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Jacob9594 chapter 5 . 3/17/2017
Great story. Good job
Jacob9594 chapter 4 . 3/17/2017
Amazing chapter
Jacob9594 chapter 3 . 3/17/2017
Made that's one hustle take over, poor Honou Mars. Next chapter will be goid
JNaegi chapter 5 . 7/4/2016
AHAHAHAHAHA! I finally finished this chapter!

For the survey: it's a toss up between Nick and Playdate-chan and for the antogonits I'd say Dirk. Granted I enjoy Nick for being the fun, fanboy brah to get out any coolness that happens in this and future stories if he's involved along with Penny and Molly's fights. Those two will be good friends!

Boy that battle once again rocked Tokyo to it's core and them gems proved a big match of the heroes but with Galaxia fusing with her son and grandchildren and teamwork with the other heroes, they were able to banish him to the void. Though if following would be powerful big bads (looking at you Thanos) he'll be back at a future event.

I see how you did some of them battles and always nice seeing Titianamon go to town; she's improved immensely with Chaos stories, too bad we didn't see there fusion; always next time.

Yes, Helbot pulled a "Vision" with getting the soul gem (stone) implanted in her body and can experience real emotions. Though for me, I see it as more of a KOS-MOS scenario when she goes "Blue-eyed KOS-MOS". Psyche is a good name for her and we shall see where this goes now.

OH MY GOD DON'T GIVE ME SO MUCH FEELS WITH SETO AND LYN HAVING A DAUGHTER! I actually was tearing up a little just because it felt right for Seto to finally show his true character. Props to Lazurwolf for giving her the name "Kisara" and yeah, I thought they'd get Helios from Ford's story but he'll at least be a descendant of theirs so it all links up. Lyn has also come full circle with being a street urchin, to Mrs. Kaiba and having a career so she'll be good from this point on.

ANOTHER EVENT: Ami gave birth to her twins! This is not a drill, sweet, kind-hearted Ami gave birth and I was wondering what she'd sound like cussing but yeah agreeing with Haruhi-chan; Ami is more of a passive-aggressive is better.

And she is so accepting of Future Daiki banging Psyche. That's a story right there, Psyche going to town with Daiki in her presence.

And who can forget Mako-chan giving birth to Umi the very next month! Mako would be the sobbing father who is just overly proud of his daughter so I guess we know what kind of father he will be, don't worry present day form of Umi, you'll love him very much.

So it's finished, all the Inner Senshi got their kids. Not sure but I just want one fic of the daily lives of the Senshi being mothers and at the end just meet up with one another to have a drink and talk about motherhood, like a Sex and The City kind of deal! XD

But man some other stuff went down; Chaos Magician Girl wound up under Cain and who would think that Psyren would play a role and now she's got a powerful card, look out duelets. Dirk giving the Power Gem to Cain would happen so there's that.

West Coasters going strong at this point and establishing their own "X-Men/Avengers" kind of deal but now Andrea is reeling from the psychic backlash. I guess when you have the strongest item that can mind wipe an entire population and she being psychic, it would have some repercussions on her, like how once Emma Frost wound up with the phoenix and it was burning her up.

Ken is finally with his sister and niece which is ultimately a good thing, he can finally settle down though with his luck, he'll still have plenty of mis-adventures outside that universe. Him fighting Kaiba as a dragon was bewildering to me but at least it didn't end with him killing Seto (first name basis for the win!)

Suzaku took the fall and now Takato reeling from not being part of the quartet of spirit beast but with his friends, he'll get through it.

Throwing out a lot of references throughout the pass couple of years though, always a good refresher.

I think that's it for me, need to read that other story you posted.

See ya.
Belletiger BT chapter 5 . 7/2/2016
Awesome chapter! Finally we reached the final chapter. Boy, Suzako is gone and Takako can't turn himself suzakato again. at least for now. Man, finally the bastard is gone. Apophis is a villan that everyone hates. good thing he met his ending. Ah... Kaiba is now a daddy and he named his child Kisara! It was very cute. And I though pretty cool Isis meeting Ma'at/Galaxya to return the egyptian god cards to her, And finally Mist will show up. I can't wait to see what evil plan she will do to our heros. Valkyrye Advante, here we come! D
Generic Reviewer chapter 5 . 7/2/2016
Favorite West Coaster: I'll say Penny for her creative uses of coins and she gives me Misaka vibes. Favorite rogue was Neuromancer since the other antagonists felt kinda there; he stood out the most.

