Reviews for Blood Traitor
pwrmom2 chapter 92 . 4/22
Loved this story
Ash chapter 92 . 4/17
Boom! Hi! I’m all caught up!

Please do another epilogue? Regarding their offsprings?
Gryffinpuff09 chapter 92 . 4/17
This was a amazing story! I laugh out loud many times and the characters were just perfect! I wish it wasn’t over but it ended happily! Thank you for writing such a great story! It was truly awesome!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 92 . 4/17
I can't believe it's completed!

It's been a wonderful journey and adventure! You've provided me so many hours of entertainment and joy in reading this story!

There are really no words sufficient to tell you thank you so thank you will have to do!
Darkangel28541 chapter 92 . 4/16
I cried when this story ended. It was so funny and so like the original characters. I love this story.
Guest chapter 64 . 4/12
I really Love your story :) There’s so much humor in it ! I always have a smile when I’m reading It - please Update soon ! Not to be rude or anything..
Cecily Mitchell chapter 92 . 4/11
I loved everything about this. Everything.
PomBear007 chapter 92 . 4/10
Hey lovely what a fab story! Just wanna say thanks for writing such a cute read, with lots of laughs! Will defs be looking forward to any future stories you write! xo
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 92 . 4/9
I am sad that this story is over! I loved it! I hope that maybe one day there might be a sequel
envirosue chapter 91 . 4/8
This was such fun to read. Thank you the time and effort to write this story. I wish for an epilogue but it's quite awesome as is, which is a huge compliment considering I usually don't like draco with Hermione stories. The pairings were done well and you have a gift for dialogue.
envirosue chapter 65 . 4/7
Spannerspoon chapter 92 . 4/7
Loved it! Brilliantly written and throughly enjoyed!
Guest chapter 92 . 4/3
Loved the story even though there were a few plot holes such as Molly’s pregnancy never being mentioned again. But overall amazing story.
mangafan0729 chapter 1 . 4/2
I really liked your story, it had a bit of everything, especially comedy which make it hilarious. Despite it has 92 chapters you can keep writing more as it has a lot of different stories inside.
EmlynMara chapter 92 . 3/30
I very much enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing. Quite a twist on the Veela trope.
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