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aomagrat chapter 116 . 6/26
I'm glad to see that Chief Latran has overcome his animosity towards Nick and Judy. Al's talk with his son almost had me feeling sorry for him. Then he had to go and snatch Mama Wilde, reminding me that he's still a heartless murderer. Nick is going to kill him. Another great chapter as usual!
Tony Moonstone chapter 116 . 6/26
Thanks for the new chapter.
Yes, I agree that Al saying goodbye to his family was good to do.
Also nice that the duo made if with Chief they so despised.
Cant wait for what happens next.
Keep writing and I'll continue reading!
J Shute chapter 116 . 6/26
We're in the endgame now... Al's angry and not backing down on his plan, while also getting poor Mrs Wilde for some blackmailing. That's going to cause plenty of drama when he plays it.

And I somehow think that after this is all over Nick might have a new goal in life...

Things are getting tense. Good chapter.
wildefox25 chapter 116 . 6/26
Oohohoho, getting even more serious now!
I'm glad Latran had a change of heart.
It's sometimes hard to choose which side to support when it comes to the social change brought up here. However it is easy to disagree with Al's plans of how to go about it. Even when his loved ones disagree, he still does it.
The reflection of current events is a big coincidence and helps put this in perspective.
Really hyped for what you've got planned! Loving it, keep it up!
seakard chapter 116 . 6/26
Same review here as for clean version.
Wildefan23 chapter 116 . 6/26
I can't wait for the next chapter, and oh boy when Nick finds out they have his mother. What is he gonna do?
imjustlikehumphery chapter 116 . 6/26
Great chapter upplet, keep it up! I know Delgato will be fine with time of course but now Nick and Judy along with most of the ZPD precincts are out to find Al. To be perfectly honest I feel zero sympathy for him for bein forced to leave his empire after all this is over although it's gonna be in the back of a ZPD cruiser or armored vehicle if Nick, Judy and the task force have anything to say about it. Speakin of Nick if what just happened gets to his ears he's gonna have that much more motivation to find Al. I know he loves his mom so it would stand to reason that he doesn't wanna see her get hurt. Not sure how Al thinks that Nick will be the key to all of this though even after mammalnappin his mom. I gotta feelin that Nick will hear about this sooner rather than later given that one of Olivia's, Nick's mom, coworkers just called in to report a mammalnappin along with who she knows got napped. All I gotta say to Al is ya better watch ur back cause Nick along with Judy and the other precincts are comin for ya to put either a bullet in ur head as it could be in Nick's case or behind bars which it could be for Nick along with everyone else on the task force. Can't wait for the next chapter!
TeiOuja chapter 116 . 6/25
That section where Al Catpone talks to his family on the phone is one of the most beautifully-written scenes I've ever read in a fanfic. Most stories dealing with this character would try making excuses for him, saying that the ends justify the means. But in this story, you make it very clear that while his intentions are noble, his methods alienate the people around him. That is the mark of a great antagonist.
Dirtkid123 chapter 116 . 6/25
I started to cry at Al’s goodbye to his son.. aaaaaaah.. this is so amazing..
Tony Moonstone chapter 115 . 6/25
Been awhile since I have reviewed this story, and I’m happy how the story has been since then.
I’m looking forward to the story finally being completed, and then and only then will I reread the story in it’s entirety.
When of the best Zootopia stories ever made.
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Take care and stay safe
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 100 . 6/20
why do i have a feeling that bringing Harlan and Mary together went a little too smooth?
i only can hope for the best, that this couple will have a bright future.
on the other hand, it would be a great plottwist.
either Harlan or Mary could be the spy.
and Judy & Nick have to figure out which of them is the traitor.
or i just fantasyse too much and it was just the mole-guy. XD

and we finally got the big plan of Al Catpone! does sound realistic enough.
but did he consider the posebility that after the mammals of "happy town" teared down the government, that they dont intend to create a new one?
maybe it comes even to a fight between the civilian predators and the mob predators?
lets see how far he will come... :)
DrummerMax64 chapter 113 . 6/20
Oh boy, now THIS is a fight I've been waiting for ever since the Deciduous District! The epic rematch is finally here, and if their last tussle is anything to go by, both of these ladies won't be holding anything back to make sure they end up as the victor. It does lead me to wonder if their fight will attract the attention of the other mammals in the precinct, so if that happens then Judy might get the upper hand. We can't underestimate Lucy though. She'll be going for the jugular, figuratively and quite possibly literally too!

I'm actually quite surprised by the boldness of Catpone's plan here as well. We saw earlier that he didn't take any satisfaction in offing Doug, but he did that to ensure his ambitions for the city come to fruition. And if executions figure into that somehow, then assassinations probably will too. Just goes to show how committed Catpone is to his cause, solidifying him as a formidable foe in this story.

Judging from that chapter title, the rain clouds will be kicking up real soon, and this fight is acting as a big catalyst for them. Can't wait to see how intense and action-packed this fight will be compared to the last one between these two contenders.
Pinkroseutena chapter 115 . 6/16
Such good chapter !
Sorry I haven't been fanfiction for a long long time XD
But yeah I'm happy Judy is ok :) and that Lucy and Vlad have come to peace where they can move on with their lives and be happy :) the both suffered so much...

Oh bit nervous what the " surprise" Donnie means o.o
SkylordF chapter 66 . 6/15
I love the build up, the progression and that finisher that will lead into more!
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 99 . 6/15
help out a fellow police sister in need... CHECK!
solving problems in the washroom... CHECK!
making a sheep fall in love with a wolf... in PROGRESS!

thats everything i could hope for in this chapter. XD
now we lean back and see what will happen to the sheep and the wolf.
the next power team for the CPD is just at the start of their future! :D

i wonder what debt Nick will have to collect to convince Harlan to help out Mary. :)
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