Welp Apophis was resealed and captured by mysterious evil organization, possessed Kaiba continues to be a chew toy, and Takato is going through another depression phase. Cain Bearer has a lotta secret plans for the penultimate YYDGM arc after Cross Generations; wonder what horrific acts of science will Chaos Magician Girl suffer? Or what Psyren will do with that dimension dragon?

And that's all for now. Later days!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 5 . 7/2/2016
It's the last chapter and fresh right off the press, too. I can feel better knowing I've reviewed all of this.

To answer your little survey. Favorite WC: It's between Nick, Penny, and Scott. I love Carmen, too. The others are fine, but those three just kinda connect to me more. Nick for his silliness, Penny for the snark and Scott for his character arc. Probably would have to go with Scott, plus it helps I ship him with Penny! Fave Rogue: Neuromancer/Dirk for his personal connection with Scott and being one of the better YYGDM villains.

Nice character corner with Kotori and Seadramon. Wonder what this invite entails. Hmm, judging by the new story entry... Valkyrie Homecoming?

That cold opening tugged my heart strings. I feel horrible for Takato and Guilmon. Suzaku really is gone? Poor things. I hope this phoenix can be reborn.

As if I didn't already hate Apophis already. Yeah he's only been in these handful of chapters, but he's officially one of my love to hate types. Him killing off Suzaku is a big no-no. Glad the heroes ain't wasting time blasting his sorry butt with all they've got!

Heck, I didn't mind Kensuke coming back to... chase some tablet? That was weird. I'm curious about that mark he's left on Apophis. Boy was I glad he told Apophis off. Oh, now you disown your own mother, Apep or whatever you call yourself. Galaxia's gonna smack your sorry ass, punk.

The big final attack ensues and Apophis sure isn't letting up. Oh crap, he's opening up time portals. Sailor Moon goes Neo-Queen Serenity mode, Susanoomon returns and others step in to fight. This is getting good. Oh hell yeah, Galaxia and Ra merge with Slifer and Obelisk to become Horakhty! And all while Galaxia's epic theme is playing! Surely can't lose with your own music playing... well, there's exceptions... but I can't seem to remember now.

Kensuke goes full-on dragon and fights Kaiba in a battle of dragons. Glad Sedna and Athena were able to get through to him before he killed poor Kaiba-boy.

More fighting and good on Jaden making Chaos Magician Girl blast off! Yeah, that nuisance is outta here!

This was the West Coaster's biggest break. We get to see Marty briefly shut off the heroes' powers to give Scott and Dirk room to do their thing. Yeah, they pulled through and break the staff! GJ you guys!

Apophis ain't so tough now without his precious jewels and staff. Galaxia sends him through the portal and seals him up in his prison. And don't let the door hit ya on the way out! The battle is finally over, but at the cost of Suzaku and some broken prides (namely Kaiba).

Hmm, wonder who this Puckmon is. He's working for a guy that's linked to that weird mark. So, something to unfold in Cross Generations? I better get to finally reading that!

And Chaos Magician Girl gets captured by Cain's organization. Hah, she just couldn't get away that easy. Had it coming.

And whoa, she's joining the other rogue metas. Don't wanna know what Cain's people are cooking up in their lab! Speaking of Cain, Dirk has gone back being a dick and gives him the power jewel. Gee, that face turn sure didn't last. Or, was it a face turn to begin with?

Apophis is back in his Void and stays there. But, um, who's that with him? Black flames? And boom, those flames just reckt Apophis hard! Was that Yami Houou, an imitation, or someone/thing else entirely?! Will we ever know Apophis fate? Oh, we may never know until you're ready to reveal, K! Speculation abound!

Poor Takato, I hope he's able to get over this. I'm happy his friends and fellow leaders are there to cheer him up. Glad Rika was there to give him the hug he needs.

Yay, Seto/Lyn and Taylor/Larry are married! I'm especially about Seto and Lyn. Kisara is a good name for their daughter, surprised it's not Helio since I remember him from Lost Kingdom and Shinnen. Guess you got other ideas for him in this series. Still, happy for Seto and Lyn either way.

