Reviews for While I'm Away
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 9 . 6/12
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 8 . 6/12
Haha. They both cute! this is adorable. ha aww I just wanna hug them both.
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 7 . 6/12
ohhhh. Awsome! I like the back and fourth
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 5 . 6/12
aw, poor nick. This is why you need a phone buddy
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 3 . 6/12
Never skip meals you dumb fox. Ah, another god chapter for their first day apart. i wonder what Judy is up to?
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 2 . 6/12
Interesting way to not have to deal witht he entire town just yet, in a way that honestly as a writer a use a lot. Ha, great writing none the less, the transtions are awesome too!
Mystic Fairy Tame chapter 1 . 6/12
Aw, poor Nick is going miss his carrots. Great opening!
Guest chapter 11 . 5/31
huy si ya eran dinamita antes ahora si que será peor jaja
Guest chapter 10 . 5/31
jaja asi se motiva a un chico jaja
Guest chapter 9 . 5/31
mi amigo y yo no podríamos correr asi paravernos nos estorbarían los bastones jajjaa
Guest chapter 8 . 5/31
cielos es una epidemia
Guest chapter 7 . 5/31
hay cielos jajaa lo que yo le mande a mi amigo fue un emogi jaja
Guest chapter 6 . 5/31
hay las dudas
Guest chapter 5 . 5/31
jaja yo ablo casi todo el tiempo con mi amigo es raro no hacerlo y supongo que nick estraña a judi por eso
Guest chapter 4 . 5/31
jaja los padres
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