Reviews for 371 Undone
lilidelafield chapter 1 . 3/27/2016
Well done for this story! It is an awesome piece of work. When I read this initially, I favourited it so that I can easily read it again, but coming back to this a second time it occurs to me that this (in my opinion) makes a brilliant companion piece to the full length story "The Manipulation of Julian Bashir" By The Tystie. Like The Tystie's story, your story here is one that will come back to my mind every time I watch the two episodes of the show concerned. In that it has influenced my perception of the show; which in my opinion is the mark of a true writer. Keep up the excellent work!
The Tystie chapter 1 . 3/22/2016
I have to confess, I read this first on AO3, and I probably wouldn't have found it here, had I not clicked on your name next to one of your other stories, which led me to you profile, and from your profile to here. (I might have spotted it eventually, but I only occasionally check out the M rated stories.)

There aren't many stories that deal with the aftermath of Juian's time in Camp 371, so thank you for writing one. Poor Julian! But, as a reader, I like a bit of Julian angst from time to time, and I love to see the depth of his friendship with Miles.

I am left wondering what Deanna's reaction would be on hearing about Julian being outed. Have you had any thoughts about that? I also wonder what Miles thinks / knows about the reasons behind Julian's breakdown at the end of the story.