I still await the gaiden for Taylor, Larry, and Marty that Lazer been working on. The wait continues.

Something's up with Andrea and I don't like this feeling. Wonder how much of it is the jewel's influence? Oh nice, Playdate and Rover join the West Coasters. Kinda figured she might since they could use a techie. Her and Penny are not gonna let this go with their bickering, lol. Glad the Chimeras, Taylor and Jami show up to visit. The WC being a US Division is sweet!

Speaking of children, good to know Amaya, Daiki and Umi are born. It was very nice to see Psyche adjusting to her new sentient life thanks to that soul jewel. Heh, she really has achieved humanity if she's learned to masturbate. Daiki, was that you who showed her? For shame! XD

Passive aggressive Ami is indeed scary. She got her hubby under control. Mako being the fun dad is great and Makoto having a child completes her wish to have a family.

Ishizu meets Galaxia/Ma'at during the museum tour. She had no idea she was talking to the Egyptian goddess herself. That's like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Happy she got to spend more time with her kid and grandkids before departing to the stars beyond. I feel this won't be the last we see of Galaxia, and I hope that's the case!

So, Kensuke moves in with Karin and Dimitri? That's some nice closure for him to get away from his old world from what I've read of it.

Liked the last scene with the WC answering a distress call. Little scenes like that and their interactions with the main heroes are good.

Post-credits, so that blonde girl we saw earlier is talking to some mysterious dark force. Hmmm, wonder what that could be? Mist starts her hunt. Now I'm totally hyped for Valkyrie Advent.

Yikes, creepy last segment.

Overall, great story to end the Apophis saga on! Lot of action and great character interaction to enjoy. The West Coasters are a great new addition to the YYGDMverse! I wanna see more of their development, and I am interested to see this similar idea used for your novels whenever they come out. Now, I gotta catch up on Ressurrection B and start Cross Generations.

Good job on this, K! Here's to Valkyrie Advent next!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 4 . 7/2/2016
And we open back up with Houou Mars with Sailor Galaxia. Houou isn't surprised, but I bet Mars had be double taking when finding out she's Ra and Apophis' mother. There was a nice bit of tension there. Galaxia, while powerful in her own right, acknowledges respect for the cosmic bird. And off they go back to Earth to kick Apophis ass!

Whoo-wee, the action here just got more intense. Damn we got heroes vs heroes. That does draw the parallels to this years Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even SM Crystal Infinity arc had that! I think X-Men: Apocalypse, too, but eh whatevs. The heroes vs brainwashed!heroes was action-packed all over. I liked the Mokuba vs Seto, Yugi vs Tea, Joey vs Tristan and Mai, Varuna vs Lyn, BlazeGallantmon and StormSakuyamon vs QuakeGargomon and AuroraInumon, Brunhilde vs Kouichi parts.

The West Coasters getting in on the action was sweet. Nick teaming with the Mercury family and Neptune was awesome stuff. Being able to waterbend all their attacks and make a huge tidal wave is nothing to scoff at! Ixion and Penny learning each other's archery skills was cool, too.

Cute bit where Yui elbowed Yusuke. You know you've gotten a little cocky when your successor tells you to 'get serious', lol. I liked Yui being large and at charge there.

Yep as expected, Apophis stomped the Gods, cause he's a freaking cheater with those jewels! Yeah, he's an effective and smart villain, but doesn't make me like him any less.

Apophis vs the YYGDM leaders was something else. Plugging in the JLU fight music was epic stuff. I did imagine the leaders fighting exactly like the League. And guess who shows up to spoil Apophis' momentum?

Mommy dearest! Ahem, I mean Sailor Galaxia, in her badass glory, and Houou Mars show up to wreck his shit. I laughed at the heroes' reactions to them connecting Galaxia with Apophis and Ra. Well, hey if Loki can have animals for children, why can't the Winged Dragon of Ra be Galaxia's son? I say it's fair game. The world of mythology is weird and awesome like that.

Anyways, yeah Galaxia tells it like it is and says her sons didn't always look like that. I can buy that from the origin story. And yes, Galaxia goes postal on her Apophis and breaks open his mask to show his ugly snake self. Oh, and how can I forget Galaxia merging with Ra? That was a crowning moment of OP awesome there, hahah! Divine Ma'at, huh? I'll take it.

