Reviews for Missed Connections
apiegohome chapter 1 . 3/28/2016
I loved this! It was short and sweet and flowed along so well. I hope you're going to write more for akuroku! It's great to find some new stuff that's well written. Cheers!
nicayal chapter 1 . 3/22/2016
Cross-posting my review because I just read your bio and the combo of cake maker and dildo vendor made me think of a fic by theisraelproject107 (posted on FFN as chapter one of a collection for AkuRokuRiSo month and as a stand-alone one-shot on AO3 called Flour/Baking or something), and I'm clearly running on fumes to be willing to plug a random fic to a veritable stranger just because that bio line made me recall reading a humour piece about Riku embarrassing himself and Sora working at an erotic bakery an approximate nine months ago, plus is it obvious yet that I'm full-out avoiding finishing my editing work at this point? Okay.

Here's the review again, in all its copy-and-paste glory. May it encourage others to read this and enjoy as much as I did.

Can I, just, praise you for a moment?

I can't write drabbles to save my soul. I need a 10K word base minimum to so much as even ghost over the simplest of themes. This was seriously impressive to me.

I found this via Tumblr's automated AkuRoku AO3 feed, loved the summary, then noted the word count. Ok, alright, I told myself. That's short enough that you can spare three minutes before resuming your lame adult work responsibilities.

Watch me sum total triple that estimate in writing this comment.

This was so succinct, but you told a full story - and then some if you account for the next life undertones. And the cadence of the word choice just delighted me. If even half of the writers whose work I edit could manage this, I likely wouldn't be up past nine on a weeknight, hunched over my desk, low-key wanting to drown myself in a half-cup of leftover coffee I poured hours earlier at this point.

I don't know if this took you 30 minutes to write or 3 weeks, but whatever time you spent on it was well worth the effort put in. It's evocative, the way one line flows into another so seemingly effortless, albeit laced with intention. Roxas' growth from an adolescent to young adult was relatable, despite the sparse description.

Just, really well done on this, and I'll shut up now before this review becomes longer than the actual fic.