Reviews for Alternate Reincarnation
ShadowedTime chapter 18 . 8/20
Amazing chapter! I find it very hard to fault anything in this story. It's easily one of my favourites in the DAL archive! I'm incredibly excited to see what you have in store next chapter. Your story has me on the edge of my seat as always.
kingpariah chapter 18 . 6/17
ooh, material B can feel her rescuer. (smile) ... oh! shes talking about kurumi! wow, that description! ... oh boy! material B seems to hate the first spirit too.

(snickers) i cant blame shido for getting distracted with rinne. though he has more reason to be distracted.

(laughs) shido is more worried about acting like a playboy than the dangerous mission hes in! good lord his priorities! (laughs)

well, then, that makes Marina even more mysterious. they have mana and Astral Dress, but no Angel. curious.

wh-what?! the spirit can survive losing her head?! what the heck?!

dam. just dam. DEM went all out in their experiments.

who is shido going to transform into next?

origami? interesting. ... "we have become one at last" (wide eyes) (burst laughter) im dying! oh, my, god! (still laughs)

shido's powers get interesting.

(snickers) it would be like origami to be that excited about sharing a body with shido.

(grins) i really liked kurumi's thoughts at the end there.

oh hoh! freedom is just around the corner. just wait a bit more, (grins) mayuri.

things are getting tense! im looking forward to next chapter.


Mide chapter 12 . 5/23
Has recent volumes have shown, Kurumi heart can be saved, saving her life on the other hand may prove more of a challenge. Damn it Mio.
Bulldan chapter 18 . 5/14
So will Mio still be able to be practically untouchable like she was in volume 18? Being able to nullify the powers of other spirits is tough to beat.
Tohka Yatogami chapter 18 . 5/14
Ooh, that last scene showing Kurumi's thoughts has opened an interesting possibility, and now we have a lot more questions than answers in this chapter.

What is the origin of these newer Sephira Crystals? I can't wait to see what the answer is.
zuyiko wolf chapter 18 . 5/8
Maybe u should save it on usb
Xperior chapter 18 . 5/1
;-; Press F for respects

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffff fffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffff ok this is too much to type on mobile so I'll stop now.

But still ;-; rest in peace former chapter 17
Guest chapter 17 . 3/25
Is there gonna be another update to this fanfic?
The New Unknown chapter 1 . 3/17
I'm enjoying your story, keep up the good work.
RizomataNyan chapter 17 . 2/6
fantastic chapter mate and i am looking forward to the next one
Guest chapter 17 . 1/18
If your making shido and rinne fight, please make shido use other angels and his own. If you want to know what, search about da'at and uriel.
kingpariah chapter 17 . 1/13
whooo! a new update!

thats a lot of kurumis! "i am everywhere" (looks around) yeah, thats not unnerving at all.

(mesmerized by miku's singing)

hm? a mystery voice in the darkness. someone other than kurumi would be worried by now.

whoa! i did not expect [her]! though considering its a DEM base, maybe i should have.

"there was [no one] more experienced in killing spirits than her" kurumis backstory was something else in the LN! just, wow!

im not sure if i mentioned this, but i [loved] what youve done with shidos power. or i guess rios power.

bold shido is a good shido in my opinion. (laughs)

ooh, love the new dress for rinne.

rinne and shidos date will be one for the record book. (grins)

i didnt really find anything wrong with the chapter, its was as great as ever!

looking forward to the next update.


Tohka Yatogami chapter 17 . 1/13
Ooh! That new form was an interesting twist you pulled, I like it.
RizomataNyan chapter 16 . 12/25/2017
ffs please update this bro
Guest chapter 2 . 12/13/2017
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