Reviews for Residuum
yomunot chapter 28 . 11/12
Guest chapter 25 . 11/10
I know there's a plot to your whole "temporary suspending Jaune thing" but Cardin and them getting away with the whole bullying is bullshit. Atleast make it more believable like him snapping with him sparring with Cardin or something
priceless22 chapter 23 . 11/2
I love the show rwby but i fucking hate the girls ignorance and innocence amd their personality
priceless22 chapter 2 . 10/29
I already hate this because your gonna make jaune be all chummy with rwby and ozpin and shit. So i have to say personally...fuck that. Sorry
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 7 . 10/21
Please alert me will Jaune get to ever meet his family? I’ll keep reading even if they don’t.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 6 . 10/21
Is he gonn met his family again?
Guest chapter 28 . 10/20
What is "Simulacrum"!?
LordOwl chapter 28 . 10/17
Great story! I hope to see more of your updates in the future.
SaintMichael95 chapter 26 . 10/12
I really like the story but I have to ask that you keep the fucked up torture to a minimum. We know how messed up Neo is now, you don't have to continue to show it. Personally that scene was a bit too graphic and detailed for me. At least answer me this, will Rosslyn get free?
RunDownLord chapter 8 . 9/19
RunDownLord chapter 7 . 9/19
noble4259 chapter 28 . 9/7
Good work Knuckz. Great chapter and nice fight
anand891996 chapter 1 . 9/2
huh. slow update cycle. but interesting story.
MorgothII chapter 12 . 9/1
WHy would she beat the crap out of Jaune when she clearly did it?! Anyways, enjoying the story so far!
domzori chapter 26 . 9/1
I love the premise and the torture scene was fairly well done but the execution of the dialogue between Jaune and his teammates/Glynda has become so preoperative that it's cringe worthy..
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