Reviews for Business and Pleasure
Guest chapter 51 . 11/27
Great story ! Loved every minute !
LoVeSpuffy chapter 40 . 11/11
Listen I'm enjoying this story truly, but I wish you didn't make Ana character seem so damn dependent on this man. I mean I get it's her first everything, but even she has to realize at some point that she is losing her own freaking identity. And when will she also realize that she holds more cards than she gives herself credit for. I need Ana to wake up and smell the English Twinings Breakfast Tea. I mean what was up with that girls night out scene, she honestly couldn't give her friends a night of her time. Other than that enjoying the story, I'll continuing reading
annarmhunt chapter 44 . 11/8
how did she get the nickname bunny again i cant rember
inmymadeupworld chapter 1 . 10/20
I just started reading this story and I'm loving it. it's so full of emotions!
QueenBee03 chapter 16 . 10/10
Oh man! Finally! I was yelling at Ana to tell Christian that she was a virgin just as her subconscious was haha. Poor girl, I know that hurt haha
QueenBee03 chapter 14 . 10/10
I was sooooo ready for Ana to quit. LIKE BEYOND. Christian is making ME crazy. But those kisses do frazzle my brain so I can only imagine what they're doing to poor Ana. She doesn't stand a chance haha! But at the same time, I would like her to stand up to him and actually mean it. And not back down after a kiss. His behavior is terrible haha! Either way I love this :)

Ps The speed dates were hilarious, I was cracking up the whole time
QueenBee03 chapter 11 . 10/10
I'm happy!... I know I'm late to the party but that kiss was hot! And you built some stifling sexual tension! Great chapter :)
PreciousJuls chapter 51 . 8/31
This was a wonderful story. I truly enjoyed reading it and so glad I found it. Can't wait to read the sequel.
PreciousJuls chapter 50 . 8/31
Wow, big oops is right. Lol
PreciousJuls chapter 48 . 8/31
Kate was so funny busting them making out in the R8. Loved it!
PreciousJuls chapter 45 . 8/31
Christian and Flynn bring up good points but Ana is in charge of the Staffing and he is not respecting her position or her decision like she is for him. He keeps saying "their company" but when it comes down to it, He just proved that it's not, it's his
PreciousJuls chapter 40 . 8/30
I am so glad she is gong back to GEH. She can run SIP with Fisher or go back to her old job. Either way I think both will be fulfilling for her.
PreciousJuls chapter 38 . 8/30
Donovan cracked me up with the whole Jeremy/Christian incident. I did not expect that. Lol
PreciousJuls chapter 35 . 8/30
Oh no, I hope Grey behaves himself. I also like Dr Flynn. Well THIS Dr Flynn. You gave him a great personality. :)
PreciousJuls chapter 34 . 8/30
I HATE how Mia always gets her way with Christian! I have brothers and I don't pull that shit. Ana should have HER dream wedding at her house and not concede. I don't mind the wedding at the Grey house in other stories but that wasn't what they talked about in THIS story.
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