Reviews for Not this time, Fate
Mr. Left chapter 36 . 5h
Is the guy going into shade cause he killed a mob boss a reference to something?
ndabdm chapter 51 . 4/18
This has had me at the edge if my seat for the last 10 chapters.

Very much enjoyed this.
dreadix chapter 9 . 4/11
going to be horribly honest reading this is like pulling teeth. wanted to read... what ever this is to know some context for the much better fanfic "after fate" but i just cant.
dreadix chapter 7 . 4/11
im literally confused here. he's literally making a ass of himself to everyone but his family. its one thing to troll ozpin and just bomb out of the beacons entry test but to make his friends hate his guts by being a douche. it goes against his character. as it is if he didnt step up in beacon and beacon falls he would be on the clock where his family and him would die regardless in just a few years at max.
ledesmajoaquin418 chapter 51 . 4/8
Leí esta historia por que me gusto la participación de este jaune en arc royale, fue un viaje interesante, divertido y dramático al mismo tiempo, honestamente me estaba cansando de la mayoría de fics de RWBY debido a la mala escritura general de las historias como en ao3
Las tuyas en cambio son un total placer leerlas
jasoneggers608 chapter 51 . 4/6
A great story one I never wanted to finish because I didn’t want it to end. I feel a great sense of loss at finally finishing it.
Guest chapter 51 . 4/2
all in all this was a great fanfic in its time if i did not watch RWBY new seasons and stop at season 3 this could have been even better but never the less if i had to rank this fanfic it would be 7.5/10 the daddy jokes where over used but understandable and i had expected jaune to have a colder personality but thats my opinion that being said i finish on April 2, 2024
Guest chapter 50 . 4/2
lmao the fact that in the original universe when adam losing his weapon is a immediate lose for him but in this universe he is actually versatile
UltimateNinja111 chapter 6 . 3/31
I am actually kind of sad that he accepted the deal. Now he is prisoner
Guest chapter 33 . 3/28
i never knew the power of friendship was stronger than drugs
SSM chapter 51 . 3/22
Good job
Alonestarfish chapter 41 . 3/22
Imma be honest, I don't like this Weiss. I mean I don't like Weiss by default, but this one feels wrong.
Reader20448 chapter 51 . 3/21
This story had it's ups and downs but nonetheless it was quite solid 7/10
skelleyb67 chapter 51 . 3/18
Such a well made story. One I read again every once and awhile, and each time is just as great as the first. Thank you for writing this, Coeur.
SenorSix chapter 51 . 3/10
good story
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