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Guest chapter 88 . 39m
Sorry for the late review, been busy. But It was a great chapter, and Merlin! You better not lose. For the sake of the children. Hopefully Merlin alongside Mo-chan will drive Morgan off and keep her at bay. Though if Counter-Force really is helping her, she'll probably be a tough foe to deal with, especially if a member of Counter-Force was summoned. Which would still be weird and awkward if it's EMIYA or even EMIYA Alter. Or even Kiritsugu. Anyway, I hope Merlin drives off Morgan to keep the kids protected. That being said, Funny who every Artoria failed in protecting Shirou (Lancer aside, but was bittersweet) but Lily. Lily had indeed shown once again that communication goes a long way, and for that Shirou kicked Morgan's ass prior to fighting the dragon as a result. :) In a way Lily is best Artoria in her own right. :) Btw will we see Castoria? Also I look forward to the next chapter, and plz let it be Shirou x Artoria x Mordred x Emily. :) Also looking forward to the next updates of Huntsman of Red V2 as well as Sword Order. :)
mohka chapter 88 . 20h
I hope you continue the story, it’s really good
NotHomo chapter 1 . 9/22
Will there be a moment when Shirou tells Arturia about her life as Saber? That would be interesting as hell.
Glamroidz chapter 88 . 9/20
Love this story
Mythic Imagination chapter 88 . 9/20
A truely incredible few chapters since I last read the story. Mention of Arturia’s growth as a person from childhood, even Mordred’s. I even found Horsa‘s character to be incredible. The fact that his personality is quite humble contradicts the general brutish image of Vikings. Not to mention Merlin seems to have developed somewhat as a person as well with how much more invested he is in Camelot. FGO Babylonia revealed Merlin being more of a indirect person. His direct approach when his student and godchildren involved is nice.

Then there’s the Alternative Records. Lancer Arturia metaphorically made deal with the devil and can’t help question if it was the best choice, but time will tell. I’m glad Lily managed to find an answer.

I eagerly await your next update, and hope you’re in good health.
hruaia chapter 88 . 9/20
Is there gonna be a continuation?
hruaia chapter 1 . 9/20
The ending left something more to be wanted, i wanted to see what happened, were they successful, did their children grow up good i wanna knowww
ssj3gohan007 chapter 88 . 9/19
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D Just like last time, the seemingly weakest of the Artoria's turns out to be capable of thinking outside the box and realizing that when you are not strong enough to fix the problem yourself, ask Shirou for helpworks wonders!
blackcharizard762 chapter 42 . 9/17
Elementals don't have reality marbles just because, what they are capable of doing is marble phantasm though
blackcharizard762 chapter 41 . 9/17
I'm confused is Agatha related to Scathach somehow?
blackcharizard762 chapter 32 . 9/17
So precious that my chest hurts... Curse you, Merlin! But I absolutely forgive you!
Scoolio chapter 88 . 9/16
Oooohh, yes!
Ares00o00 chapter 87 . 9/15
Can’t lancer arturia just have shirou use rule breaker on her? They should have seen him using it in roan.
RunOnSentences chapter 5 . 9/13
The Hercules bit? Again?
NoobHunter97 chapter 88 . 9/13
man I'm reading this just for the side stories now
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