Reviews for Music of the Heart
aestheticedits58 chapter 3 . 7/10
This is fantastic!
greenicee12 chapter 59 . 2/20
I love this story! Gotta know if Killian is okay
Guest chapter 59 . 2/20
Sigh Killian...has to make everyone worry more. Great update
thecaptainswan chapter 59 . 2/18
Yey! After 4 days I catched up to this! There is so many amazing things about this fic and your writing is excellent.

I hope you update regularly and I'm glad that your mom is now cancer free. Xx
CSColifer Fan chapter 59 . 2/18
This has been such a good story to read. I really hope that he's ok. Update soon please. Thanks.
Anaica chapter 59 . 2/13
Omg, I'm ready to cry. Please let him be okay!
Andria chapter 59 . 2/12
First off I am so glad that you're mom is ok. That is such awesome news about her being cancer free. I really hope killian is going to be ok and found it very touching that everyone was there for her and I thought that younger Liam being there was a nice addition as well I loved the fact that ruby and mm being there for Emma was so awesome I can't wait to read more and see killian recover
Ness fan 01 chapter 59 . 2/12
The anxiety in this chapter hit me hard. But then your own story — that was even harder — because it’s real. I’m so glad your mother is ok now. And your story is wonderful. Thank you for the update.
multifandomshipper92 chapter 59 . 2/12
Okay so im crying right now...i mean doctors are really stupid though how do u accidentally puncture the lung? Like what the hell i would have been pissed i mean i am for Emma and killian...but if it happened in real life i would have been so angry...also killian you pain in the ass you better get better damn it. Also thanks for updating and glad your mother is cancer free now :)
PastOneonta chapter 59 . 2/12
Oh my I have tears. Hopes and prayers for your mother.

It is a sweet sentiment to write Emma with MM and Ruby for the next phase of surgery and recovery. Killian will be well, but the anxiety just doesn't go away. So they have to wait. I am still pleased that Killian did this for his father. It is the right thing to do and it's true to Killian's nature.

I did laugh at a few points. I laughed at Robin and his terrible never ending story comparing retching to inner strength. He meant well, and I love Robin but it was a bad analogy. Liam was funny too, in response, he's just so dry and direct. I laughed at Anna as a crazy pregnant lady. I felt bad for Neal and his search for Tallahassee. I loved that he brought Henry to the hospital before Henry had a chance to use his credit card and call a cab. Fun references to Season 1! I like Elsa and Liam planning write a lullaby. Maybe Killian will come back to music.

Where is Regina? Hoping Killian and Brennan recover, loookng forward to reading about it with the next update.
HookandSwan chapter 59 . 2/12
Aw I’m glad your mum is cancer free. My dad also had lung cancer two years ago and Monday is a year since he passed. so I know how hard it must of been.
Ness fan 01 chapter 58 . 11/21/2017
Calm before the storm? I do hope the surgery goes well, or are we going to find out something strange as a result of all those tests? Thanks for the update.
Anaica chapter 58 . 11/20/2017
Still in love with this story. Love everything about it. Can't wait to read more.
Andria chapter 58 . 11/19/2017
Love their married life I really hope killian is ok after the surgery and look forward to more of this story I also hope that Liam stops blaming himself and I kinda think Emma should go out on her own as a producer
PastOneonta chapter 58 . 11/19/2017
Lovely chapter! I am curious and maybe worried about all the tests on Killian. I understand testing for his health and organ compatibility but I wonder if the doctors have found something else. I am worried about Regina's attitude towards Emma. She is re-assigning Emma's clients. Why? Emma hasn't failed to perform in any way and marriage isn't going to make her a slacker. I don't want to see more stress for Emma, though she can handle a lot and still be successful. I liked the scene of Liam talking to Killian in the hospital. They are in a good relationship and they understand one another, even if they don't always agree.

Enjoying this, thank you for continuing, looking forward to the rest.
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