Reviews for Lord of the Wind
Guest chapter 1 . 4/18
No, that is not true, you are earning something by writing this story
you are earning our admiration, criticism in the case of the critics and i highly suspect that you are earning happiness by writing this
Kristina Johnson chapter 37 . 4/6
This story was super cute!
moonprincess97524 chapter 37 . 3/2
This is such a wonderful story. This is so different then the ones I normally read and I just love this so much thank you for the wonderful read.
moonprincess97524 chapter 33 . 3/1
killed by a bunny?! I love it.
CosmicPhoenix chapter 1 . 12/5/2020
This is the second best story I’ve ever read, the first being by Miranda Flairgold(I hope I didn’t butcher this name XD)
CrazyCrookshanks13 chapter 34 . 10/8/2020
I want a patronusaurus now lol
AvidReader2425 chapter 1 . 5/20/2020
Looks like the story might be fun, thanks
Luna-Wulf9 chapter 16 . 3/12/2020
I wonder if it's possible to jump scare someone who is looking through your mind that would be fun to do
Zile0 chapter 37 . 12/18/2019
A very original story. Thank you for sharing.
christinemarie13 chapter 37 . 11/10/2019
The were some small continuity errors here and there and Harry has the worst case of ADHD that I’ve ever seen in my life but I commend you on your creativity and drive. It takes a lot of work to write something this size and you made it happen. As long as you’re happy with it that’s really all that matters.
Reese123 chapter 10 . 9/21/2019
I understand how life can be so busy but I was wondering it did you get my last message in another review on another story the only reason I message that way it was because I could not find a private message on your profile hope to talk to you soon cheers PS your story is absolutely amazing especially Lord of the wind of the wind
lucky333123 chapter 37 . 8/28/2019
I love this story to this very day :)
taxzombie chapter 3 . 7/25/2019
Just found your tale today. While normally leery of Harry Severus tales, I decided to give it a try anyway. It is exactly the kind of tale I was looking for. A fun read. A flight of fantasy, Harry with his multi-morphing power is cute. His innocence refreshing. It is turning out for me, to be just what I needed. A delightful escape from reality. I thank you for it and I look forward to continuing my escape in the remaining chapters.
Puro the Dark Latex chapter 1 . 7/17/2019
I love this fanfic so far
Katanee chapter 37 . 5/7/2019
I have to ay that this was some amazing story. I dont say I woud have liked every aspect of it, but as whole i apprised it very much. So yeah loved it.

Ps. Little too sweet ending to my taste.
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