Reviews for Red Mage, Looking For Group
Shadeymankey chapter 12 . 8/11
Daph is a good group member
Shadeymankey chapter 12 . 8/11
You do realize you have set them up to be hufflepuffs right? Or gryffindors i guess, but mostly hufflepuff
Shadeymankey chapter 11 . 8/11
So in your universe the Evans are possibly Slytherin squibs? They can always just learn the ideas of wanded magic and just fake it using their true abilities
Shadeymankey chapter 10 . 8/11
“Ill miss them, but DANG am i glad they will be terrorizing that school and not ME through their puberty,” is what i am imagining this petunia is thinking
Shadeymankey chapter 9 . 8/11
And now i really love iris. I can imagine this being hard to write but it IS fun
Shadeymankey chapter 8 . 8/11
Ooookay this petunis is amazing too
Shadeymankey chapter 7 . 8/11
This vernon is AMAZING
Shadeymankey chapter 5 . 8/11
Okay this hermione is way too depressing. Very well written but SAD
Shadeymankey chapter 4 . 8/11
Oh hope you had ghem protect the luna
Shadeymankey chapter 3 . 8/11
Huh. Well then. Shes a nutter. We need luna ASAP
Shadeymankey chapter 2 . 8/11
Oh. Oh lord this is adorable
Shadeymankey chapter 1 . 8/11
LUNA! Luna the black mage! Lol even though this is years old
Alison92 chapter 8 . 5/13
HANS! Lmao
taranth chapter 12 . 2/16
I know it has been a while for this story, but I hope you continue with it. I’m loving where this is heading.
Gizmo Gear chapter 12 . 1/27 will be missed...those three and whatever companions they gather will be the last thing you witness...
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