Reviews for Not this time, Fate
Guest chapter 51 . 59m
YOU. COEUR. Never had I had this kind of impact from fanfiction before. This whole thing was amazing. I'd like to keep it short because it would take really long to explain the rapid swirl of emotions you gave me.
Guest chapter 51 . 10/14
4th time the charme. Great! Statisfying and one if a kind.
kenodoxia chapter 6 . 10/11
Yeah... This had so much potential, so much freedom. But this is just another same old "I can only change small tidbits and follow the story as is" kind of ff, isn't it? How is it different from canon then? The problem with mediocre ff authors is that they can only follow the canon, and not contribute in a meaningful way. Especially this one, is just rebranding it as fate... Don't get me wrong, I'll still probably read the whole story, as it's at least not bad per se. I just won't be favoriting or following the story or the author at this moment. I'll see, the author might change it up. It's just the author is terrified of changing the timeline and events an any meaningful way to create something new or exciting. I just want to add, that if you're writing about time travel, make the new timelines matter, make the new timeline different, make the mc's decisions affect the timeline to create new and exciting scenarios.
SirenAtlantica chapter 51 . 10/9
You genius. Words cannot descrine the depth of my feelings. One man should not be allowed to have such skill. Its unfair for the redt of us. Or well, it would be if you hadnt worked for it.
SirenAtlantica chapter 50 . 10/9
You marvelous bastard
Zatheko chapter 51 . 10/6
Gotta say, this fic has gotten me back into fanfiction. Its so incredibly well written and you have characters personalities on point, obviously some are different like Jaune obviously.

But man i enjoyed the hell out of this. The pairing you picked fit so well too, honestly never thought I would like this pairing that much.

Anyways insta fav and follow, gonna start reading more of your fics.

You have any Lancaster fics planned? Would love to see your take on one.
Juancholo chapter 12 . 10/4
You have to concentrate on specific parts of the body you want the oura to protect. It doesn't work like the energy shields from halo, so if you get caught off guard then you get hurt so...yeah. Poor Juan-I mean JUANE!
SweatyD chapter 51 . 10/3
Good story but I was still put off by the shift in tone. I also don’t believe it would have slacked off in his training knowing he’d be powerless against the likes of Cinder due to their physicality and powers alone. 10% of fighting is physical, and 90% is mental so Jaune should have an advantage in with him knowing full well the behaviours and fighting styles of his enemies as well as having especially instincts honed for centuries.

Good to know the best Jaune focused fanfic is JaunexWeiss though.
J.Mosher chapter 51 . 10/1
Thank you for this story. Thoroughly enjoy reading it. Thank You again.
I do have one issue . . . it would have been nice to have a followup epilogue after a time skip (couple months maybe) that echoes the previous conversation between Jaune and his father in regards to his mother's pregnancy . . . this time focused on Him.
Just a though, and while it would be a fun note to possibly see that "Fate" is still involved with Weiss and Jaune, this story is very capable to stand without it.
Thank you again for the great read.
Woyogoyo chapter 51 . 9/30
Whelp, I hope they have fun with Salem. Great fic.
Ronald Ocean chapter 51 . 9/29
Man what a fuckin ride.

Best RWBY fanfic I’ve ever read. Hope Relic of the Future surpasses it but it’ll be hard. Peace out.
Ronaldo Oceano chapter 43 . 9/29
Pyrrha is great.

You usually don’t do much with her in your stories, and I’ve never seen her have a large roll in a serious one. She doesn’t have one here either but you acknowledge how special she is. I love that.
Ronald Ocean chapter 41 . 9/29
For the record I actually figured it out the second she was acting all distracted. :)
Robert Aguayo chapter 37 . 9/29
Dude this is the only time I’ve ever really loved Ozpin in one of your fics. This was great.
Sigma-del-Prisium chapter 43 . 9/26
Gaaaahh! Damn it! I deaded
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