Reviews for Anyway, I've Been There
Stoffel02 chapter 118 . 9/10
Your prose is absolutely beautifull!
EDD17SP chapter 118 . 9/7
Very sweet chapter. I love exciting story telling, but I love surgery-sweet fluff just as much.

Glad I checked for an update, because I’m *still* not getting any emails from . I wonder if there’s someone I could contact about that…

Is there a line or two missing near the beginning of the chapter? The very first dialogue from any character is Mabel saying “Almost” as if she’s replying to something Pacifica said, but there isn’t anything for her to reply to.
Mr. Haziq chapter 118 . 9/4
I honestly can't remember being in a proper carnival/fair with the rides and stuff
Fallen-AngelxNoNo chapter 118 . 9/1
an interesting chapter that gave us insight on Pacifica's thoughts, glad to see that you're still updating this, can't wait till next time.
artfully chapter 118 . 9/1
great chapter
Guest chapter 118 . 9/1
damnable FFnet censorship!
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Onswat92 chapter 118 . 9/1
XD now i‘m thinking about this cute fanart:
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 118 . 9/1
I understand Pacifica's desire for privacy all too well. Ever since I moved into my new house, which just so happens to be the most suited for family gatherings due to location, I've had family inviting themselves and others over for the last few months.

Dang, I really like how intensely poetic Pacifica has become in her thoughts (even if it did feel a little weird at first. heh, weird). That change of internal monologue is an aspect of character development that I've only seen very, very rarely in all the stories I've read.

Heh, and then Mabel comes barging in, as she is wont to do, and reminds me of Mr. Moseby teaching driving lessons.

This trio experiencing fairground rides is something I didn't know I needed.

Wow, Mabel being so devious in her manipulation of her friend. Stan would be so proud.

Once the town calms down from the fair, I wonder what Pacifica is going to do about her money situation. Hopefully she can weasel a little bit more allowance out of Stan from all the Shack's profits, but Pacifica trying to get in contact with either of her parents would be interesting as well.
INFUSCATE chapter 117 . 8/3
Holy shit, I had to change laptops and lost all my bookmarks, then university stuff ensured I didn't have the time to get back to reading fanfic. Cut back to two weeks ago, I randomly had a dream about this EXACT fanfic, woke up, frantically searched for it online and then shoved the entire text into my eye holes in the process of that two weeks.

I've left reviews on my first read-through about how I love every individual part of this story. I'm sure I've already waxed effusively about your style of writing, from how effortlessly and accurately you manage to convey characters' emotions and feelings through dialogue, to how you convey the setting and raise the tension in a manner so skillful I'm genuinely shocked you aren't a professional author (If you ever publish a book, I will be first in line.) All in all, it's extremely difficult for me to find things to critique about this work, aside from some minor grammar stuff anyways.

I want you to know that if I were to rank all the fanfics I've read from any fandom, it goes roughly like this:

1) One by One (undertale)
2) Exchange (MLP)
3) Anyway, I've Been There (GF)
4) A Cadmean Victory (HP)
5) The Steadfast Sky (MLP)

This is doubly impressive, since all of the other fanfics are finished works. Frankly, if this level of quality keeps up, by the time the end comes around I may need to make it number one. This fanfic is unreasonably good, clearly you made a deal with Bill hehe.
Anonymous chapter 90 . 8/2
I don’t k ow if it’s the hype for wave 2 for the Mario kart dlc but this chapter is seriously reminding me of Waluigi Pinball.
Guest chapter 115 . 7/25
Holy shit man, for a second I thought Wendy was missing an entire arm :'). Cool Chapter as always
MaxandFang101 chapter 117 . 7/10
This was so good! I love that the shack is rolling in cash and all the detail of the where they first set the project up and how they have to move it. I appreciate the effort to create the setting and flesh out the logistics. It's all very interesting :)
willam and jack and jake chapter 117 . 7/8
well done
shadowyshadow chapter 117 . 7/5
Just read through this entire series after discoing it. Your writing is great. One thing that stood out to me in particular is the dialogue. Each piece of dialogue really feels like it perfectly matches the character to the extent that I was naturally reading the lines in the characters voices in my head. You really do a good job capturing the traits of each character and making them distinct. I think if I read a line of dialogue without the name of the character nearby, I would always be able to tell who is talking.
Caluval chapter 117 . 6/30
Es el primer fanfic de Gravity Falls que leo, y ciertamente dejaste el liston muy alto querido
Empese a leer esta historia por el numero de capitulos 117 significa un compromiso con la historia y el hecho que la ultima actualizacion no fue hace mucho fue alentador, y ciertamente fue una MUY buena decision
Me encanta la forma que escribes, La forma que relatas la vuelta de los gemelos a la casa de sus padres, y Amo la relacion de Dipper y Pacifica
Un saludo desde Argentina, Voy a estar atento a futuras actualizaciones
Perdon de antemano si se me entiende mal, no soy el mejor escribiendo en ingles, Traduje esto con el traductor de google :D
This is the first Gravity Falls fanfic I've read, and you certainly set the bar high dear I started reading this story because the number of chapters 117 means a commitment to the story and the fact that the last update was not that long ago was encouraging, and it was certainly a VERY good decision. I love the way you write, the way you recount the twins' return to their parents' house, and I love Dipper and Pacifica's relationship. Greetings from Argentina, I will be attentive to future updates Sorry in advance if I am misunderstood, I am not the best at writing in English, I translated this with the google translator
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