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Eeyoreislikeme chapter 21 . 1/22
i hope luke changes for the better
Eeyoreislikeme chapter 20 . 1/22
isnt thalia black haired? idk if im on something tho
Eeyoreislikeme chapter 6 . 1/21
why does luke have to be legit so mean
Forex chapter 31 . 4/2/2023
I love reading it, Frustrating at parts tho lol
sky chapter 31 . 9/9/2022
i literally have no words for this. even gorgeous doesn't begin to cover it. im am sobbing right now what on earth you goddess.

(sorry im just mildly incoherent but this is one the most beautiful fics ive read in a while)
Just the Soulmates chapter 31 . 2/27/2022
This is one of the best stories on FF, for real. You're an amazing writer; if you doubt yourself, just read this.
percabeth4eva23 chapter 31 . 11/19/2021
Wow, this was an amazing story from beginning to end. I have to say you began this when you were 14?! That's a lot of talent man I'm only 2 years older than you right now and I wish I had that lol. But for real though you in just one story have become one of my favorited authors and this story is in my personal top 5. I love it, I absolutely love it. The character man, I keep coming back to the characters, they are so well written. And yes I have issues with the characters decisions, not the characters themselves because they are so well written that I am invested in the consequences to those decisions. What an amazing story for Annabeth through and through, I will miss the departed but once again AMAZING. I can't wait to see what you write next, you have a big fan in me!

P.S. I am once again asking to consider a Hephaestus/Aphrodite fic lol.
percabeth4eva23 chapter 29 . 11/19/2021
Just add on to my last chapter's review, Silena's death was unpreventable but it certainly could have been helped or she certainly can have been helped if Annabeth was just a better roommate. It seems like she's finally going to do something after months of being an ass let's see if the climax is going to be as good as the rest of the story, and once again very excited to see where this leads.
percabeth4eva23 chapter 26 . 11/19/2021
Well, this was a very emotional chapter. I am both loving and dreading the direction story is taking. It seems like for the past 10 chapters or something around that Annabeth has resigned herself to being a bad to terrible friend in order to what she thinks is softening the blow of her death to her friends. She's been a terrible friend to Leo even though they weren't that close and who knows maybe her being just a little bit more amicable could have prevented what he did. You would have thought that that would have been an extreme wake up call to her but no, she continues to be a terrible friend to everybody and even a terrible girlfriend to Percy. Then she pushes away the person that was closest to her in Thalia and her new best friend in Piper and everybody else it's absolutely ridiculous. You can understand her actions which I do but also realize that they are wrong. What makes it worse is of course Annabeth herself realizes that they are wrong but she chooses to continue on the path which so far has have pretty negative results, a near death and then actual death. We'll see how it goes but I noticed is necessary for her to see everything that she's doing, but it's still really hurts that deaths had to happen.
percabeth4eva23 chapter 23 . 11/19/2021
Imma type this one out real quick because I wanna see Leo.
But once again your skills as an author and story writer and damn good. You have been hinting for a while now that Piper did have something going on that she needed to talk about and she never did. Why? Because Annabeth has been the best friend she could be. She was dealing with her own things and as Annabeth realized Piper probably didn't feel comfortable expressing her thoughts. It is sad to think that they've only had surface level conversation for months. MONTHS!
I mean that's her best friend and it should never be like that. We've seen Annabeth deliberately ignore her friends throughout the story too and I don't necessarily blame her once again as she was going through the ringer. But it does mean she was a bad friend. In Silena's last days she clearly needed someone to talk to, with Piper it seemed like for months she also did. And even with Leo, Annabeth waited a whole month before reaching back out to him.
There so much depth to her character it's amazing. And once again I know someone is gonna say I'm flaming her when it's quite the opposite. I love complex characters which is what you've crafted. And sometimes complex characters make block headed mistakes, like not telling Percy the truth lol
percabeth4eva23 chapter 19 . 11/19/2021
Wow, what a way to end off the chapter. Thalia is back and I can't wait to meet her! Like I said before I hope the old trio finds their way back to a friend group, I do think they need each other.

