Reviews for Not this time, Fate
DHK-Joker chapter 51 . 14h
Thanks for writing this story loved it!
Angelix18 chapter 20 . 20h
I don’t get how they still think Coral is his fiancée im pretty sure Coral was introduced to them as his sister and since they’re hunters I’m pretty sure they would have caught on to that fact
Reflective599 chapter 51 . 3/16
This is by far one of the most emotionally resonant, action packed, and humorous stories I have ever read. Though there are several moments I may take issue with, I can say that this is officially one of my favorite stories available on this site, if only for the sheer breadth of content and masterful turns of storytelling. All I can really say is thank you for writing this piece, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/16
Son of a b-!
Reflective599 chapter 49 . 3/15
(Smug and all too Happy smirk) Oooooohhhh, blessed hope. How I've missed you!
beast5200 chapter 51 . 3/15
Okay I admit it I loved this story but almost didn't. I really enjoyed it up until the chapter where Weiss tells Jaune to let her die. It was too emotional for me to continue. So I waited quite a while. Since before the dance arc of white sheep. Just last week I decided to try to read this again. So I read the very next chapter. It was intense. I was scared that it would be depressing. So I skipped to the last chapter. And the words "Cinder was dead" gave me the certainty that I would like the ending. So I read this entire story start to end in less than a week. And I loved it. It's such a good story that I can't even really decribe how much I love it. Well worth the read. But now going back to white sheep those chapters seem so short. Oh well. I really do love your works. Each and every one of them is a good read. I do like some more than others but that's taste more than anything else. I can promise that I never left any death threats. And I never complained about you having plot holes and such. Especially when its just your foreshadowing and hints. Sorry about rambling its late.

Anyhow. Thank you very much for writing this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you.
Reflective599 chapter 48 . 3/15
Reflective599 chapter 47 . 3/15
Well...That was unexpected.
Reflective599 chapter 46 . 3/15
Well, this hurts my soul even more.
Reflective599 chapter 43 . 3/15
Please let this have a happy ending...PLEASE!
Reflective599 chapter 41 . 3/15
Weiss is gonna be the Maiden...Damn you Ironwood!
Guest chapter 50 . 3/14
This chapter is funny in retrospect considering Adam got keked like a bitch in vol.5
Archer0 chapter 49 . 3/14
The paralells you're showing in this chapter to the begining are freaking me out man
Reflective599 chapter 38 . 3/14
...Why doesn't he ask Pyrrha or Ren for help with his Aura? I know their not as close as they are in canon, but, they'd still be willing to help, and he could probably make up some sort-of excuse for why he was asking in the first place.
Guest chapter 37 . 3/14
Ozpin is either the best... or the worst. No middle ground.
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