Reviews for Team 7's Ascension: Lines in the Sand
Guest chapter 20 . 9/16
I really hope u decide to write a part 3 one day
darklight66 chapter 20 . 9/16
overall these 2 naruto fic you have wrote are my favourate ones i have read i really hope you write a part 3 at some point
Paul is Jesus chapter 13 . 9/13
will Han be included?
Amogo21 chapter 20 . 8/17
I loved this story just as much as I loved Blood Wings. I imagine it is difficult to write about a convincing new country but it was perfect in the story. I liked how you wrote about the occupation of the Wind Country and not just the conquest. Even though I’m not a great fan of OCs, yours were present without being too omnipresent for the plot. Just a question though, did Temari really betray team 7 and if that’s the case, why was’nt she punished for treason ?

Amogo21, from Belgium (even though I’m French)
cannibal27 chapter 20 . 8/17
Eil you are a fucking amazing eriter. I love this piece, a lot. My only complaint is that I’m still not sure if Temari actually betrayed team 7 in the final battle or if they were found some other way. Also this isn’t a complaint but I don’t know if I love or hate how you want to give your characters the shittiest luck ever. Well anyway if you want to write a part 3, please do, I’ll read it, others will read it, I’ll probably cry over it. Anyway, peace.
Kalvin Houzer chapter 5 . 7/31
Your Team 7 is good and make sense. They think like children when it comes to their team. They don't see the bigger picture. That is what make sense for them. They are teenagers and all. Nice story. Glad i found it. Thanks for writing something good to read.
Eriyon chapter 20 . 7/26
This is honestly THE most well written, deep, mindblowing fanfiction that I have ever read. I just didn't want it to end, I really can not thank you enough for sharing both part one and two of this amazingly, unique, beautiful story. Just thank you and wow I'm just so happy.( and just so you know I've been reading fanfiction for a good decade now.) truly outstanding work.
Pillowism chapter 1 . 7/22
I’m so very glad that you fixed the unnecessary usage of ō and ū, I’d just wish you’d extend it to the ones that also matter. In any matter, I love this story and the realism it portrays. This dark, gruesome, heartbreaking, daunting and attractive take on Naruto is great to see and is a breath of fresh air.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/13
Hope to see a third book!
Vaanarash chapter 20 . 6/15
So, found this story earlier this week, read the 1st chapter before realizing it was a sequel, then started Blood Wings and read all the way through both.

Overall, great couple of stories, arguably the most realistic war stories I've read in the Naruto fandom, particularly in the way that things go wrong despite Konoha's best efforts. It reminds me of a line from a British mini series about WW1 where an experienced soldier says to a new guy "that's the problem with you young men, you've never fought a war before, so you forget that there's another army fighting this one as well. We won't always have things our own way". Too many fanfics have someone do something different and don't actually have the other side react to those changes.

I liked both the different skillsets and more competent attitudes that you gave Team 7, while still having them not just make mistakes, but downright stupid mistakes. I'd actually hoped that that was your intention when you split them up and put Naruto under Danzo's leadership, was that however much they might hate the guy, that they'd learn the valuable lessons he was trying to impart on them. Sadly, it seemed to me that they refused to learn those lessons out of arrogance and sheer spite at times.

On the subject of their skillsets, I did find that to at times be very erratic. In one chapter the 3 of them are overrun by 15 Chuunin. In another, Sasuke and Sakura take on what I'd assume to be elite members of the Wind Daimyo's guard with little problem, then in another chapter Sasuke and Naruto take on the entire rebel army and not only survive, but are able to then go toe to toe with 3 or 4 S rank ninja afterwards, then manage to assasinate another with ease.

And on that topic, I loved your portrayal of Danzo, as it's rare to see him shown as anything other than a cheesy cartoon villain or power hungry warmonger. That said, I was surpised by how quickly they turned on Danzo. Yes, they had just found out that Danzo had a ton of Sharingan that he could only have gotten from the Uchiha Massacre. At best, that made him a fucked up, but still loyal shinobi(honestly, what does everyone think Konoha did with all of those Sharingan? Destroyed them out of respect for the dead?) at worst it made him a grave robber. But he was still a man who had literally not just saved their lives, but used those Sharingan to bring Team 7 back from the dead. The fact that they turned on him so easily was not only surprising, but seemed rushed.

Those two things aside, I well and truly enjoyed this story, and would love to see another sequel. There's plenty of plot threads left for another fic or two.

Peace, Vaan.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7
I appreciate the respect Hiruzen gets in this fic. He is capable of so much more than people portray, even at this age.
TheGenral chapter 20 . 6/1
honestly this sequel awas very lack luster and team 7 didnt realy set them selves apart
CapriSunnyD chapter 1 . 5/13
Somewhere along the lines the legendary "Team 7" became just another team. In the first story you went on and on about how they are supposed to be the next legends, they will take on much harder missions and enemies, and that they would be a level above their generation. What happened to all of that? They have become almost so generic that it is hard to tell them apart from other run-of-the-mill chunin. They have zero uniqueness.

Naruto can use suiton like Tobirama! Well who cares? Other than being used almost exclusively as a way to drink water, it has been borderline useless. Sasuke can use a sword and has some medical knowledge now! Who cares? He has been gimped for nearly a year and has lostmost of what made him Sasuke. Sakura can... she can do some stuff! What exactly is Sakura's roll in this story? She can do genjustu pretty well and is kind of smart. She is so basic that it is painful.

They have had so long to be better but they feel so meh. You have other characters from their generations that have caught up or surpassed them already. Everyone seems to be moving forward but your main 3 characters, which is ridiculous with what you've made them go through.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/24
Aaaaaaa please continue this ITS SO GOOD.

Your work is very much appreciated. :)
Guest chapter 20 . 4/16
This story has been a truly amazing read cant wait to read the next 1
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