Reviews for The Sum of Their Parts
Aidenk77 chapter 11 . 10/20
Absolutely amazing. What a story!
HeminHorn chapter 11 . 10/20
An excellent tale! Well plotted. Wonderful, consistent characters—even believably motivated for their difference to the books. I most particularly appreciated Harry’s dance with the Dark, his wresting with Dark’s ever tempting pressures. Truly a joy to read.
firiena chapter 11 . 10/4
amazing story. read through the whole thing in one sitting until 4 in the morning on the eve of a workday but ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. especially loving harry being the fiendfyre dark lord, considering he's fiery tempered and barely restrained throughout canon.
spoil3dg3nius chapter 11 . 9/25
This story is awesome. Although I would love to see How Harry systemetically would take down the British Wizarding World, instead of an epilogiue. Still one of the best stories in this website.
CGF chapter 1 . 9/23
About the elder stone: James and Lily Potter, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black ALL died in order to save what they loved. I don't think the problem was with the Elder stone, but with them being dead and not alive anymore, therefore impossible to ever be human enough to rely on fear and short-term thinking. How would Lily live with herself if she hadn't stood in front of that crib? how would she have lived with herself afterwards, with her family dead, knowing that's he could have done something to save her son, but held back in order to save herself a few years? Would she want her son to do that? Stand back and watch the people he loved die?
Wentley chapter 11 . 9/18
This was exceptional. What a read! You left me wanting much, much more.
Cauti0n chapter 11 . 9/14
BorderLand chapter 11 . 9/12
So Harry won without any shadow of doubt, Susan the head of Aurors, Nevile as possible Minister of Magic and many of his former students in DA in important position. His godson dealing with the new generation and for all we know the bond between him Ron and Hermione evolved into working as a Horux as a reaction of his magic that is used to that kind of bond.

Many Dark Lords in the after life might be clamping at a masterful job done and many of Harry's family and friends that died would join them.

Wonderful story, it's not often I put everything aside just so I could read a story to the last chapter in less then a day.
Amber Serpent chapter 11 . 8/26
Damn, I was hoping that Harry would have a chat with McGonagall and the portraits at the end. XD
I absolutely love the fact that it's been ten years and he's still a Dark Lord.
SeaEO chapter 3 . 8/25
Oh WOW, I'm only on chapter 3 but holy hell I had to stop and tell you how amazing this is. You've made every character stand alone as a fleshed out human being with thoughts and morals and a past. Just WOW. Your reality speaks to a current world climate for change (how do we make it happenwhat is the catalyst?) and I have no idea when you've written this but you've absolutely nailed the desire to make the world a better place and what someone might be driven to. Your writing style flows coherently and I am in love with your characters. GOOD JOB YOU!
Guest chapter 11 . 8/24
As opposed to Rowling's 2.4 kids, a dog and a cat, this is a wonderful take on the post Hogwarts scenario.

Something which goes into a repeat of money buys justice, money buys law, no one looks at PTSD, everyone lives happily ever after in a bought and paid for world is hinted by Rowling.

This short was a much grittier look at a real world in the HP scenario. Wonderfully written and one of my favorite stories
ionsjun chapter 3 . 8/17
The way you portray their friendship, vulnerability and loyalty is so refreshing! I love them so much
jeni.studios chapter 11 . 8/12
I have been absolutely riveted by this story. Amazing work. Truly.
Nerfhearder69 chapter 11 . 8/9
Yup, loved it. Really wished the eight years weren't time skipped, but, what can you do?
Guest chapter 11 . 8/6
Just as good a second time s
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