Reviews for The Unfallen Strike : Walking in the Wake of Nightmare
Magna Est Vis Consuetudinis chapter 1 . 6/27/2016
You have something great in the works here. Keep it up!
Umanso chapter 1 . 4/23/2016
Nogui chapter 2 . 4/13/2016
You made Iruka into a version of that really unlucky guy in OSABC.

Me: "hundred and fifty degrees?! how the hell is there any liquid water? oh wait...LogicalPremise is american, right "*opens google converter*

Orochimaru, on Naruto's side? Ha, let's do some bets for how long that will last.
Nefer Ka Re chapter 1 . 4/13/2016
Globe-in-wings: UN emblem with laurels misinterpreted?
Alexeij chapter 2 . 4/12/2016
All Hail to Kushina, revealer of mysteries!

No offense, but this felt a bit like a filler chapter. I mean, it put the first chapter's findings into context and moved the story forward, but much of what Naruto says to Hinata and what he discusses with Sasuke we already know. The mention of sages as the only ones able to survive I think it's new though. Will Naruto's clones man the ship?

That said, really liked the particulars you put here and there (genjutsu TV!). Of course, Oro is hardly a 'particular', and his dismissal of mere Jutsu in favor of true knowledge is very IC, but from Naruto's words we can see how much the word has changed underneath the curtain of apparent 'canon-compliance'.

Also, did Shizune inherit her sensei's brand of disastrous luck? Come on, that was cruel.

I wonder if natural chakra works the same as you explained in the Sannin piece. Since Oro's perfect Edo Tensei needs natural chakra to be maintained in the long run (unless I read that wrong), do the seals block only chakra manipulation but leave the passive absorption untouched?

It's always good to see more of your Narutoverse. I'm biased because it's my current interest, but I hope your pause from OSABC will continue a bit while longer :)

- Alexeij
Nogui chapter 1 . 3/11/2016
I never showed interest in your Naruto fanfics, but this might just turn me around. If you're gonna "OSABC" the Narutoverse, the result can only be bittersweat epic.

That natural chakra thing is confusing. So, natural chakra was depleted by the old tech, and the current normal chakra is "alien" chakra? Does that mean that pre-civilization human ancestors had natural chakra just like the frogs?! *mindblown*

(And that moon colony. Five bucks says there will be a landing party from it, led by a Manswell. HUEHUEHUE)
Necronicus chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
I assume, when the people see the Narutoverse-Darkness; it would likely make Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Beast look like tandrum child against a spaceship or Reaper.

I can't find for the Shinobis to discover the rows - of rusted mechs, armored battlesuits, or the deadly of-fuck-heck nuclear warheads.

Maybe a few humans, returning from the moon colony? Oh boy, that would likely make crap-pants moment, especially if these humans are lead by a Manswell..xD.
Demosthenes2211 chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
Very awesome stuff. I both want you to continue this and don't so you can focus on OSABC.
Seven Seven chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
I have never read Naruto and I doubt I ever will, but this document is interesting and intriguing enough that I am really looking forward to you begining this new series.
Alexeij chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
First thing first, that you found in yourself the patience and skill to integrate and recycle the bombastic movie material is worth of real praise.

Secondly, I have actually taken notes to write the review, which is a first.

Sooo, this is an after-War report. And no mention of Madara is made, nor of a second coming of the God-Tree. Only of the Rabbit Princess. Which indeed makes me think that this Uchiha is indeed less of a flashy show-off and more a cunning Shinobi. Also, the writing hand is either from Konoha or whoever is the Hokage holds ample sway over the Shinobi Alliance. Which in turn presents the question of how much individual authority each Kage and Daimyo holds into the Alliance, seeing that the Hokage ordered to mobilize the Donketsu gado-ryoku (what is that by the way?) to secure the Ama no Yoko without previously informing the rest of the ruling body.

The Ama no Yoko - GodTree link has me wonder. If the GodTree kept growing and filtering chakra even after the device was shut down, it follows that more demonic chakra kept flowing through. What happened to it in the next thousand years after the GodTree was banished along with Kaguya? Could it be that the Bijus are some sort of continuously growing sponges with lingering filtering capabilities? In canon, and I shudder to even bring it up, the Nine were indeed the components of the GodTree, so it seems feasible. But what happened when the Ama no Yoko was briefly reactivated then? Was another hole drilled in the heavens? What happened to the demonic chakra that clouded the sky?

Also, the GodTree lowered the world temperature to beginning and it's still going down. Does it mean it's still somewhat active (maybe through the Biju?)

So the 'possibility too horrifying to ponder' Danzo tries to avoid is the coming of the Naruto-Darkness, which like the original is not essentially evil? Do I see self-quoting in the higher order mathematics that gives shivers to Fuinjutsu masters studying it? ;)

The Moon Colony, Oro, the Zero-Tails and the Temples are all things I have rambling ideas about, and for the latter two not enough foreshadowing was present (that I could see at least).

About the Moon Colonies, the invisible hand leaving the notes was denigrating them as freaks (radiation? Inbreeding? Self-experimentation?) but they must have means of communication (and maybe a shuttle, whose reactor was disassembled for the Ama no Yoko?). Means that didn't suffer from lack of computers, advanced electronics and pretty much everything beyond steam tech. Could it still be working? Has it anything to do with Orochimaru's experiment on long-range communication you mentioned somewhere?

Oro himself is indeed still alive after kicking Hiruzen... Big Surprise ;D Seriously, I liked how mentions of him really make him the Nation-Level threat and Genius canon failed to portray him beyond his Eye-Obsession. He tampered with the Zero-Tails (Demon-Sky ungodly experiments? A 'blueprint' made by the Sage to 'build' the Nine upon? Another denizen of the Beyond?), he went beyond the Historical Myths the Sage and (his?) Temples spread to kept the horrifying secrets secret and kinda seems to have expounded on his ambition to know all Jutsu by searching for the origin of it all. Sweet.

Religion is also something I personally find difficult to integrate into the Naruto-verse. Not to see it present, but in which form. From what little I could glean (which is probably completely mistaken) the Temples remind me of Asimov's Techno-Priests in the Eternity (?) saga, only more about keeping the truth secret than dealing with maintenance and development.

Overall, in less than 6k words you managed to hint at a thousand different things and at the same time fleshing out many ways small and big you have changed the Naruto-verse from canon. The chapter doesn't suffer too much from the weight of collateral information you give (personally speaking, the more the merrier!) because in the end it all focuses and revolves around the report's subject. Whenever another chapter is coming I'd like to see something more about the Pre-Shinobi Alliance Period, both on the origin of the Elemental Nations and on the nature of the relationship between the Daimyos' government, the Shinobi Villages and the Temples. Of course, more Oro is always great, but I'll understand if you want to save his awesomeness for later (sigh sob). I guess that the Hidden Snakes' reports will start once the main story is underway?

As a side note, Danzo's mention of the past civilization trying to channel chakra into eye powers (chapter 8 of FRR I think?) are still valid? Did he intend the pre or post Apocalypse civilization?

Sorry for the length and the rambling nature of it all.
Yoholic chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
This is beautiful. You are really good at world building.
R3qu13m0f50ul5 chapter 1 . 3/9/2016
same rule applies here: earn your happy ending cannot be possible
Katkiller-V chapter 1 . 3/9/2016
I really rather like this, even if I've never seriously watched Naruto before. I love stories like this where modern people are technologically inferior to their ancestors, but not so much as to think of tech as magic, instead recognizing it for what it was.

Even if there aren't going to be updates for a while, will look forwards to them all the same.