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Jillian A.K chapter 18 . 5/16
Going to have to stop here. it's bedtime. But I'll post what my thought have been as I read:

I love the way you bring in and meld the different properties, especially the Addams.

"If that riff-raff tries to come after us, I'll shoot 'em in the back! And that goes double for that m***** f***** who calls himself their Dark Lord!" Then things started to get weird. The adults all turned pale … And then things had gotten really weird. Fester began to apologize profusely. Morticia said that the way Fester "pronounced it" may not have attracted "his" attention, since the "t" at the end should have been silent.

Were the children obliviated of what Fester actually said? Because he doesn’t use Voldemort’s name in the narrative, but it sounds like he did from the context. It makes sense if the kids memories’ were altered, of course, so they wouldn’t be tempted to say the name themselves. (Never mind. Just read Ch. 17)

I like the interaction between Maisie and Matt. It feels very real. Poor Matt. He just wants to make a good impression, and he keeps putting his foot in it. And he was so brave to defend her from the snakes! I don’t know if I agree that other places would be as prejudiced against parseltongues as in Britain, though. Another HP fic pointed out that Britain only has 3 species of snake, whereas India had over 270, so parseltongues may be far more common there and more readily accepted. Plus they wouldn’t have the personal history of the founder’s causing them to be prejudiced, either.

"Adam and Janelle Stephens. Janelle Stephens, nee Facilier, is a mudblood - that much is true – but she is one of those rare mudbloods who can prove her magical lineage.” - How? (Never mind. Just read Ch. 11.)

“… his mother is Samantha, whose own parents are none other than Maurice and Endora - Endora! Do you really want Endora for an enemy, Dolores? Her reputation is too well known!” - You know you’re famous when all they need to use is your first name, and they still know who you are! But does Endora really not have a canonical last name?

"These are the children the Stephenses are claiming to be their own.” - This gives me chills. What a frightening concept!

Shmoon - never heard of them. Had to google. The only Lil Abner I ever heard of was a stage play where my sister played the statue, lol. (Jubilee T. Cornpone)

"And here we are, Maisie. Fourteen years later, and we still don't have any idea what Storybrooke is, why it is here, or what the person from the Enchanted Realms who is apparently responsible – a powerful witch named Regina Mills – even wants . . . ." - Now I want to see a story set when Storybrooke starts becoming ‘active’ for lack of a better word, eg. when Henry is adopted (and Michael and John try to kidnap him on Pan’s orders), and if the FBS or whoever figure out Emma and August are from the Enchanted Forest or what they make of Emma going into Storybrooke… Though I guess they will simply take a hands-off approach, at least until the Black Fairy is defeated… Will they ever make Regina face justice for what she did to Owen and his dad?

"We'll need a wizard around to keep us safe until your father and Mr. Stephens get back." - This line bothered me. I was always under the impression that JKR’s world had gender equality (notwithstanding calling it the 'Wizarding' World). But it makes sense, IMO, that it’s only in the mundane world, where men physically out muscle women, that gender inequality came into being. But magical folks don’t base their power on physical prowess. In-universe, wizards and witches are equally powerful, magically. So they don’t have the same gender inequality issues we have.

What’s the significance of a white feather? I mean, I mostly get it from context. Some sign of dissatisfaction. But I’m curious about the thing, specifically.

Years later, when Adam retold the tale for the umpteenth time, he could not resist embellishing the narrative a bit. ". . . and then I said to him, "Is that wizard enough for you, asshole . . . ?" But at the moment, Adam had no words, other than to run over to his son, ask him if he was alright, and then giving him a quick "thanks" and pat on the back for saving his life with his fastball. - Love it! And how the others do the same, lol. The only one who said something is the ones who doesn't want to talk about it.

