adopt Siesta. Uh, buy her contract and make it look not at all suspicious.

Wow, someone confronting Louise with that is going to make her just as distressed as she was when Siesta was way too accomodating for her poor mind. Or her poor maiden‘s heart. Really, what is she supposed to do with all these girls around her acting like this?!

I thoroughly enjoy this Louise and her struggles to be the best she can be. While not realizing that she apparently is attractive in a way well beyond looks.
BiGDeal chapter 33 . 4/8
Yep, no matter what the story, Louise is her own worst enemy. Raiding Kirche's swardrobe for sensible nightwear totally proves that. Definitely waiting for the nxgt installment of ecchi and yaou(spelling?) Keep plugging away!
Gremlin Jack chapter 33 . 3/28
Bwahaha! Ah, I've missed this fic. Thanks for the update.
Pinkie Pie chapter 3 . 3/25
What was Tabitha dreaming about?
Guest chapter 33 . 3/25
Well then, does this mean Siesta will join the polycule :p
Adam Safran chapter 33 . 3/25
Aww, this was a lovely chapter.
TMI Fairy chapter 33 . 3/25
Louise in a ball in the corner made me chuckle.
I suppose I'm a bad person ...
I'd hug the daylights out of them both!
WillItWork chapter 32 . 3/25
I've still been enjoying this story. It's a wonderful middle with great characterization.

Thanks for sharing!
TMI Fairy chapter 32 . 3/23
I loved the "make up some nonsense and shout EXPLOSION"
perfectshade chapter 31 . 1/4
„Lord deliver me from temptation.“
„I am your Lady.“ Said the void mage. :D

Siesta is such a great choice for a differing viewpoint! For how dissimilar it is to Tabitha and Kirche, Louise‘s family, other nobles or even the princess herself. And you certainly pull off the perspective of a commoner working closely with nobles but far from having any close connection of the formal kind. Yet.

Her insights are incidential. Only quick impressions because she has no place in a noble student‘s life. The gap in status is just too great and she didn‘t exactly have a lot of screentime up to now. Worthwhile occasions but always in a supporting function.
Yet you made her shine. Establishing her character very clearly. Her fear of nobles. Her bias too and how it is not at all unfounded in a lot of cases. Yet retaining an openess to those that are different and willing to go out of her way to help. Those that care.

And I concur with her assessment. Louise really has too big a heart for her slip of a body. Quite frightening as Tabitha has said before. Quite frightening indeed.
I love what this does for her personality. Even while in pain, full of sorrow pushed into desolation, she still stays true to her core. In upheaval and roiling as it may be beneath the surface.

It was nice to get an insight how Louise has been changing the people around her. In the group it was clear that she had an influence on Kirche and of course Tabitha. But using Siesta to confirm how the entire school noticed that something was up with Kirche was really neat and helped reinforce Kirche‘s behaviour through outside reference. Nice.

Vice versa it was also nice to see that Siesta too made an impact because, not despite, her low key support. How it deepens their unconventional bond naturally. Especially when Louise was venting, yet also working to be better just as she resolved. Sometimes I worry she derives her drive solely from that promise to Tabitha. Then again she has her steely resolve but has shown in the beginning how strained she was. And it is not a bad motivation ultimately.

It is funny how Siesta sees standing by and listening to tirades as an almost boring job. Funny in the sense that this is what friends are known to do for each other when one needs an ear to listen to their woes. Someone who is willing to do so for them and that they trust with such a moment.

And she is hurting, If it was not clear before, the insults she hurled at her targets made it plain to see. That she suffers from abandonment gnawing at her. Nevermind the outright betrayal. And what it implies for Siesta for sticking with her, of a sort considering the maid went out of her way without any orders to make Louise‘s day just that little bit better. She had no real reason to. No clear benefit to gain. Just caring for her while the others are away and Louise found herself at her most vulnerable.

The vitriol she leveled at Wardes was quite indicative of this. And her resolve to BE better. Made me wonder if the arbitrarily chosen distance just so happens to be about a chapel long.

