Reviews for Time for a Change
hisnhers chapter 4 . 8/18
Pobody's nerfect! lol!
KatMorgan chapter 7 . 8/10
A most wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing!.
Fantomette34 chapter 7 . 7/10
Thank you for this wonderful story superbly written, which made me come several times to tears...
I'm so happy that Severus and Hermione live their love together, and that the Dark Lord dies before his return.
And Harry getting into the Hogwarts Express with Hermione's kids is too good :)
I hope to read you again, you are a great author !
Guest chapter 7 . 7/6
Beautiful story...
Stunning Sunset chapter 7 . 6/21
Awww, Imogen is so awesome!
RemisGrl chapter 1 . 6/15
It took me a long time to read this story because of the description. I didn’t want to read too much angst and it sounded like it. Well let me tell you, the description does this story no justice. For anyone reading the reviews before the I should have done lol... give it a go, just like all of Corvusdraconis’ stories, it will not disappoint.

Thank you for your lovely, crazy imagination! I love all your creature fics, you’ve made me addicted, and only you can scratch that itch. Looking forward to reading more.
robituputup chapter 7 . 6/13
Another beautiful and clever and well written story! Thank you for the amazing reading piece! (Minus the spiders ;) )
Hollowg1rl chapter 7 . 6/7
My gods and goddesses this was gorgeous! Oh I adored everything about this, and gods, I fell in love with it all over again!
General Mac chapter 7 . 6/6
Wicked ending thanks love it more fics when you get the chance pretty please
thepotionsguild chapter 7 . 5/28
This was amazing! I loved every second of it! Your stories are so unique and I can’t wait to read more!
mom2divas chapter 7 . 5/23
I love how you give them such happy lives!
Montara chapter 7 . 5/21
Loved it! Thank you! :)
Montara chapter 6 . 5/21
"Hermione looked out over Black Lake and smiled. For the first time, it actually felt like home." :)
mom2divas chapter 1 . 5/20
Oh you made me cry! But it ended on a happier note.
Montara chapter 5 . 5/20
Too bad they couldn't save the ones that had blood on the dark mark. At least they were able to save the rest. I like how now the houses are united :)
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