Reviews for To Build A Home
Anano Jinseite chapter 27 . 6/10
ive cried like a dozen times wow. ive picked this story up once but dropped it due to the amount of ocs honestly, but now im glad i picked it up! this is one of the greatest fics ive ever read. having the three separate at the end broke my heart into itty bitty pieces to the point i sobbed like a baby even though i knew-it must end that way, that they were meant to go in their own journeys. i love it so much even though it seriously hurts. i feel so bittersweet ahahahaha! thank you so much for writing this!Im not sure if im glad i finished it because of all the feelings im having right now (Almost 1AM mind you), but i could say, this is definitely top notch! thanks once again
Bree chapter 27 . 6/6
LOVED THIS! I thoroughly enjoyed most everything about this. I enjoyed the ASL's crewmates, Bam Bam especially. I laughed so much with all things Luffy. The whitebeard pirates interactions ranged from comforting to amusing to sombering. The plot was fantastical. Sabo's blackmail, the sea kings, Akainu, Shanks, Teach, Kaido, everything just fit so well, and it came to a great conclusion. The only thing I didn't love was the fight scenes, but to be fair, I don't really enjoy most written fight scenes. These ones weren't bad, and I liked the switch in perspectives, but a few of the fights seem to drag on a bit longer than necessary or rather didn't have importance behind the detailed nature of that part of the fight.
NightVSlash985 chapter 27 . 5/13
Hey, I just wanted to say I love this story so much. The feels. I can't wait to read more one shots or stories from you. Crossing my fingers for a sequel. Thank you for this awesome work.
DelennaTorchwick chapter 26 . 4/28
I wonder how the Whitebeard Pirates and Sabo would react when they hear just what Luffy gets into.
DelennaTorchwick chapter 27 . 4/28
I loved this story so much. I love every part about this. Thank you for sharing this story.
YokaiAngel chapter 27 . 4/21
Amrit98 chapter 27 . 4/5
I love LOVE this story! I’ve read it many times and it never stops to amaze me how wonderful it is! You’ve captured everyone spot on and the story is funny, heartwarming and exciting all at the same time. Thank you for writing such a brilliant story and I really, REALLY hope you’ll write more about it one day.
jupimako chapter 27 . 3/29
That was beautiful. Thank you so much!
UntiedHeartbeat chapter 3 . 3/22
I think if Ace, Sabo and Luffy had made a crew, they would have been unstoppable :D
UntiedHeartbeat chapter 2 . 3/22
Ace should fucking run! Fuck :( Why is he always risking his life like a fool? Damn, him :''(
Awesome Story chapter 27 . 3/22
Yea, dragged out a bit, but it was pretty good. I liked the jokes and the last chapter
MaskedPyro chapter 27 . 3/22
Can you make a little one shot of the Whitebeards meeting the Strawhats and someone from the Whitebeards losing a bet because Luffy actually managed to get a stranger crew? XD Jimbe included
YoChicken chapter 10 . 2/25
Love Shanks and Whitebeard!
noooo poor Luffy is in trouble!
YoChicken chapter 8 . 2/25
woooooooooooo, Shanks! :D
YoChicken chapter 7 . 2/25
It's a moo point ahahah loved it
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