For me that paragraph also injected some humor if not levity that was needed to balance the themes without turning the tone light hearted.
Same for demolition damsel. That can be quite the cutting remark, yet coming from Siesta it is a cute moniker despite the potential to lead to a disturbance of the explosive variety if Louise ever hears someone say it. Someone that is not doing it out of fondness anyway. And even then it feels like at her current developement it is something her friends can think with fondness, but know better than to actually say to her since there is baggage attached unfortunately. Not even just the explosions, but the implication of requiring rescuing and how poorly that would resonate with Tabitha‘s latest excursion effect on Louise.
It was still cute when hearing it from Siesta.

The burn if Wardes could have heard that insult though. Extremely cutting considering Louise likely knows that his mother is completely mad. Again showing just how much she wants to destroy him. Hopefully that doesn‘t go wrong. Someone better keep an eye on her. Tabitha!

Back on track, with all that weighing on Louise, her closest circle away, and Siesta consistently being actually there for her? How could she not get drawn to her with her heart aching so?
And yet the depth took me by suprise. Upon rereading Siesta noting mid chapter her… technically inappropriate affection was eerily similar to a moment Tabitha herself experienced. And Kirche in a somewhat different fashion now that I think about it. Henrietta probably just didn‘t because they know each other for so long that she didn‘t notice as a child. Though I dimly recall that it was mentioned during one of their meetings how she cherishes Louise.
Anyway, the depth of their relationship apparently took Louise by suprise too! And no doubt will give her quite the headache, if not different heartache, trying to figure out afterwards how she actually feels since it apparently took her by storm.

Though I do get the feeling it was a combination of affection and her general tendency with people she is affectionate to. The cuddling, physical reassurance of support really. Adding in willpower exhaustion, of both kinds, leaves me with the suspicion that Siesta took care to bath Louise(after likely being cleared by the infirmary) since that activity likely involved plenty of dirt and sweating and it would be deceidedly not nice to put her to bed like that. Not like she isn‘t used to her duties or doing it for Louise in particular. And said noble girl ended up just latching onto Siesta while exhaustion addled her mind. And lowered inhibitions.

Even with all that it is likely going to be quite a headache for a thinker like Louise. Good thing she seems to not be devastated. More embarrassed and a little mortified than truly disturbed. On a personal level that is a relief compared to full on angst.

Which brings me to the next big thing. There is one viewpoint not shown that will be immediately impacted. Tabitha knew what she was doing and went anyway. Yet it must have been a miserable time regardless. To feel the pain, fear and loathing. She is on a dangerous mission too and who knows what she is feeding back to Louise. Danger or personal in nature. It is not like they have control over their bond. Unknown if distance lessens intensity and uncertain if that would even help or make things even worse.(like with those linked flowers from the anime)

Then some aspects change. Especially that one night. Tabitha can not be unaware that something potentially more is up. And likely worry to no end about it. It is not a question of if she will learn of things. Louise is far too upright to not outright tell Tabitha with how their relationship is.

Considering Tabitha‘s feelings towards her pink haired friend I have no idea how that will go. Just remember how she verbally tore into Henrietta. There could of course be an aknowledgement for given care. But I doubt it will be quite as simple depending on the exact situation.

Unrelated to that upon rereading I properly realized how perceptive Siesta is. To notice all those little details about Louise like that with how little proper interaction they had in the beginning. Makes sense to have those skills considering her job, but it is still standing out!

This chapter was a roller coaster. And all of it just from scenes detailing short moments. From a single girl. Yet hit like a truck of feels. Empathizing with Siesta was so easy thanks to the narrative. Heart aching for this hurting girl that you just want to reach out and pat her head.

Strange how technically unequal it all is. If only because appearances have to be kept in puplic. Yet full of mutual respect and they equally give to each other.
Lord-Sylph chapter 31 . 1/2
That’s one helluva way to wake up
AkashiSeijuro-IA-4 chapter 31 . 1/2
Please please please tell me you have sweet sweet sweet jealousy lined up for when Kirche and Charlotte finds out about Louise's relationship with Siesta. Even a little possessiveness is fine. Just please. Don't set it up like this and not have those two react in some way to it.
Vaishra chapter 31 . 1/1
They're just adorable together
Guest chapter 31 . 1/1
Is this foursome now

Not that I mind
TMI Fairy chapter 31 . 12/31/2020
Aww, 2 sweet :)
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