So we commence the ass-kicking of Apophis. Just when it look like its over, that jerk tricks Galaxia and uses the jewels to recover! Ugh, die already!

Oh, but what's this? Penny kisses Scott to prompt him to go! Scott and Dirk about to get in to carry their plan. About time!

Ugh, you just slayed me with that cliffhanger. Worst, Takato, Guilmon, and Suzaku about to sacrifice themselves. Nooo! Evil cliffhanger, K! Bad, bad K! (loses control) XD

JNaegi pretty much said it all in his review. I guess this what the chapter meant by ramifications.

One chapter left to go!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 3 . 7/2/2016
Next chapter we go and boy does the chapter title not lie.

The Corner segments were cute. Enjoyed the Star Wars themed segments and wow did not know there are SW-theme Duel Monsters!

To the story, yeah army dudes didn't know who they were messing with. Just go home, soldier boys. Apophis and his Heralds crash the party. He also doesn't waste time sending his zombie warriors to raid Legend HQ. And it's on!

Lots of fighting to be had here and more witty interactions with the characters. Penny just isn't letting go of the 'cotton candy hair' comments to poor Neo Moon. Nick continues to fanboy out over his idol heroes. But, I must say I'm impressed with how far the Duelists have gone with their Spirit Fusions; Mokuba going Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon was a shock. Tea summoning her SepteMagician Girls from the new Yugioh movie!

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Maximllion Pegasus showing up the way they did was epic. Seeing the Outers in action and the Senshi using their attacks did remind me of the recent Infinity arc in SM Crystal. Good going doing that. :D

Now the bad stuff: Seto and Lyn have been brainwashed into Apophis' new Heralds. Yikes that's not good. Then, Apophis makes good on his promise and alters the timeline with his jewels to turn the world into his kingdom. Then, he does the unthinkable and teleports Houou Mars off the planet (you can imagine how pissed I was yelling at my computer!). Apophis is now on my shit list! You don't do that to the Houou!

Oh, but Yugi has seen enough and summoned the Three Egyptian Gods! Apophis and Ra, the Egyptian brothers of destruction, have reunited. Will be intense, but Apophis will be hard to top with those jewels.

Oh man, Houou Mars has been sent to where Galaxia is! Now that's how you end a chapter! GJ on that, K!

You're going down next chapter, Apophis! Be happy you ain't dealing with me! Or... it'd be over and you'd be done like dinner!

Next chapter, here I go!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 2 . 7/2/2016
I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed! I haven't dropped off!

I did read these chapters, but forgot to post reviews. Now that you finished this, I'll get this one out of the way first!

Let's get this started: Yay, Galaxia in the opening scene! Always great to see her in any scene. Yep, she senses Apophis. She better give her son a nice whooping.

Did I mention I like these chapter titles? I like you're using the names of the gods featured in this story. They're creative and a nice change of pace from the overly enthusiastic Shonen-like titles!

I really liked the character interactions in this. The meeting between the old gaurd and new gen was a huge highlight. The West Coasters being there to tour the halls and meeting the leaders was great to see. The whole Taylor thing with Larry and Marty surprised me. I hope that story gets out so we can see Taylor and Larry's relationship!

Ah, Scott and Dirk are gonna be the plot devices to beat Apophis. I like that Scott isn't willing to work with Dirk after what Dirk did to him. That's pretty realistic. Glad Penny convinced him to go through with it. Aww, are we gonna see something between Scott and Penny?

I also like Carmen and Nick in a scene together. Nick was a total fanboy in this chapter, and honestly who could blame him? I mean, he's right close to a bunch of awesomesauce heroes he looks up to! Hahah, the Chimeras (Mika mostly) and Nick are getting along great.

Ah man, I really wanna see this gaiden with Larry, Taylor, and Marty! I want it, I want it! XD

Heh, Chaos Magician Girl is just being drugged along for the ride. Apophis don't give a fudge about his minion, not when he has Heralds! Uh oh, he's about to make his move on Legend HQ. This isn't good, guys!

Next chapter, I go!
Chaosblazer chapter 5 . 7/1/2016
You weren't kidding about wanting to finish this. For the Record my favorite WC is Songblade, as for Meta-Rouge not sure.

Still feel bad about Suzaku, hopefully Takato can recover from this.

