Reviews for Gods Amongst Men
Nimbus2023 chapter 41 . 4/9
No, I'm out. This is just getting stupid.
Nimbus2023 chapter 41 . 4/9
This story is getting exhausting to read. I think I understand why it was abandoned, you kept making the scope bigger and bigger to the point you ended up writing yourself into a corner.
Nimbus2023 chapter 39 . 4/9
I think this OOC Dumbles is the part of this story that I can't believe, his actions make no sense whatsoever. Between Harry and Voldemort Dumbledore determined that Harry was the bigger threat?!
Nimbus2023 chapter 36 . 4/9
So now there is a Missus Voldemort, this story started out okay but you are straying further and further from the plot with all of these twists and turns.
Nimbus2023 chapter 35 . 4/9
Ah, Voldemort survives again courtesy of weapons-grade plot armor.
Nimbus2023 chapter 35 . 4/9
I knew as soon as Bella was captured instead of executed that we'd have to deal with this prison break nonsense. Also of course the smell of decomposition doesn't bother Voldermort, he doesn't have a bloody nose!
Nimbus2023 chapter 34 . 4/9
A Glock nine is pretty vague, Glock models 17,18,19, and 26 were all chambered in 9 mm and were on the market prior to 1995.
Nimbus2023 chapter 34 . 4/9
The viking arc just feels unnecessary.
Nimbus2023 chapter 33 . 4/9
Oh, woe is Harry he disappointed his godfather... what an inconsiderate turd he's becoming. If he's quick about it he can jump off of the astronomy tower and still have time to finish up his homework.
Nimbus2023 chapter 32 . 4/9
This story is getting really convoluted.
Nimbus2023 chapter 31 . 4/9
What's the point of Harry wearing a mask if he's just going to take it off and reveal his identity during his first battle? Clearly, he isn't cut out for Ghost Team.
Nimbus2023 chapter 27 . 4/8
I thought Voldemort's old throne was made from the bones of victims that he used to create his horcruxes... so when did it become made out of gold?
Nimbus2023 chapter 25 . 4/8
And the graveyard scene was just as forced. What is the point of building a character up for twenty-some chapters only to place them so heavily disadvantaged when they actually go into a real fight? You're falling into the same trap everyone who writes an OP Harry does, you made your MC so powerful you have to knock his legs out from under him anytime he faces opposition )unless he's facing multiple attackers where he can give an exhibition of his badassery) it's just predictable.
Nimbus2023 chapter 25 . 4/8
I'm sorry but that whole scene with Bella was just stupid. Why bother revealing herself if Harry was already going to grab the cup? Harry has been known throughout this story to be able to sense an attack so why when it actually matters does the skill fail him?_It feels like you forced events so Harry will arrive at a disadvantage and it just feels so fake.
Nimbus2023 chapter 20 . 4/8
I guess Boyle's Law doesn't apply to magic.
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