Reviews for To Be a King
AtomicLord chapter 1 . 10/19
Wow. No other words. You my dude, or lady, or whatever kind of fish you are, are certainly good at this.
CountBlubber chapter 6 . 12/23/2017 words. My friend decided to show me this piece. And it has filled me with rage.

Its almost like sadomasochism just to endure the first paragraph, let alone the first chapter.

First off, you took the one line from War of Ancients about Deathwing wanting Alex and Ysera as his mate, and just ran with it. Right? He thought that under his madness, by the way.

In his own clarity, he would have never done this. There was a reason why he wanted to "rule". It's because he was right about a lot of things. Night elves would destroy the world. He wasn't wrong on that. Alexstrasza would screw a lot of things over, wasn't wrong on that too. She screwed up so badly, that in order to kill him, it made her entire species functionally extinct! And then it screwed over the planet so much, Sargeras stabbed it!

But Neltharion would never do this. To the dragons he knew for 60 thousand years! To those he called brothers and sisters in arms.

Also, just an FYI...YOU CAN'T CHEAT THE ASPECT OF TIME! Nozdormu is the Time Lord of Time Lords!

Deathwing never wanted to harm them, let alone beat them within an inch of death in canon. The guy was suffering from a mental illness brought on by the Old Gods. He's not evil, he's just sick!

And just a little note. Considering all the time Alexstrasza spent with Neltharion, him acting as her right hand, his voice as good as hers, leaning upon his strength, in many ways she saw him as her king in all but title. If he wanted so much to be her king, she would have granted it. It's why she took his fall so hard. Because she actually loved him, even if he never showed that emotion in return. He already would have had her, there is no need for this.

And don't get me started about Malygos. Did you even read the lines they spoke? He doesn't deserve this. He never deserved that.

And Ysera...the one person that Deathwing feared was Ysera, because she could do to him what the Old Gods dream they could do. And you did that to her.

This entire fic is an insult to the Aspects.
Valasania the Pale chapter 4 . 4/3/2016
I've found it continually interesting that you've been employing differing methods of psychological torture and reprogramming techniques for this story. Not only does it add a fascinating edge to the story, where each aspect must face a different method, it's also rather kinky.

Nevertheless, my favorite chapter thus far remains Ysera; her method of destruction was simply the most interesting and - I admit it - arousing to read. I look forward to Alexstrasza's turn; especially since each aspect has been getting progressively more defiant towards Deathwing. Perhaps a fifth chapter where tables are turned?

Forever Reading,
-Valasania the Pale
Guest chapter 3 . 4/3/2016
I'm kind of curious how you'll handle malygos since if this follows the canon of how neltharion became Deathwing and the war of the ancients then malygos will be insane.

Or is this an au where malygos is sane during the period between the sundering and shortly before the nexus wars?

Personally I hope you make malygos insane as that would be an interesting interaction