Reviews for Red Mage, Looking For Group
Apollimia chapter 11 . 11/12
Oh my God! I Really love this AU! Definitely one of my favorites! I really love what you did with the Dursley. Petunia is so savage ! Hope you update soon! Thank for the wonderful story!
hemotem chapter 11 . 11/7
I love the whole vampire scene, and of course "GIMP STICKS!". I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this, and still get a chuckle out of me just thinking about it.

I also agree the mandatory shopping trip usually sucks big time it is either waaaaay over done every book, quill, trunk, robes, etc, etc, etc... Or it is so filled with garbage that I can hardly get through reading some of them. Even though you did go a bit overboard with the pet shop and the wand shop, but it was alright.

Otherwise an excellent read, I do hope to see more of this in the near future.
AUareAwesome chapter 11 . 11/3
are you going to continue this? It reads very well and it's my favorite iteration of a AU harry potter
pedrokotii chapter 11 . 11/2
Petunia unchained? Yes, please.
Hope there will be new chapters eventually. Seems fun.
Ghouly-Girl chapter 11 . 10/7
Nice twist with Dudley! Really looking forward to the next update.
Sam chapter 11 . 10/3
Yay there's More! Lol loving it. Can't wait for more
Firehedgehog chapter 11 . 10/2
lol, niice
Sunstar Writer chapter 11 . 10/2
Holy hell this story is amazing! I can't wait until you update again, I'm so excited! Petunia is utterly terrifying and u adore what her and been in have managed to turn their children into. Quite honestly I think they are terrifyingly brilliant as a group!
NerdLord2nd chapter 11 . 10/2
So this particular incarnation of femHarry is without a doubt my favorite I have ever read. Considering you have been having your characters sent out to explore other worlds (crossovers) this one really deserves to either find that the universe bowed to her vision of the world (life is a video game variation) or find herself in the Re:Monster world if you are familiar with it.
ABZB13 chapter 11 . 9/25

this is awesome.


If Parselmouthness is heritable in your AU, that implies it was carried by at least one parent of Petunia & Lily...
ABZB13 chapter 6 . 9/25
this is awesome!

FYI, plural of 'Magus' should probably be 'Magi'. I think.
ABZB13 chapter 2 . 9/25
ABZB13 chapter 1 . 9/25


FYI, in the last paragraph, there's a typo, I think you probably meant lightning, not lightening.

Unless FFI has a Flash equivalent?
Regin chapter 11 . 9/23
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/21
Still one of the best stories ever. Please sir may we have some more.
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