The heroes get their final wind, Ken comes back thanks to his two dragon cards, but thanks to Kaiba impeding him, he doesn't find Starve Venom Fusion Dragon, Psyren does...oh boy..

Ken goes dragon form and nearly kills Kaiba, and that won't be the last time to see said form, Puckmon gets fragments of the staff and jewels for "someone" but not the one who really put that tattoo on Apophis head...

Nice to see the jewels have found good homes...except the one given to Cain.

Wasn't expecting so many happy moments and birth's of the future characters, Takato and Andrea though don't have happy endings it seems.

Ken moves in with Karin, finally he has a family and can hopefully start to get his life back on the path of normality.

But first I've got to deal with the movie, indeed fun times ahead.

Keep up the great work dude, this is awesome stuff.
Allfather-Ford chapter 5 . 6/30/2016
Yes, thanks for uploading this final chapter to give the Apophis Trilogy the perfect close. Fave WC: Carmen, Fave Rogue: Neuromancer. Oh, the Kotori corner should be June 2016 not February 2016.

Sad prologue to see Suzaku dying, well he’ll be reborn like the phoenix. It feels so bad that our heroes are pissed at Apophis. Kensuke returns, but there’s that mark inserted on Apophis that something bad is happening. Final battle barrage, Apophis attempts to create time portals. Yeah, so I see Apophis is faithful to the original source material as the Complete Monster of longing for power after all since birth (and like Apocalypse from the X-Men movie, which to be honest, your fanfic is better than that), and how his recent actions of killing Suzaku and causing most heroes to be personal against the serpent. So yes, the official Complete Monsters in YYGDM are just four: Ghidorah, Charon, Apophis, and a VA villain who is so immoral that puts the first three to shame…

Hey look, it’s the Jester that he and that dragon mark symbol does not happened in the Cornerverse event. Scott/Dirk retrieve the jewels and staff, Apophis is weakened, and is sent back to prison (while the Cornerverse version of Apep was killed). Of those black flames affecting YYGDM!Apophis, it’s unknown what really happened…yet.

Takato feels depressed, but his friends cheered him up despite our fav Tamer is just feel loss. Seto/Lyn and Larry/Eris have their marriage is good. CMG tries to escape, only that she’s captured by CainCorp with a Guilty Crown song played. Oh, that blond-haired woman looking like Kotori’s age, yes, I know who she is.

Oh, Dirk appears to give Cain the Power Jewel. CMG with the captured Rogues, Metas…Duel Monsters, Digimons. Oh something tells me why..

Ishizu giving a museum tour of showing Ma’at, and that she’s lucky to see the actual her. Kisara Kaiba is born to her dragon parents, how nice (while in Corner, both her and Helio will be born). Kensuke fully moves to YYGDM-01, and Psyche is born. And the last scene shows the WC ready to be heroes. Post-credit scene, VA is finally coming, Mist makes her move.

A/N, yeah, let’s hope the 20,000 words eventually becomes rare since it becomes tiresome. Indeed that I’m looking forward to your debut novel with the WC outside of fanfic restrictions. This is the future we must take since I will help you out as a main contributor. :)
JNaegi chapter 4 . 6/25/2016
Full circle; what began in the 2nd story of Takato killing Mars, going through the grief and sadness and anger, to reestablishing his bond with the spirit guide, gaining new powers to sacrificing his life for his Sensei, the woman he loves and the princess.

Wasn't expecting that.

Good on all fronts!
Belletiger BT chapter 4 . 6/24/2016
Awesome chapter! But you gave us a very evil Cliffhanger! _*
Poor Takado! What will happen to him? and everyone else? But still I loved all the action there. Especially the heros civil war there, though it was agaist their will. Galaxya finally arrives and she fused with Ra. That was an awesome scene! I might draw Galaxya with her fusion form )
Heheh, everybody reacted very funny when they found out Galaxya's the mother of Ra and Apophis. Well, Loki is the father of Sleipner, Fenrir, Hel and that snake ( I always forget the name).

Anyway, I am eager to see what will happen next! I can't wait to see more!
Guest chapter 4 . 6/22/2016
Wait... "half-god"?

So, Brunhilde is a Scion (as in, the Tabletop game)?

Alright then...

Also, Cliffhangers. I love using them, but reading them... oh, just you wait Kanius!

For Malice, with Love,

Critian Caceorte
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