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PastOneonta chapter 56 . 9/17
Welcome back! You are very busy! This was a great chapter! I liked the idea of Emma and Killian eloping, it fit them and their style. But because there are no secrets in Storybrooke word got out, from Anna's speculation to MM and now everyone will be participating. The thoughtful gifts and efforts to keep it simple are very nice, the gifts particularly are special. So Emma and Killian will have the wedding they want and their friends will be there for them. This is lovely. Thank you for coming back to it. And as always, hoping you can finish the others when you have a chance.
Anaica chapter 56 . 9/11
I'm so glad this chapter came out. It's perfect and sweet and just awww. Of course Emma is going to have people at her wedding. It's storybrooke, nothing stays a secret for long. Can't wait for the next chapter.
multifandomshipper92 chapter 56 . 9/10
Awwww i cant wait for the wedding! Im glad at least emma isnt upset they pretty much crashed her small wedding xD hopefully you show the vows lol cause i will cry if u do
Ness fan 01 chapter 56 . 9/9
How did they think their friends wouldn't find out? I was surprised that they all actually got involved despite knowing Emma's wishes. But I guess I shouldn't have been - they are so close. At least they haven't interfered too much. Killian and Emma will certainly appreciate not having to go to Neal's wedding. I'm glad you found some time in your hectic life to give us another chapter. Thank you.
Andria chapter 56 . 9/9
Loved how everyone found out and am ecstatic over the fact that Liam is performing the ceremony cannot wait to read more to see it all happen
princesseslikepirates chapter 55 . 7/6
I loved Killian's proposal. If he's going to go through with this surgery, Emma needs to be beside him as his wife.
PastOneonta chapter 55 . 7/5
I love the conclusion of this chapter. It was sweet to see Killian unrelenting, "marry me", because they should and they want to and all the festivities of a wedding can still happen. Lovely, and I was happy Emma said "Yes".

I was surprised at Liam Jr.'s sudden appearance and apology. But not surprised that Liam Sr. punched him. Now they need to talk and we will find out exactly what Liam Jr. was thinking. There might be a friendly reunion. Or at least a reunion of all the brothers.

The school is a big venture, Killian's hesitation is understandable. It's nice to see Emma support him with whatever decision he makes. Including the decision re: his father.

Thanks for the update! Enjoying this!
Anaica chapter 55 . 7/4
Those crazy Jones boys. Please don't let anything happen to Liam! The HIPPA person, lol. I love the idea and plan of the school. Can't wait to see it up and running. The ending get to this chapter was so sweet.
andria chapter 55 . 7/2
shocked that younger liam showed up but glad they are both ok so hope MM and Killian go through with this school thing loved the ending and cannot wait to see that happen
Ness fan 01 chapter 55 . 7/2
Thanks for the update. Wow, a lot left up in the air for next chapter. I don't know if I want Killian to be a donor or not. I guess it's the honorable thing to do and so he probably will. Brennan really doesn't deserve his help though. Hopefully younger Liam will behave himself on Killian's ship. I'm wondering if the courthouse wedding will be secret from everyone. Love your story.
HookandSwan chapter 55 . 7/2
Ahh the cuteness :))) such a lovely story it's a marvel.
multifandomshipper92 chapter 55 . 7/1
Im not crying your crying...ughh both Liams! Have me and elsa worried sick and then Killy i dont want him doing the surgery just the thought of something happening to him is making me tear! :'( besides that i love loveee the cute moments with cs and frozen jewel and snowing3! Thanks for updating i really love this story :)
Anaica chapter 54 . 6/20
So sorry I stopped reviewing every chapter. this story is so amazing. The characters are perfect. Bringing up emma and Henry's need for pop tarts was awesome. I wanted Hans to be the villian but I guess that was the obvious choice. Interesting take with it being Liam 2.0 instead. Now that Killian is a match, what is he going to do? Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Guilt doesn't sit well with him.
Anaica chapter 23 . 6/1
Yeah Neal is the jerk of the story, love the character in the show but in most fan fiction he's the perfect person to play the jerk when we are all rooting for Killian and Emma. It just happens.
Anaica chapter 22 . 6/1
I totally feel you about Robin, I cried. In this story, he has terrible timing but it was cute.
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