Reviews for When Instinct Falls
urfaves chapter 44 . 10/28
Loving how much research went into this! Our author did their homework for sure, everything is fact checked to a t, and we always appreciate a well educated writer. chapter 19 . 10/28
Good thing the batteries in that flashlight were good. Otherwise I think Vlad would have doubled over in laughter.
Nick may have managed to delay the inevitable, but, Judy has set her mind to knowing the truth.
And what a chase scene. Racing at break-neck speed to escape with a bat clinging to the roof h***bent on revenge.
Sweet dreams there Vladdie! chapter 18 . 10/28
Judy just can't stop trying to aide another mammal. The Endangerment Personnel Program, typical government bilge water. I'm surprised Vlad didn't chuckle.
Vlad is proving to be quite the congenial host: admitting to murder along with his motive, revealing connections to other mobs, and to top it all, his intention of ending Nick Wilde.
Cold and calculating just doesn't describe him well enough.
Judy is doing well to control her reactions as, bit by bit, the truth of Nicks dark secret is being forced into the open.
Is Nick really responsible for the death of Fangpyres family? chapter 17 . 10/28
A dark, foreboding castle. I wonder: Was it a centerpiece of nightmares for Nick?
Fangpyre seems quite genteel compared to the brutish Russ and Sprock. The mockery of their captives capped by the parting jab to Nick about his sunglasses.
How long will the the charade of niceties continue, since Judy seems determined to verbally prod their 'host'. chapter 16 . 10/28
Great description of the Nocturnal-District and Judys reaction. Sets a good mental image of the caves interior and how the natural beauty contrasts to the seedier side of it's inhabitants.
The background information given during the drive to the district gives meaning to what would otherwise be mundane and barely worth mentioning.
I get the feeling Russ and Sprock have been working together for awhile. There verbal sparing mimics Nick and Judy quite well.

I couldn't help it, I thought of Kim Possible when nick mentioned 'naked moles'.
urfaves chapter 24 . 10/25
We're now going to note that it is 100% accurate and reasonable for the resolution of the third arc to still be drawn out in this way! Its appreciated that even though the case is over, our author really highlights that some left over feelings still remain, for both of them.
Heavy stuff, and I mean HEAVY stuff has been revealed over the last couple chapters, and it's not something to just be glossed over after the case is over and done, and this chapter honestly shows that in a really subtle but significant way.
urfaves chapter 21 . 10/25
I swear the creators of Zootopia themselves actually collaborated with upplet, because the whole feel of this book is so real it's crazy. I'll say it again: the conflicts are reasonable and the fights aren't overdramatic- each character is developed so nicely and so true- it's almost as if we're watching the sequel!
And the way Nick's past was written is stunning and so creative.
urfaves chapter 14 . 10/25
Okay! Where to start?
I was trying to find a good stopping place to write a nice honest review, and by now, many elements have already developed so this is the perfect place to say-
First off, this is my second time reading this story, and to new readers, yes ! This was worth reading twice.
Second, this is a long book. My go-to stories are all pretty short, but this one somehow made it into my top ten list- and here's why.
The characters are so real. Our author did a wonderful job of preserving Judy and Nick's personalities and building a whole relationship around it.
The beach fight scene: it was so perfect and it shows that really, truly, their relationship isn't flawless! We all knew that they would clash on certain things, they're polar opposites and Nick has his habits and that one scene really shows that. It also shows even though they are polar opposites, they still accepted and loved that about each other.
It was written amazingly, and it made for a beautiful transition in what's to happen next!
Wildemen chapter 118 . 10/24
The payoff was as delicious as I had imagined it to be. Karmic justice for Al, the city is saved, but not without repercussions of a believable sort, and Nick and Judy get a semi happy ending. Definitely bittersweet. I love it. A beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Well, the epilogue at least still remains. I will await its arrival.
YourFriendBastoz chapter 118 . 10/24
Well, that's an interesting closure to the story! Will be interested in what lies ahead. I wonder how will Nick end up after this. Enjoy a rest, you deserve it after writing this long and fun journey.
Comphellong chapter 118 . 10/23
Super climactic chapter! An great finale to a great story. jaja the epilogue has me interested! I can't wait!
J Shute chapter 118 . 10/21
So it seems the story will be going on, with Nick and Judy splitting up. Hmmm... Lots of places that could go, and given that the previous scenes with our wolf and sheep were some of my favourite of this fic, I'll certainly be giving the sequel a go.

As for Nick, lets see where life takes our wheely boy.
myklandrei501 chapter 47 . 10/21
I am sorry I am late I wanted to read this when it is complete but. is Jhon Haddock Captain Archibald Haddock from the Adventures of Tintin?
Wrong Password chapter 118 . 10/18
Well, what an ending, upplet, and congrats on getting all the way! I stumbled on your fic just about four years ago, when it was about thirty chapters long... how quickly it's flown by. It's been a great ride, and it's a shock, really, to see this finally coming to a conclusion. It's been a blast to follow and I'm looking forward to the epilogue and the sequel!
grishjae29a chapter 118 . 10/18
Is it really almost over? I still can't believe it. aaaahhh why can't it go on forevere? I'm gonna miss it so much, your writing has been such an inspiration.
I do like the finale! What a fight! The action is incredible, I love it. I'm glad Nick's mother made it out unscratched, but I guess the same can't be said for Nick, wow. I wonder what will come of the injury. I can't wait to find out in the epilogue!
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