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Guest chapter 28 . 43m
Meh, I think it would have been pretty sweet. After all, there aren't really any good stories involving Weiss where she's part of any pairings other than White Rose, for the most part.
Guest chapter 27 . 1h
So what's up with the spelling and grammar in this fic? I get that it might be a British author, but RWBY is pretty solidly an American animation (not anime, animation).
GreyscaleWriter chapter 23 . 1h
can't say yang didn't ask for it
Guest chapter 32 . 2h
What a wild ride. I was ready for something intense after Jaune set us up, claiming he'd likely just be killed if Torchwick captured him, but this an unexpected turn. Of course, that's the only direction this story could go, and you did a great job being vague but still raising the stakes in a short time.

Overall, I felt a strong sense of "Jaune is thoroughly screwed" when it comes to keeping his secret. The nail in the coffin was Ozpin reading his anklet history, which was a payoff I had really been hoping for during his raids with Blake.

I think a lot of us are prepared for this to get very dark, very fast. Hit us with everything you have, as long as it comes with the emotional payoff to match.

As some other are mentioning, I'm considering rereading from the beginning to try finding the changes he's made.
Guest chapter 32 . 3h
Wonder what Jaune said while under the influence.
crossfire922 chapter 8 . 8h
hahahahahah jazzberry! hahahahahaha!
Guest chapter 31 . 10h
What is with you putting Jonan and Blake in or near giant holes lately
Six Foot Assassin chapter 15 . 11h
One thing I don't understand is how after hundreds of lives of training and fighting is he so unskilled and can't hold his own in a fight. Yeah, this time around he didn't train his body to be Rock Lee of Remnant but he should have the skill and experience from all those lives. It's like riding a bike, you don't forget how to do it.
Cr00cy chapter 32 . 14h
So i give it some tough, and im starting to think that in this timeline telling Ozpin truth could actualy work for Jaune.

I know Author give his explanation as to why he thinks it wouldnt work(i dotn agree with all of it but w/e), but now situation is a bit diffrent. To my nderstandign, in previsu loops Jaune always ran away from hoem at first chance. That ment thatw hen he started to talk - there were few months of time that no one could really tell what was happenign with him. And this might make what he was saying suspicius.

Now on the other hand, his past is clear (or at least past in this loop). Additionaly more and more peopel starting to notice that there is something wrong with Jaune - that his actions and behavior points at havign far more experience in dangerous situations he should have.

All of this could possibly make hos story more belivable - just becasue any explanation they could come with on they own would be pretty unbelivable too.

Oh and abpout whats ome peopel sayign that JAune was probably TOO drugged to say anything to Roman.

From what i know there are drugs that makes you more talkative. And we dont really know HOW drugged Jaune was. We know he is mess now, but that doesnt mean that he was worse when interogated. It can as well be that drug was slowly taking it effect, making Jaune more and more talkative, untill acumulated amount was so high he couldnt think straight anylonger.

Anyway, i think we can all agree that giving drugs, that apperently nubs sense of pain, to someone capable of mercilessly slaughtering several people normaly, not to mention having very little regard for his own life, might not be Romans best decision ever.
UndeadGamerLV7 chapter 32 . 14h
What a chapter
neogoki chapter 32 . 19h
oh boy, Jaune is in a drug-fueled berserk-mode and in a room with four mooks
EVA-01 splatter coming up.
Cerberus13 chapter 32 . 23h
Berserker rage is always a good way to show the bad guys they fucked up. However this ends I hope Roman gets what's coming to him. You say a lot of things that make no sense when you are on drugs which mean that Roman might of been bluffing when he left the room. Jaune should kill him just to make sure. Can't wait for the unstoppable rage.
DEBob19 chapter 32 . 23h
I'm feeling quite conflicted about this chapter. On the one hand, you handled The Dance situation very well, so I've got some faith and I'm hopeful you do well for this too. You also didn't go the route of chapter after chapter of the main character being a prisoner, which I've seen ruin more stories than I care to count and probably would've made me just stop reading. So thank you for that.

On the other hand, it's very hard to not call bullshit and consider this embarrassingly plot contrived and ridiculous. Not his being drugged up, which I think was fine, but the way you went about it and the implications you've given on just how much Jaune revealed.

You described Jaune as so drugged out of his mind that even when he's finally cognizant again, he's not -really- thinking, and most of his thoughts are muddled confusion. In order to be usefully questioned, he'd have to be able to process, and answer, the questions given. The questioning would've happened when he was leagues more out of his mind than the first-person view you gave us. He'd have been useless. In all honesty you'd have been better served having the questioning happen when he was about at the point that you gave Jaune's view.

It's not unusual for people this doped up to think they've spent the time having an intense philosophical conversation about something like life and death, and then find out from others who watched it happen that they were instead nonsensical, unintelligible, and mostly talking about cheese. There are often disconnects and misfires when it comes to the brain and mouth. You think you're answering a question, and instead you're saying something unrelated.

So the idea that Torchwick got ANYTHING useful out of that is aggravating as hell. He wouldn't be able to trust anything he's been told, because people this fucked up usually aren't thinking AND can't separate reality from delusion. That's often the point of the drug to begin with.

That being said, the actual first-person view of his drugged state was well done, and I'm gonna hope that next chapter sheds some more light on what Jaune said - and reveals that it wasn't actually anything related to his time travel.

Ozpin finally reading Jaune's tracking anklet was great, I really look forward to seeing what happens from that. And the last 7 lines were absolutely perfect.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 32 . 3/26
And then suddenly Jaune was as high as a Borderland Psycho and twice as dangerous. Roman might have made a miscalculation by underestimating how unhinged Jaune is. Because currently he is quite likely to tear his own body apart.
Guest chapter 32 . 3/26
Most normal drugs leave you aware of your normal state of mind, you're just in a different state of mind at that point.

However, there are drugs like scopolamine that force you to obey anyone's command and leave you with no memories of the event afterwards.

So yeah, heavily distilled and purified medical stuff could probably have the effect you described on people in reality, not to mention that I doubt anyone thinks Roman is injecting concentrated weed into Jaune's veins, it's obviously something much harder.
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