Reviews for If I Knew the Consequences I Wouldn't Have Done it
mumphie chapter 28 . 9/26
Ummm...that seemed kind of weird. Did Sirius slap Harry's shoulder as if he were Hagrid? Otherwise, it makes it seem contrived. Wouldn't his team mates do that too? Odd.
Kai chapter 12 . 9/5
I still don't understand why Harry, Hermione, and Ronald were under suspicion. Draco was there, too. He was on his way from the great hall on the ground floor to his common room in the basement. And suddenly he was on the second floor hurling racial epithets around. He was somehow not suspected, and he didn't even lose a single house point.

Btw, the basilisk info could've been found in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", which is on the mandatory booklist for first years. EVERY student had that information, but somehow NONE EVER looked it up. And either Hermione's research skills are not nearly as great as described, or someone actively prevented her from finding ANY information about monsters for SIX MONTHS. Only a staff member is allowed to remove several shelf metres of books from the library, leaving not a single one there for CoMC homework or such.

Plot holes like this are the reason for Evil Dumbledore stories and Hogwarts Death Eater Academy stories.
Mikeblade chapter 3 . 8/28
you might want to change the part where it says edgars brother is amelia bones
Mikeblade chapter 2 . 8/28
i am sort of all over the place when i read stories. yeah the best healers in britain part is what scares me we have seen how ministry of magic operates and there supposed to be the best to but we know there not. chapter 34 . 8/16
great stories
SunPho3n1x chapter 34 . 8/14
Great story. Thank you for writing this. What ended up happening to Harry and Hermione? All I could see was that we tried to keep up with the news. Did they do well in school? What professions did they have ?
altarincze chapter 34 . 8/8
i dont often comment, but this time i have to.
What a bulshit ending.
Moldyshorts should not have died that way. he should have ressurected, maybe not in Brittain, but somewhere.
Harry should have paid for not trusting the only 2 wizards to ever really care about him.
Dan should ave paid for 'protecting' his little girl from Harry.
And we dont learn to what happen to dozen other important supporting characters. Even Tamaras rivaly with Harry was just forgotten.
Over all 8/10 on the beggining, 4/10 on ending.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/27
Well I have to say that was a shirt ending. What happened to harry Did you stay in Australia for the rest of his life and never came back do you need a girl get Hermione Today ever go back to England You dumbledore die in prison Did Neville marry jenny did you What happened to Luna what happened Harry Did you meet a nice girl What about hermione Did she marry have kids Did either of them ever go back to Britain What happened to Neville what happened to Ronald whatever happened to jenny did they Live good lives the day freaking get killed Doing something stupid what happened to seriously you get married SeriouslyWhat happened to Draco
VashonBeader chapter 34 . 7/25
Thank you for writing this wonderful story and sharing it with us!
slytherinsal chapter 22 . 7/11
it was very moving to see the Hakka performed for the funeral of a volunteer to the Ukrainian army when his body was returned home.
Rori Potter chapter 34 . 7/11
Amazing story!
Guest chapter 16 . 7/7
Swimming costume?
Guest chapter 4 . 7/5
You need comma’s and periods.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/4
I’m confused. Is the healer a man or woman?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4
Comma’s and periods are amazing.
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