Reviews for Desert Flower
et-reader97 chapter 11 . 5h
Great chapter and that receptionist gets the employee of the month award in my book, even with a angry Temuri grading her down she was still sticking to the rules and took it in strides when Gaara came in. Keep up the good work.
et-reader97 chapter 9 . 5h
That was amazing I love this chapter. You did a fantastic job with this chapter, you showed narutos growth in jutsu and seals as well as his improvement in strategy and you didn't make him blow through the battle like it was nothing while at the same time making him actually work for his victory. I also liked how you showed that he had the potential to beat them both easily had he not been focused on protecting the civilians. Keep up the amazing work.
et-reader97 chapter 6 . 6h
Great chapter and I really like how your having naruto actually use his abilities to contribute to Suna with the new defenses and better seals. Most fics don't do that and just have him get all these amazing abilities and not use them except for the storyline battles. They don't go the extra step and have him become a pillar to his village, even when some fics have him invent new things it's only stuff that's strictly for him. Keep up the good work.
et-reader97 chapter 3 . 11h
Great chapter I can't wait for their relationship to develop more. keep up the good work.
deepstand chapter 21 . 7/21
Great story hope you update soon. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a small harem with Mei or Kurostuchi but if you'd like someone from Kumo Samui or Yugito would be cool. I wish you the best with the story and in your real life aswell hopefully you can finish the story but not rush it either. Anyway I wish you luck and I'll review after the next update see you then.
Useful76 chapter 1 . 7/20
I know it's old and I know it's got many reviews. I'm sure it turned into a decent story but in out after half a chapter. You know why. Later.
NomadicCloud chapter 21 . 7/18
Nooo I caught up. I need more . I’ll be waiting ty again for the great story
NomadicCloud chapter 3 . 7/17
Wow all the different emotions I’ve felt reading so far. Awesome story setting must keep reading lol
Guest chapter 1 . 7/15
hiram96 chapter 21 . 7/15
Need more story must get more story
Guest chapter 21 . 7/12
Please continue this story.
anon chapter 1 . 7/11
pls upd8 soooon
Guest chapter 12 . 7/10
hahahahahahahah sasuke's orichimaru's bitch hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahhahahahahahahahhahahaha fell out of my chair laughing at that statement. :)
Monster King chapter 21 . 7/12
Great story I really liked it good please continue it soon.
Darkdoom chapter 3 . 7/9
I think the waterelement Would be best. He is in a Dessert where water is needed vor survival. Combine that with the fact that he is a chakra-powerhouse So he could provide enough water that he could practically secure the survival of the entire village.
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