Reviews for Sleeper
MarinaDee chapter 5 . 9/14
How could Gryffindor have won the house cup this year? I know that Harry probably killed the basilisk, but Hermione saved lives with her knowledge. She was the one who did the research and discovered what it was. If she didn't make a note that the basilisk moves via the castle pipes, Harry and his musketeers wouldn't have known to search for the entrance in a lavatory. And they probably wouldn't have found the cure for those who were petrified.

I know that Dumbledore favors Gryffs, but he's no Snape. He would give kudos where it's due.
Emily chapter 7 . 9/8
She punched Ron! Hahahahaha! Loving this!
noellesullivan chapter 12 . 8/22
Poor Hermione, she didn't deserve this.
Glad Siriys got his head out of his arse.
noellesullivan chapter 5 . 8/21
Curious about 3rd year without Sisius Black escaping Azkaban
mojowitchcraft chapter 31 . 8/17
Love the way you write Theo in this one! Such a great story sorry I suck and didn’t review as I was reading! But I just couldn’t stop reading it once I started!
Jukava chapter 1 . 8/16
I feel bad because I've read most of your fics and never reviewed. I was so enthralled in my reading that I just kept hitting the "next" button and forgot to tell you how great your stories are. So, here I am to correct my mistakes.
I think the thing I like the most in your fics is that how much how my headcanon differs from yours, yours is always justified and explained and is so plausible.
I mean "my" Sirius could never be a participant in a sleep cell, he is too reckless for that, but "your" Sirius makes so much sense. And I love to read what you do with character I envision in a different way. It's so challenging and interesting to read a different take on the characters. And for the story in itself : WOA! I mean it's intricate and complicated and Dumbledore is such a puppet master it's despicable. I love the interactions between the characters, how Luna see through all of this with her weird perceptive nature, I love Theo and Hermione together, and I love the HEA. They really deserved it! Thank you for sharing your great work!
Mariposa64 chapter 13 . 8/1
I’m loving it more and more
Mariposa64 chapter 1 . 8/1
Such a brilliant story
Mariposa64 chapter 6 . 8/1
Her crush on Lupin is so fascinating, I wonder how Sirius will react
Immortal Dragon Empress chapter 1 . 7/28
This is another fantastic read! I really enjoy reading slytherin dominated stories because I feel like they can sometimes be so misjudged. I love that in this story you were able to show that not everything is so black and white. I especially liked that Hermione and Theo’s relationship seemed to grow with them. I have been predominantly a Dramione shipper but I find I am quite liking this ship too especially how you write them! You’re officially a favorite of mine ! Your writing is simply phenomenal! I also loved how you wrote Sirius and Hernione’s fatherdaughter relationship. It was beautiful! Once again your story has left me with so many feels! Thank you for writing this brilliant story!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/27
You know the only thing this story does for me? It makes me want to shred Albus' bones and scatter them to the winds. Harry deserved to be raised by Sirius. I'm not saying Hermione didn't, too, but Harry is Sirius' godson and is his family, yet Albus in all his sanctimonious glory thinks he knows best. Someone needed to have offed him long ago.
meijkej chapter 31 . 7/23
This was such a great story! I'm a huge dramione fan, but I decided to step a little out of my box and I'm so glad i did! Hermione really changed the way that her friend thought, and even Draco accepted her as his cousin all along. The friendship and progress of Theomione was so right! It didn't seem like anything was rushed or forced, and was totally believable. I look forward to reading more of your stories!
Uncultivated chapter 1 . 5/16
I really enjoyed this story. Kept me engaged the whole time. Although I’m a little annoyed at the end. I feel like Theo was an ass and should be more understanding and Hermione shouldn’t have forgiven him so easily but it all worked out and I’m a sucker for a happy ending. Keep on writing, hun. I’ll keep reading. :)
cdmartinez chapter 31 . 5/6
I really enjoyed this fic! It was nice to see a different pairing than usual.
lakelady8425 chapter 19 . 5/3
Go, Theo! He finally got his courage!
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