Reviews for Watered Wine
Stelynn chapter 4 . 6/6/2003
Wow. I mean, that was great. I would love to see a more fleshed out version of this story. But that was really good. Thanks for sharing.
Arekanderu chapter 4 . 2/10/2003
WOW an original fic a gratly made crossover and especialy killing buffy?Could this fic be anymore briliant?I don't think so!
dhrachth chapter 4 . 2/5/2003
Good story. Nice spartan style too. Lots of times when the events of a story grow to an epic scale the prose gets a little too overdone and flowery as well.

One nitpick, in Buffy's letter it should have said fighting the good fight nine (or maybe ten years if you somehow factor in the events of the movie).
teaonthestairs chapter 4 . 1/24/2003
Very cool, loved the way you you had 2 different timelines and you kept jumping between bits and yeah.
Ginger2 chapter 4 . 1/24/2003
loved it i really liked the last quote and how you brought up life is short. one mistake though she's been fighting this fight for at least 9 years in 2005. 2003 season 7 1996 show starts and she was the slayer before that. just to let u know. great story. GInger
Wild320 chapter 4 . 1/24/2003
Nice story. Sad ending though.
Lisette chapter 4 . 1/24/2003
*sighs* Damnit, why do so many good stories have to end with Buffy dying? Personally, I'm glad that the story ended with her death - I couldn't have gone on reading it with her out of the picture. All in all, it made it short, sweet, and a good read. The letter from Buffy was perfect - very believable coming from the Buffy we've grown to love from her resurrection. But once more, why does everyone always end up killing her off in the end? *laughs* I must be the only one who ever made the Slayer thing make her immortal - I just can't stand killing her character off! Anyway, great fic!
WhiteWolf 3 chapter 4 . 1/24/2003
I hated you killed her. But it was a good death, worthy of the Slayer.
Kristy Marie chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
Sad but very good... Nice work.
captuniv chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
LOL! In a way, you did end up answering all those questions. A pity Buffy had to die, but at least it was a heroic end. I have to agree with her decision too, let her rest. Gotta wonder how Magnus fared after her death though. I think he really liked the fact that even though he was Magneto, so-called evil mutant, she believed in him and took up the fight when he asked. All in all, this was a tight and interesting fic. Well done. Look forward to what you'll decide to write next. Say, isn't it time for another Photon's Crossing tale?
Jane McCartney chapter 1 . 1/22/2003
Seems very interesting! Good so far... And what's up with Xander's 'not all demons are bad'? Wow, if that's not a change of heart - I know he knows some demons can be good, but he's always been more harsh when this is the matter - ask Spike! Anyways, I'm glad he's here - Xander's my fav character.
OrionTheHunter chapter 3 . 1/22/2003
As I said, still good regardless. And having read this chapter, I know that I was right. This is a good fic.

You won't consider it copying if I write a Demon War story like what I talked about in my previous review? I wouldn't use the 'Magneto started it' thing that you did, not that I even plan to do one, but It's always nice to ponder new ideas.

Actually, I'd probably skip X-Men all together and go for the 'normal life' shows or the ones that are very hard to find a decent connection to Buffy.

PS, I don't know if I mentioned this yet or not, but this has earned you, for the time being at least, a spot on my favorite author list. Although, I tend to use it as more of a shortcut to stories that I am reading, but I promise that you will be on it for at least a months after you finish this, and longer if I find something else of yours to read.
OrionTheHunter chapter 2 . 1/21/2003
This is good. Are you going to cross it over with more than just the two? Just with the 'All American Humans' on the same team (I don't consider W&H lawers humans) on one team opens this up to any and all cop/government branch/millitary shows, such as Jag, West Wing, The Shield. Hilander is always a possibilty even if you don't use the characters, you can always use immortality. Or (forever knight, i think) the show that has the clans of vampires with souls, maintain the sharade, etc. Hell, if you wanted to, you could see what the mafia thinks of all of this by using Sapranos. Chriton just returned to Earth in Farscape. Pick a 'ordinary life' show, like friends, Dawson't creek, or even one of those disney shows like Lizzy Maguire or Even Stevens. The posiblities are near endless.

I hope that you take this opertunity to make an epic fic that could, in time, rival journeyverse of wandererverse (see my profile if you have never heard of these, if you like Buffy then you must read them).

Not that it would not be good as a short fic including just buffy/xmen, but I always think that things that are hard to tie together, such as Star Trek and Dawson's Creek, should be kept to the small numbers. If you can reasonably cross more than two together, you should.
Lisette chapter 2 . 1/21/2003
That was EXCELLENT! Definitely the best X-men/BtVS cross I've seen and I'll be checking back for updates! Keep up the great work!
Leslie4 chapter 2 . 1/21/2003
This is very good. I like the idea of an Xmen/Buffy Xover. Also, doing a happy dance that you have Jubilee in your fic. Can't wait to see how this develops.
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