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MaxandFang101 chapter 127 . 11/25
What a lovely chapter. Maybe I'm sentimental because of the holidays (Grunkle Stan could sell me a snow globe for $20) but this chapter made me feel warm. I love that Pacifica is at the Pine's house every day and I love that Wendy came up to get them in a fit of excitement. I love that they're all together again :)
DTH chapter 127 . 11/25
Nice one here! Thanks for the GF slice of life, appreciated
Mr. Haziq chapter 127 . 11/21
Back to the Falls for the holidays
artfully chapter 127 . 11/21
and when she wakes up the house will be buried in snow and they are trapped inside.

great chapter
TigerYoshiiii chapter 127 . 11/20
I wasn’t expecting a sort of Christmas special but seeing how long it took to get this chapter out, it will be March by the time the next one comes out . It’s sooo good to see Stan and Wendy and everyone else again!

“Hello mother—“ that god me laughing.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 127 . 11/20
I'm glad that Pacifica realizes just how good she has it to be able to spend pretty much 24/7, 365 with her best friends, even if there are the ever present aspects of "highschool teens" to deal with.

Oh my gosh, Wendy. Why. I mean, I know why, but why!?

Cramped car trips. Ouch. No fun to be had there at all, from experience. Well, not until enough time passes for the not fun parts to become funny at least.

Couldn't have timed Stan's holiday Shack winter wonderland, complete with snow globes for $39.99 each or two for $100, any better, as just today I was hearing Amazon's "newripped off from Veggie Tales) radio jingle "buy our stuff to be happy" song.

Here's wishing Gravity Falls (and you) a very merry Christmas. Thank you so much for continuing to put your time and effort into this story over all these years. If you need anything, pm me.
ScarlettParker18 chapter 127 . 11/20
"As for the times she isn't around, well, she hasn't completely ruled out the forehead tattoo."
THAT made me laugh so hard

"They remain in this awkward configuration only as far as the end of the street, where they stop so Pacifica can sit on Dipper, which is, at least temporarily, a more comfortable position. She imagines he'll feel differently in a couple hours."
Yeah, his legs done gonna fall asleep, lol

"Dipper hasn't complained yet, but when he gets out of the car the expression of relief on his face speaks for itself."
Hehhhh, knew it.

"... to a variety of Christmas-themed gnomes that look suspiciously like the real thing..."

Stan clasps his hands in a deeply insincere show of emotion. "We love having the kids back in time for the season! Why, just the other day Mabel was telling me how it fills her little heart with Christmas joy to see all of you here, buying ten snow globes each."

Ohhh that whole chapter was great! I'm so happy to read it, and happy you're alive and still updating.
Guest chapter 126 . 10/22
Straight up: my favorite chapter. I love all the good feels of Pacifica back in Piedmont. To where meeting up with the Pines Parents was just too heartwarming, like Mrs. Pines seeing her ‘other daughter’ again.
Guest chapter 93 . 10/18
Love how Greg is the running gag for “the weather sucks”.
Guest chapter 37 . 10/18
This is one of my favorite chapters. You just see Mom’s face just say how much she hates Priscilla just because of that bell. Plus the following symbolism of Dipper and Pacifica destroying the bell (and the fact they still have it) is a strong metaphor for how hard the conditioning is. She’s not AS affected, but the wounds are still there.
MaxandFang101 chapter 126 . 8/12
Firstly, you are hilarious to mention your story in relation to duck-tective fanfiction. Please note that I am sure Soos and Mabel's story is just as loved as yours and people will gladly read many book lengths of story about duck-tective's life and being sad. I am positive it is a hit with the duck-tective fandom.

I enjoyed everything about this chapter, including the little details about streets and where the elementary school and good sandwiches are. I also liked how you described the wealth descrepancies between Pacifica, Dipper and Mabel, and most of the people in Gravity Falls, through Dipper's perspective. Also the scene with Pacifica greeting the parents again was so sweet my heart melted.

Love love love this story.
YuniX-2 chapter 126 . 7/25
Aaaah, so cute! I really like Pacifica's relationship with the Pines parents. She clearly doesn't take them for granted. Their own kids could probably stand to learn a thing or two!
Mr. Haziq chapter 126 . 7/21
Nice that she's nearby
Shannon K chapter 126 . 7/20
This chapter has made me smile. It is sweet.
ScarlettParker18 chapter 126 . 7/20
I actually know what synechdoche means!

I cannot get over how in-character Mabel is.
This is the most perfectly in-character fic for Gravity Falls ever. It is so difficult to read other fics that don't compare.

Also, ayyyy! Updated at last!
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