Reviews for Clockwork
savwafair chapter 1 . 2/19/2020
ugh you just gave me so many headcanons. thanks for sharing this with us!
Crystal Tears chapter 1 . 9/23/2017
Love you're writing. I cried after I finished reading you're story. Writing like yours is something I inspire to be able to do. I hope you write another Fairy Tail story, I enjoy the fact that you can feel the characters emotions through you're writing. It's something I have been attempting to do with my writing since I started to write. I'm surprised Natsu left Lucy after remembering how she never breaks her promises and he just broke a promise he made to her. It makes me so... frustrated with Natsu as he knows how much she hates broken promises and yet that's exactly what he does.
ShadowQueen26 chapter 1 . 11/21/2016
I would love to see more of these one shots. Maybe a series leading up to when Natsu finds out about Aquarius? Idk.
These are excellent though and the characters are captured really well. You did awesome!
Bleuecrest chapter 1 . 5/14/2016
I love how yukino cares so much. It goes to show how much lucy had managed to win the hearts of so many people. This is wonderfully written, thanks for sharing it!
SazHearT chapter 1 . 5/10/2016
Lucy's pain and suffering are so underrated,someone has to know about Aquarius,someone just have to know about Lucy's pain ,she have not to bear the pain alone, and don't get it that how Lucy forgave natsu so easily after leaving her alone for an entire year and treating it like nothing happened...
And man your story was a tearjerker, I loved it how u portrayed Lucy's feelings and the support of sabertooth, just amazing...
Summoning Secrets chapter 1 . 4/8/2016
Yes! This is exactly what I needed! Somebody needs to care for Lucy, and that Sabertooth is the one doing so. Especially Yukino, because the only one who can really understand what happened to Aquarius would be another Celestial Wizard.

I'd love to see a sequel where Sting and Yukino go to Fairy Tail after it's back together and see Natsu acting like nothing happened and Yukino is pissed off, so she beats the crap out of him. While doing so, she accidentally mentions Aquarius because I agree, the guild should know about what happened to her! That was Lucy's first spirit; her MOTHER'S spirit and the fact that it hasn't been brought up is sad. :(
simpleory chapter 1 . 4/1/2016
Oh my god... This story...
it is really good! The flow...
It makes me think that really Lucy's pain is so underrated in the manga...
Good job author! It really touches my heart
the Composcreator chapter 1 . 3/31/2016
I was hoping for a story like this!
ashinsky chapter 1 . 3/26/2016
Oh my gosh. Just thank you so much for writing this. I love the idea that Yukino and Sting were there for Lucy after all that stuff she went through. And I secretly brotp Lucy and Sting so thank you so much! Your writing is so wonderful and I just love how you write all of them. Although the probably didn't in canon, it was still such a wonderful idea that I think Hiro could have put in to ease Lucy's suffereing, as well as develop other potential friendships. It's Amazing job. (I felt all of the feels ;_;) Again, thank you.
Bigr3d chapter 1 . 3/24/2016
This. Is. AMAZING!
The writing and plot line is fantastic! Please, please, please continue it on in some way!?
I am hooked and cannot stop my curiosity of what happens next. I think it is sweet that Sabertooth is willing to look after Lucy, and I totally agree, the fact that that Lucy's sacrifices, courage, and power didn't even get acknowledged and were then fallowed by the disbandment was total bull shit!
However, your fanfic is going a long way in representing her. :)
Best wishes and happy writing!
Lysore chapter 1 . 3/24/2016
And you, Doom Marine 54 (ID 1299719), are someone who shouldn't be so violent with people under the cover of the anonymity internet offers. Learn some manners and have some decency before unleashing your hate on unsuspecting people. Please, keep in mind that fanfictions are something done by people in their spare time. They mostly do it out of love for both writing and the fandom they write about. The author you’re flaming here falls under that category. So if you wish to issue some criticism, the least you can do is do it in a logical and constructive way, while still being mindful of the author’s feelings. Because authors pour part of themselves into their stories and if only because of this, any story is a precious thing. Thus, neither the authors nor their works should be taken so lightly and slandered this way. You don’t like the story, its plot, its writing style, its characters? You cannot wait for a minute to take a point of view that isn’t your own into consideration or write something decently worded? Then you stop reading and leave without writing a review, you internet troll.

But to answer you :
1/ The author doesn’t consider Natsu’s side of things?
Yes they did. Or did you skip the part where Sting and Natsu met? Plus, Mashima Hiro didn’t give a lot more of explanations than she did.
2/ They are a ‘Lucy fantard’ who wrote an ‘annoying story’?
Just because you cannot stand Lucy doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same as you do. This story is clearly axed around what happens to Lucy and her feelings. Not Natsu’s. As such, he isn’t the main focus in this story. Furthermore, this point was noticeable from the summary alone.
3/ The story revolves around bashing Natsu?
It doesn’t bash Natsu. The story simply states Natsu’s motivations and those are the same Mashima Hiro wrote about in his story. The author simply develops on the fact that she found them lacking. They prefer to focus on the fact that Lucy, who had both her parents die, who suffered from the scorn of her father to the point where she didn’t see any solution but running away, who clearly has abandonment issues, who values promises above everything and who just lost Aquarius (who, by the way, was the last thing she got from her mother and a sort of parent figure to her and her most treasured spirit). At that point in the story, Aquarius was all but dead for her since without a key she cannot go back to Earthland. You dump onto that the fact that Natsu abandoned her with a letter (did you not make a link with the fact that letters are very important to her since she writes some daily to her deceased parents?) because she clearly wasn’t important enough to him to deserve a proper goodbye so he left like a thief in the dead of the night while indirectly making her promise that she would take care of the guild. But the guild was disbanded. This meant that she failed in keeping that promise and that even if some people left in groups, she was left alone in Magnolia to mourn for Aquarius, the loss of the guild, the loss of the current pillar of her life : Natsu and the loss of her friends. But she doesn’t have the right to feel down? How heartless are you?
Personally, I liked (amongst other things but this review has gone on for long enough) the fact that the Sabertooh members and especially Yukino are concerned about her. And the end of this oneshot opens nice possibilities :)
So don’t feel down midwestern-duchess : that person’s review is not worth reading.
Best wishes