But onto Annabeth..I think this was the best chapter yet. And the last couple of chapters in fact have been incredible. Sad but still incredible. It's a terrible thing that adults and parents do to children when they don't provide a home. Whether it's by breaking that home or moving on without the child and thus making them feel like there is no home, it has to be one of the worst things in the world. Unfortunately for Annabeth, it's both.

When her mother basically said she didn't mean to always be heartless, yeah it's good to have an apology and to know you still somewhat care. But what good does it do now? Years and opportunities wasted. You never made time for your daughter who was trying to escape exactly what you were doing to her.

The same or even worse goes for Fredrick and Amy. And for those two I can completely understand Annabeth's point of not forgiving and forgetting, yet not necessarily hating them. They did so much damage to a young girl. That house was Annabeth's home and now it hurts to be there, it hurt to be there before she ran away twice. Frederick was a shit father that simply ignored his child and wanted to move on with his new family. Amy was a shit step mother making all the excuses in the world not to try and love Annabeth. It's just terrible adults all around. And they are making an effort, they are apologizing which counts. But it isn't nearly enough to make up for anything. And of course despite what they say, yes her early death does play a role in it.

Man you got me so worked up I love it!
percabeth4eva23 chapter 15 . 11/19/2021
Haha! It's funny that the chapter right after I posted my last review the breakup happens.

Jesus Silena's death hit me hard. I love her character and part in this story man, I wish she could have lived longer.

Of course Luke is confirmed to be a scumbag, and to clarify my last review I wasn't defending him at all some people miss the point. It takes two people to end a relationship, one to start it and the other to comply. This relationship needed to be ended and I'm glad Annabeth is free from it. Jesus it got so bad and near dangerous to the end with his stalking. Even if part of his suspicions we're true lol.

I will say part of me does hope he can find a way to be happy before his death maybe Thalia wakes up or something, that line where he said you're all I got almost made me tear up. I do feel sorry for him but he got to move on. It kind of remind me of how much fans hate Luke and use him as the villain archetype in damn near every story. You are not doing that because you've written him with great depth, he's not a 2D or flat character, which is what a lot of PJO fans see him as despite him being the classical tragic Greek hero of the books. And no I'm not a lukabeth fan *barf* read my name people lol. I am a fan of ALL of Rick's characters.

A comment on your story crafting skills in general. I love that this is very much and Annabeth story, it's her narrative with the characters interacting and surrounding her as supporting roles that fit well. Even Percy is one and it works. A lot of authors fall into the trap of making what should be a one person narrative into a percabeth one and it just doesn't work.
percabeth4eva23 chapter 14 . 11/19/2021
So I'm on chapter 14 of this great story so far and there is one major problem I have with it. Before I say that though I must say how surprised I am that I never read it before considering it has been in the works for 5 years!

The premise is amazing, I don't think I've read one like it before. Typically it's like a soulmate mark that people do but I love the idea of the timers and the mystery behind them. Are they science or magic? And that in itself poses a great backdrop for the entire story that you execute so well, I really enjoy Annabeth's dilemma and Percy having something to do with it

But for the one major problem I have, it's with how Annabeth is currently behaving towards her relationship with Luke. I believe Piper pointed it out as well. He may be an asshole and a bad boyfriend currently, as we know he wasn't always like this and him and Annabeth did have a great loving relationship at one point, but that doesn't mean Annabeth should be doing morally wrong things. Like the amount of time she's spending with Percy and the emotionally intimate way they're bonding. Some would call it a form of emotional cheating. I'm not but it for sure is a wrong thing to do while in a relationship. Then again maybe that is what you're going for considering that the relationship with Luke has become toxic.

Once again I love the story but this has been irking me the past couple of chapters, can't wait to see how it is wrapped up.
rmaze16 chapter 31 . 11/4/2021
I have honestly never let a review once in my life on anything and especially have never bothered to write any sort of review on this website, but I just have to say that you are a phenomenal author. That was such a well thought out and written story that it honestly brought some tears to my eyes at certain points.
Guest chapter 31 . 10/17/2021
Best. Story. EVER.
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