Reviews for Branwen
Prestige Frost chapter 13 . 7/16
Nicely written. A different take on Jaune which I find refreshing. Raven being protective and caring (if a tad bit overprotective) is heartwarming and humorous at the same time. I greatly enjoyed this. Hopefully, you will feel the desire to update soon, but that is your choice. Thanks for the read!
Tg chapter 13 . 6/27
Welp, it's another one of those "good stories, but I think the authors dead" situations.
TENO2001 chapter 13 . 6/27
Great fic. Will it ever be updated?
SamuraiVampireHunterJCT chapter 2 . 6/21
this version of Raven a much better mother even tho she is still not the best mother
Alvelvnor chapter 8 . 6/2
got the red dead redemption reference lol
shuujin.takagi chapter 13 . 5/29
Raven amamantando es la primera vez que leo esto, me dio mucha risa que Jaune aun siendo bebe aun puede abrirse camino en los corazones de mujeres fuertes, espero que puedas actualizar pronto
eva017 chapter 13 . 5/28
Come on! please update this story!
Reading Rainbow chapter 13 . 5/25
Great story and all, but that is not how breast feeding works.
Grim234 chapter 13 . 5/16
If you decide to continue this, please keep Jaune dark and cold. I hate stories where a Cold character
"Warms up" and is all happy and goofy.
reynardgautama chapter 13 . 5/2
Great story
WildlyLaughing chapter 13 . 4/22
Gotta say, this is a REALLY great take on Jaune. I hope you manage to keep writing!
JustAddMilk chapter 13 . 4/4
Sadly i don't think a update will ever come out, or for any of his stories. Nevertheless i will keep coming back until i have given up hope. Miss ya man.
SRG Brutally Honest chapter 13 . 4/2
Raven is a pretty heartless person. I would love to see the story pick up on Jaune going against his mother and looking into the Arc Family and finding his heritage and him having a similar falling out with Raven that Yang had with her at the end of Volume 5
Rakkis3059 chapter 1 . 2/14
I just found this story on Recommendation of General Parasite From AO3 in is Jaune/Kali DM fic. Great first chapter. I cannot wait to see where you take this tale.
Steven Quartz rebellion chapter 13 . 1/30
I am absolutely loving this story hope you keep up the good work. Also will we be meeting Cinder in the next chapter. And for the next omake can we see maybe Raven confronting Coco or maybe even Jaune's first sparring or something. Keep up the good work.
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