Reviews for A viper-lizard's tales
Luna Lillyth chapter 121 . 4/4
Trying to deal and cope. Not an easy time for anyone, but at least he’s doing his best to deal with it.
Kawisdom chapter 121 . 4/1
Aang acts so cheerful and boyish that it's easy to forget what he must feel underneath. He needs to be hopeful and inspiring for the others but I doubt that this is his first night like this.
Elf Kid2.0 chapter 121 . 3/31
This is a very good story, and it gave me big feelings! Thank You so much for writing this!
Kawisdom chapter 120 . 3/20
I never think if Ty Lee as the strong one but she is trying. I'm wondering about Azula's aura now. Is that color change a hint of a breakdown, similar to the one she went through in the series? Is a part of her horrified at the thought if executing her uncle?
Luna Lillyth chapter 120 . 3/18
She’s doing her best, but dealing with the pressure clearly isn’t fun.
Have luck Ty Lee.
Luna Lillyth chapter 119 . 3/8
Katara will get this group to bond if it’s the last thing she does.
Connections for better friendships!
Kawisdom chapter 119 . 3/7
Katara is probably the only one who'd admit that their emotional connection is an important thing at a time like this. It does matter, though, doesn't it? Their lives are in as much danger as Iroh and Suki's are.
artKuzon chapter 119 . 3/6
Everytime I read this story it's like I feel what the characters are feeling
Elf Kid2.0 chapter 119 . 3/6
This is good.

This is very, very good, and I like it a lot.

Thank You for writing this!
DAIrinchan chapter 118 . 3/3
Oh, happy early birthday. I hope you have a better Tuesday that week than i expect to; i have stuff going on as well.
Haha, i completely understand how Sokka feels. I’ve been that tired before, and you have no patience for /anything/.
Luna Lillyth chapter 118 . 2/20
Sorry Sokka, life is messy and people are complicated.
Kawisdom chapter 118 . 2/20
Sleep deprivation doesn't go well with serious discussions, otherwise Sokka had the right idea. They can't avoid setting one another off if they don't know what might do it.
Sokka's comparitively innocent, too. He saw the number of scars Jet has and Zuko's huge, hard to ignore one, but hasn't imagined what might have caused them. Sensible. Thinking too hard about that stuff could cause nightmares.
Elf Kid2.0 chapter 118 . 2/18
This is good and well written and I like it a lot. I really like Sokka's thoughts re: scars, and habitsm that is excellent. I am really enjoying this story.

Thank You so much for writing this!
Kawisdom chapter 117 . 2/17
Zuko tries so hard to understand Jet and wants so badly to make things better. Will he be able to reach Jet, though? They're trying, they really are, but there's so much history they've both suffered through.
DAIrinchan chapter 117 . 2/10
This chapter is almost like a breath of fresh air. Things are not entirely terrible! They still suck, but at least Zuko is Understanding Jet a little and trying to help him. The other thing i really like about this chapter is that i’ve never seen another fic address the trauma Zuko must have suffered from having his face burned. I mean, the feelings of betrayal by his father, sure, but never that he might be triggered by his /own/ fire. Thank you for that, truly.
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