Reviews for PPGD: The Second War
Tziput13 chapter 12 . 4/19/2016
Again I review long after I actually finish reading a story... Seems like I have yet another bad habit :/

But I digress; The Second War, probably the most surprising story of them all. Because I did not expect the Rowdyruff Boys to show up, even if I knew what was the Red Story going to be about, so imagine my surprise as make their appearance in the first chapter. Because I liked the three-way narrative you used for the days, with different point of views for the, about, same events. Because you got me flashbacking more than one time to the first story (and in fact I'm reareading the Chronometal Wars as I wait for updates for the Red Story), and discovering what exactly happened, how the world ended but most of all how all these character had a role in it... My view of the chronology is mostly cleared now, and I understand better why characters like the Blossom, Dexter, Barasia, Buttercup, even Olga behave like they do in the two stories that take place after this one.

Sad to see the Rowdyruffs, who were not of the bad side and had good intentions that were just misleaded by misconceptions and poor decisions made by their superiors, get literally slayed by Blossom, though I understand that the thought of losing a sister might have been something too much to bear for her. I liked your depictions of their characters, they were plausible and in-line with the rest of the chronology. Considering what Blossom and Dexter did (and are going to do for the second), they might even be more worthy of the term 'heroes' than them.

The final fight between Buttercup and the Chrono-Titan probably gets a place in the podium of the most amazing ones of your stories. That appearance of a supposed new enemy at the very end leaves many questions about his whereabouts... Especially considering that we're now in a new timeline. I'll wait to see what your future stories deal with before making further hypothesis.

All in all, another excellent fanfiction from you. I'm probably going to go through the comic again, and it'll be hard not to connect it with your stories... Oh well!