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KyliaQuilor chapter 30 . 9/11
Damn Gallus is a dense motherf*cker.

I love these chapters.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/9
Please Update Soon
Guest chapter 30 . 8/3
Look forward to the next chapter
skipper1337 chapter 30 . 7/22
I forgot some things in my review before: The most important part of earth#s success was that they had a stargate, which the Colonials didn't have. They couldn't reproduce Earth's success, since they had no stargate.

Also, respect is earned not automatically given, somethings the Colonials (or at least many of them) seem to forget. You can automatically respect an office or a rank, but that doesn't mean you respect the person holding it. To the Tau'ri, the Colonials are just one more power in the galaxy and as such are to be judged by their actions, nothing more, nothing less. One that has a lot of potential and certainly a premier power concerning equally advanced civilizstiond, but in the overall sheme of things they are a secondary power at best right now. If they get proper shields, hyperdrives and energy weapons, they will make a giant leap towards equality, but not as they are now, something few are able to admit to themselves right now, even if they know it is intellectually true.

What Merrin said to Adar and his wife is very true, just as what Daniel told him in the TV interview. they acted as school bullies towards the Race, because they could and were then slapped down by the Tollanians.

The real irony is of course that the Race will have no intention to trade with the Colonials for a VERY long time and given the vast Tylium deposits they possess which the Colonias so desperately need...

Also in the second to last paragraph, I think you meant Nagala instead of Horton as Horton stands up and addresses Nagala.
skipper 1337 chapter 30 . 7/20
Good God... what Gladus just said and how the Colonials were ordained by the true gods to lead humanity. That's nearly sickening
He is right that Earth found the gate first, but he forgets how the Tau'ri destroyed the Goa'uld. A lot of luck, but also through surgical strikes dirupting their structure. Remember, the Goa'uld were constantly at war with each other and because of their prospensity to proclaim themselves gods their death destabilized the Goa'uld empires. A god cannot have an heir remember? Then Earth became friends with the Asgard and fell under the PPT, allowing them to destroy the System Lords one by one and encouraging the Jaffa to rebellion.

Maybe the Goa'ld should have reduced Leonis to dust, the forces the came wth to the Colonials was complete overkill.

Didn't he listen to what the Asgard said?

The Goa'uld or rather Anubis knew about the Race and that they played a role in the creation of the Kull Warriors (indirectly)? That is an interesting thought.

But about the Horus Guard, didn't they encounter them in the original movie as the guards of Ra on Abydos?

About the Wraith, weren't the disclosed earlier to the Vice-President? Hasn't he sent that information to Goesel?

Funny to see Livia thinking of the Tau'ri still as the Apellai, not to mention that the second convert must have been priestess Cathrena?

The reason why the Tau'ri respect the Race more than the Colonials. 1.: The Race didn't threaten to nuke the world 2.: The attitude of the Colonials towards the Tau'ri at the beginning. 3:There has been no shooting war between both powers and 4.:The Colonials invasion of the Race.

What the Colonials (or at least many of them) don't understand, is that the Colonials are to the Tau'ri like any other civilization in the galaxy and will be judged as such. Demanding respect because they are the Colonials won't work.

What Gladus either forgets or does not want to acknowledge at the moment, is that until the Colonials get shielding, energy weapons and a faster FTL they are a second-rate power at the moment. They have a lot of potential and against civilizations of equal technology they are a threat, but compared to Tollanian, Tau'ri or Goa'uld technology they are vastly outclassed.

Indeed, I am still somewhat amazed how the Tau'ri opened up a dialogue with them . If Earth had invaded and conquered them after their actions in the Sol system, the Colonies could have hardly complained.

Giving the UCW the location of the Supergate could be a game-changer and buy them a lot of goodwill. As of now the Astorath and UCW are reacting to incursions or invasions from those aliens. With the Supergate it'd allow the allied forces to go on the offensive, by destroying their original power base, leaving their forces here in the Milky Way stranded and unable to be reinforced from the outside.
aDarkOne chapter 30 . 7/19
If only Astartea knew that the secret to the Tau'ri's success was the greatest power of all, Character Shields :)

Seriously SG1 and Earth as a whole were just ridiculously lucky throughout the series.
Guest chapter 30 . 7/13
Please update soon
Guest chapter 30 . 6/26
Please update soon
Juan chapter 30 . 5/23
I've lost interest in the story.
celtcath74 chapter 30 . 5/21
GriffonSpade chapter 30 . 5/20
Well, at least /some/ of the Colonial leadership have some sense. However, I'm a bit confused at the choice to have canine Horus guards (Horus is an Eagle god; Ra and Heru'ur's Horus guards have that eagle-helmet), and have Anubis be the god of serpents (Apep/Apophis is the serpent god, and Anubis the jackal god).
aletan marxan chapter 30 . 5/17
Something disgusting is going to hit the fan, at least for the Colonias. Crear chapter.
thor94 chapter 30 . 5/17
Good chapter.
So look the colonial council is divided about revealing the supergate and information about the unknown cybernetic ennemy, but the majority think it would be suicidal and will likely doom the galaxy to hide it.
Hope the president will do the wise choice and reveal what they found, especially with the fact that the Terrans could tell them they know about the Wraiths, and mostly defeated them (or at least on the verge to win their war against these space vampires)
Arekanderu chapter 30 . 5/17
I can’t wait to see the Colonials expressions when they learn what the Wraith are
Guest chapter 30 . 5/16
Thank you Mr. AlbertG
Can’t wait to see what next ?

Wondering what will be the colonists future in this story
But, I think the colonists in your other story desperately need Earth Stargate help

Anything related to Star Trek per intro ? ? ? ?

I like your story “ universe at change “ more
Wishing to see it back please if I may suggest kindly

Good Luck and best regards
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