Reviews for Anyway, I've Been There
luckyme32 chapter 112 . 9/13
Updates on this story are always a high point for my day. Keep em coming please
Crimson of the Mandalorians chapter 112 . 9/10
Keep up the amazing work! This is one of the best things I’ve read on here!
Mr. Haziq chapter 112 . 9/9
Oh boy
DTH chapter 112 . 9/7
Thanks for this new adventure, I really didn't see it coming, took me by surprise and I like that.

I for one appreciate long stories, especially when they're nicely paced like yours.

Keep it up!
GuntherRiechwald chapter 112 . 9/7
What a cliffhanger! Excited to read what happens next
ed chapter 112 . 9/6
if that a meteor , the friction and heat would screw up any local radio and cell service for miles!
Leo 23 chapter 112 . 9/6
It does not bother me at all throughout the story, in fact I think it would be great to read a fanfic that shows the time advance as you do in this one. By this I mean that it would be very interesting as they grow up, reaching adulthood or something like that, where they show what they want to do with their life and if it is related to the supernatural.I hope I have made myself understood, however, I love how the story progresses and I look forward to the next chapter, greetings
Sacredstar Mentor chapter 112 . 9/5
Talk about a tough crowd, coming from this meeting huh. Also I love how you made Mabel tell the dialogue on what happened in Weirdmageddon.

Is the "weirdness" effecting their phones? Or are they just losing their signal?

Dipper should definitely compliment Pacifica tie dye shirt. Win some good boyfriend points during the woodstick festival. Also judging on the gravity falls episode timeline. After The Love God episode. The next one was Northwest Mansion Mystery. So that means after the woodstick festival is over. Judging by my calculations; Pacifica will leave Gravity Falls on the day of the Northwest family's annual high society ball!

If you ask me. It doesn't matter how long the chapters are. In my opinion 320k words is a testament of your dedication, talents and remarkable vocabulary writing skills as a fanfiction writer.
RagnartheSemiGreen chapter 112 . 9/5
Ooh, the tension is ramping back up! Werewolf and vampire factions at loggerheads, natch, the Multi-Bear being the warrior-scholar we all know and love, and Pacifica continuing to blow Dipper's mind at every given opportunity. All good and tasty. The last bit, though... A public attack/event, in the middle of the Festival full of outsiders? I'm wondering if the Conclave is about to have their entire argument about suppression rendered moot...
Guest chapter 112 . 9/5
You know, if you really want to have the ability to make this into a series there's always AO3 (Archive of our Own), unless of course you already know this.

Just sayin'.
UnlimitedPastryWorks chapter 112 . 9/5
I don't think this is particularly long, though I'll admit to being a bad judge of such things. Anyways, I like the whole "Grunkle Ford gets investigated back" plot, and hope it had an interesting resolution.
durrendurrendol1993 chapter 112 . 9/4
Holy Cow
ShadowMeister234 chapter 112 . 9/4
Longest going work of literature in the English language is a web novel called The Wandering Inn. Has a strong 8 million word count between its 8 volumes and is still going strong to this day. Take pride as an author that you can crack 300k words for a story and keep the quality rolling, your doing great.
EDD17SP chapter 112 . 9/4
“I was in a bubble and Soos was in folk songs.” You’re so good at writing dialogue for Mabel.

That is a very unfair cliffhanger, but I do the same thing all the time, so I guess I can’t blame you. Can’t wait to find out what seems to be falling out of the sky.
ed chapter 112 . 9/4
i don"t care how long you make it! it"s good stuff! who wants to edit a summer anyway? if you have the itch to write ,then we should have the itch to read! kudos again!
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