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Nice chapter chapter 2 . 6/28
Also, I would have loved if the main character had wore the skirt. That would have been hilarious
Huh chapter 2 . 6/28
Ninetails the Nine tailed Fox chapter 31 . 6/25
Boi, my heritage makes me automatically be Viking, so I am superior in Viking powers. Fuck of ye pasta for a dick Italian.
Ninetails the Nine tailed Fox chapter 3 . 6/24
Wait, Akko doesn't have the Claiomh Solais? What. What? WHAT?! BUT BEST GIRL NEEDS THAT!
Ninetails the Nine tailed Fox chapter 33 . 6/23
I can't resist letting you know the truth. If you want this fanfic to live on, STOP READING.

Males can't do maaaaaaaagic
That's why it's a witch academyyyyyyy
AnimeFan299110 chapter 33 . 6/11
Glad that Diana is doing fine...

But how Theo acted at the beggining toward Akko...FALCON PUNCH X 100,000,000,000!
EyesofDarkness18 chapter 33 . 6/10
Well, things seem to be working out fine so far, so Lotte's joining with Theodore and Akko?
If ISIS attackers are fans of your story, then oh man you better update often if you wanna keep your head lol.
Quite a interesting song Theodore sang, I wonder what it would sound like if this was animated if he had a voice actor.
Anyways this was a good chapter, and a great update since my Birthday is tomorrow. Hope you have a good summer!
RomanViking chapter 33 . 6/10
Hey boys, here's the English translation to the Italian song that Theodore sang to Diana in "Sickness and Song":
Hail, people of heroes
Hail, immortal Fatherland
Your sons, who have yet to be born
Have no knowledge of her
Her heroic valour,
Her saintly virtue,
Her vision,
Which today inspires every heart

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!

In the world's borders,
She has been remade
God has remade her
For today's glory,
For tomorrow's sunrise,
For the past and for the bright future,
For the shame of those
Who repudiated our lovely h***

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!

The poets and the artisans,
The lords and the countrymen,
With solidary pride
Swear fealty to her
No neighbourhood exists
That doesn't send its hordes
That doesn't unfurl its flags
In the name of her

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!

Diana, Diana,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!
Guest chapter 32 . 6/1
Its been a month,come one break just started i want my update.
Guest chapter 32 . 5/30
I should have your head on a platter, if you don't update! :(
AnimeFan299110 chapter 32 . 5/16
Theodore yelling at the words of Brian O'Connor (my LWA OC): Tá tú bastard! Ná bí ag caitheamh le cailín mar sin! Níorbh fhéidir léi cabhrú léi má scriosadh sí í. Tóg do chailín chuig an ospidéal. Ach tá a fhios agam seo: an chéad uair eile a ghlaonn tú ar Akko ar chúis mhaith, beidh súile banshee cosúil le súile nuair a gheobhaidh mé mo lámha ar do shon. (Irish Google Translation: You bastard! Don't you dare yell at me girl like that! She couldn't help it if she screwed up. Take your girl to the infirmary. But know this: the next time you yell at Akko for no good reason, a banshee's wail will sound like a whisper when I get my hands on you.)
WaywardBot chapter 32 . 4/22
I win this. This arc is a carbon copy of Jurassic Park 3. I stumbled this upon accident, on my occasional babbling about how retarded it is that Roman, out of all the things he could take inspiration from for this fanfic, chose Jurassic Park for literally everything.
John Diehl, Cooper Yanson, Cooper as mentioned in this chapter, the scene in the 30th chapter! Where Finnelan and Holbrooke went to the guy, that's something from JP3 where those father and mother went to Dr. Grant for help!
If you're looking for prove on the autism at display in this chapter much further, go to your google, type the script of Jurassic Park 3 (or just watch the video whatever), and read the opening scene with those three mercenaries testing a rifle. Next, compare it side by side with Ted and Sucy's scene in this chapter. Minimal, and i mean minimal, are the changes in the script!
You think i'm exaggerating? the dude even spoke to the ghost of John Diehl irl! His life is one huge pile of memes!

Right, now that i've finished asserting my dominance in this contest filled with lesser folks, i shall indulge you with my long awaited review of this chapter.

Into the fray of fire and magic does Theodore go again, this time, a rematch against his best gril. Seeing this match confirms to me that in a date, Diana won't agree to split the bills and just pay it fully herself. Even when a third party entered, a Nipponese girl, by the name of Atsuko 'Akko' Kagari entered the fray to help gangbang the blonde, the two fails spectacularly. So weak the two of them! I'm sure i can take Diana down with one roundhouse kick!

It's nice seeing the fight, it's well illustrated as always. And cool, that's the most important part! I myself, take full enjoyment and seeing the white cis scum named Theodore getting his ass handed to him by his girlfriend, in a not so enjoyable way i mean.

But that part is quickly disintegrated with the overwhelming abundance of heckin public display of affection! what the hell Diana?! I have to agree with dear Akko here, this is a kid's show for goodness sake, there are kids watching calm your tits woman!
Even planning a date! god they're going to fuck, in public. I should've known.
But their interactions are pretty cute and well written, I'm so confused with everything, i dont know what to feel!

'God, i love this whole relationship thing'.
Me too Ted, me too : (

Right, back on track. That ending was terrible, in a good way. God Teddy is such an emotional teen isn't he? Such high blood pressures must've pumped all the way to his red nose when he's angery. Even snapping at poor old Akko, that was too personal Ted, she needs those intestines to eat all those seaweeds and pickled plums.

yeah Diana is in a bad shape, being carried by Ted and all that. Now's a good time to take advantage of her weakness and strike him with your overwhelming heat!
Burn temp i mean!

It might be my mistake in reading, being not too immersed or something, but the transition of atmosphere is a bit too sudden for me. It was all lovey dovey and all that until everything took a 180 degrees turn in the end. And suddenly Diana's in a coma and ted's angry and upset and whoop, all things goes to shit.
Was it too quick of a change in atmosphere? or was it just me?
But, in the end, doing a 180 degrees in a situation is Akko's speciallity, her degree in college.

The hair tussling, of course, i enjoyed that part as much as Akko did. In fact, just as the author stated, I've made a fanart of it. Hurray for self advertising!

All in all, i enjoyed this chapter. No, I love it. It felt a little shorter than the others, because of the abundance of action instead of other things, which makes things feel quicker. But that's not a bad thing at all!
You think this chapter was made to show the battle prowess of the three? are you an idiot? it's just a facade of the true intention, to make me feel cucked beyond the burn temp of 9000!
Ted and Diana should just run away from home and get engaged. Not because they're cute and i like the two together, but because i dont want to heckin see them reeeeee!

Enjoy your review nerd.
Funky man chapter 32 . 4/22
Seems like there's just so much passive aggressiveness to the Diakko fandom in your author notes that's slipping into your stories even. Not sure if it's a guilty conscience reaction due to a realization that you're toxic to a LWA fandom.

Well the writing is passable as always. Theodore calling Akko such racist things was a good eye-opener to the kind of character he is.

Good effort indeed.
EyesofDarkness18 chapter 32 . 4/22
The training season with Theodore, Diana, and Akko was interesting.
Although the ending of this Chapter was...unpleasent.
Jeez, really hope things work out with Theodore and Akko, as well as Diana feeling better later on.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/14
Is it about Treasure Island? I never watched so idk
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