"The problem is that your Greatgran Endora sees What's-His-Face as a little punk not worth her trouble," said Adam. "Oh, she won't let him hurt us, if he tries. But mages like Endora and the Sorcerer Supreme won't go out of their way to go after him, either." - That doesn’t sound right. I realize they can’t go after every bad guy ever and it isn’t Endora’s particular responsibility to go after bad guys at all. But I think they still have a moral responsibility to go after people like that. I will always be grateful for the Righteous Among the Nations who saved so many, even though they were breaking the law and risking their lives to do so. Endora and Stange wouldn’t be doing either. Indifference can be a sin, too. I realize you don’t want to mess with canon. But couldn’t the reason they don’t go after him be that they can’t mess with Destiny, and it’s Riddle’s Destiny to be defeated by Harry? Or something other than laziness or indifference? There are thousands of lives being impacted, here. Even aside from the treats Britain's defenseless muggles are under.
Katescats chapter 20 . 4/5
Hi that was a good story.
Monster King chapter 20 . 7/14/2020
Bronze chapter 6 . 8/9/2018
I'm still hopeful of there being some action in the next chapter. So far these chapters seem more like fillers then anything else.
Bronze chapter 5 . 8/9/2018
Things should, I hope, start to get more interesting in the next chapter or two. Now I totally understand why Umbitch is so interested in Maisie. As a snake speaker she would be. I'm sure Umbitch would also love to have Harry Potter in one of her interrogation rooms because he is also. As well as being her master's enemy.
Bronze chapter 4 . 8/9/2018
Well, the Death Eaters and their Pureblood followers were never known for their high intelligence levels. They have no concept of the damage to their own economy they're doing. Soon they'll start to get very hard up for cash what with all the accounts the Goblins have frozen and how they're sinking their economy. Then there's the point where other countries refuse to deal with them. If nobody's buying what you're selling, you've got a whole lot of nothing coming in. Let's see Riddle run a country when he can't pay anyone for anything as he has no money. That's where he and his moronic followers are heading at light speed! And unfortunately, it could take decades to straighten everything out once Riddle is truly dead.
Bronze chapter 3 . 8/9/2018
Well this explains how the toad woman of England ran afowl of Endora. Let's see, Adam is the son of Samantha and Darrin. Sam being a different type of magic user then Harry Potter. So I guess that Adam marrying a wanded witch means that their children will be wand users as well. I think I'm beginning to see how the toad ran afowl of Endora. Poor, poor toad woman from England. She's about to face someone so far beyond her Dark Lord as there is no way to compare them power wise.
Bronze chapter 2 . 8/9/2018
You want to prevent magical accidents like this, it's simply really. Do a better job of stopping the bullies!
Bronze chapter 1 . 8/9/2018
Umbitch is about to step into something so deep she'll never find the bottom! She and the rest of Riddle's moronic followers are not even in the same reality as Samantha and her type of witches and Warlocks! GOD only knows what'll happen to those fools once they piss off Endora! Mother has quite the temper which runs hot and cold. Hot and you'll likely survive but nowhere near what you were. Cold and the fun has just begun. Best way to put it is "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! " those words from Gringotts entry, Endora is the personification of them! Hope and pray you never manage to piss off Daddy! He makes Endora look like a timid little kitten!
jedijeff chapter 1 . 7/4/2018
Great story, I'm hoping you decide to expand this AU with more stories. I'd love to see an undercover mission by Wednesday Addams where she ends up being at Gringots too recover money for American and British wizards who's accounts have been frozen, on the day a certain trio make a visit to the the Lastrange vault. I'm almost sure that Gringots doesn't want to anger an old, and Rich family like the Addams family, please let me know if you need anything to help you write such a story
Fast Frank chapter 12 . 4/24/2017
Actually, international flights arrive at Kennedy.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/4/2017
excellent story
Guest chapter 20 . 12/14/2016
Congratulations on a great finale to a fun adventure!
GlaringEyes chapter 20 . 12/14/2016
Congratulations for another great HP side story! Side stories are my favorite kind of fanfic, extra cookies if they are crossovers. And the cameo of Marilyn Munster was just the icing on the cake (I've always seen the Munster family as an expy of the Addamses).

I can definitely see Snape watching the Breakfast Club. In 'Portkey to the Realm', you even mentioned his liking of Led Zepellin. Makes me wonder what would his students have thought if they knew their 'dark' professor's preference for muggle entertainment.

Endora just taught the Death Eaters a much overdue lesson, but her time traveling skills threw the plot a bit off the rails. JK Rowling herself admitted that time travel is quite tricky to handle, for the Time Turner in the third book raised a few plot inconsistencies. Anyway, it was nothing that affected your overall work. Looking forward to your future works!
horacethepig chapter 20 . 12/14/2016
A superb ending to your story, promising hope for the future. And Endora is right - Delores Umbridge would never understand..." Sorry, no spoilers. Just read the chapter!
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